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Mullins Bay And Gibbs Bay

Mullins Bay beach is one of the most popular on the island. It is located to the north of the famed platinum west coast of Barbados and comprises of a perfect crescent shaped tropical beach with pristine white sand and calm turquoise waters. Mullins Bay beach is one of the best places on the island to enjoy water sports and you can hire jet-skis here too.

Water Sports at Mullins Bay Beach

One of the most popular spots on the Island is the famed Mullins Beach Bar. It truly is an institution and one of the most popular beach bars in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. It serves some of the Bajan classics such as flying fish and Shrimp Roti as well as a host of other delicious bites. It is particularly popular for sunset cocktails and for Sunday Brunch. Mullins Beach Bar also features live music and DJ’s on certain days. Just north of Mullins Beach is Bombas which is a very popular laid back beach bar serving tasty snacks and drinks.

Connected to Mullins Beach is the equally beautiful and slightly quieter Gibbs Beach in the Parish of St Peter. It is a pristine white sandy beach with beautiful waters making it the most perfect swimming location on the island. There are also some large trees on the beach providing wonderful natural shade. As there is very little public access to Gibbs beach the villas that are lucky enough to be directly on the beach have the benefit of what feels like an almost entirely private beach.

The area has a really excellent spa called The Indulgent Spa should you fancy some pampering. It is run by Royal Westmoreland and is located almost directly opposite the beach at Mullins Bay. They offer a whole range of facials, massages and beauty treatments.

Located in Carlton is The Shell house and a must visit for any keen shell collector. It probably has the best selection of shells for sale anywhere in the Caribbean. The shells themselves come from all over the world. There is also some fabulous art on display by well known artist Maureen Edghill.

Some of our more popular villa rentals located directly on Gibbs Beach include Sandalo, Waverly, and Westhaven.

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