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St Barts Villas
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St Barts Villas
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St Barts Villas

St Barts should be on the top of everyone's bucket list. It is a stunningly beautiful island with incredible beaches, great shopping, and some of the best restaurants in the world.

Our St Barts Villas are without a doubt some of the best in the world. This combined with the stunning scenery and pristine white sandy beaches, makes St Barts a favored vacation destination for both our clients and our team of villa experts at Exceptional Villas.

Experience your holidays like no other in some of the most luxurious beachfront properties and the finest Villas in St Barts.

What Our Guests Say

"Working with Exceptional Villas from the beginning to the end has been nothing less than a fantastic experience. They were always super quick to respond back with answers to your questions. They were always very professional, patient and pleasant. You always had the feeling that they valued you as a customer and truly wanted to make your vacation perfect. Julie, Yvonne and Paul were awesome to work with, especially Julie since we worked with her the most! Ask for her! If you are looking for a 20 out of a 10 vacation, you must book through Exceptional Villas"

"Exceptional Villas is our go to for vacation rentals. They have a great selection to chose from and are very responsive to any questions asked. They are very knowledgeable about the properties and the areas. No question goes unanswered in a timely fashion. They make the rental and travel process seamless. Our go to for Vacation Rentals"

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St Barts Villa Rentals

What do we Like Most about St Barts?

  1. The island is lovely and chic, with some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.
  2. There are over 400 luxury Villas in St Barts.  Many of them have breath-taking views of the ocean, beaches, and surrounding islands.
  3. It is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious real estate. The shopping is incredible with a great selection of designer and island-chic shops.
  4. For such a tiny island, it has an incredible selection of restaurants.

What's Unique about St Barts?

  1. Authentic French culture in the middle of the Caribbean makes St Barts a unique destination
  2. St Barts is one of the most fashionable and chic destinations globally.
  3. St Barts is one of the safest destinations in the world. It’s a foodie heaven with ingredients flown in every day from Paris.
  4. St Barts has the second shortest runway in the world, making flying into St Barts a thrill.

What our Clients Enjoy About St Barts?

  1. The beaches and the sheer beauty of the island are hard to beat
  2. The fun. St Barts has excellent beach clubs, vibrant nightlife, and a great selection of excellent restaurants.
  3. The fact that the island is so safe
  4. Luxury Villas in St Barts

    We are delighted to present over 300 personally inspected and vetted Luxury St Barts Villas in our portfolio.   Each of them has been selected based on our exceptional criteria, which is why we spend a lot of time on the island to ensure all our properties are of the highest standard possible.

    Of course, many of our properties have fantastic beachfront locations. However, many of our discerning clients also like to book one of the hillside luxury villas on the island. Most of these properties have jaw-dropping views of the island and ocean.

    They also allow guests the flexibility of enjoying one of the 14 stunning tropical beaches.

    Our Team

    St Barts is one of our most popular destinations, and we are fortunate that many of our team have spent a lot of time on the island. Niamh, Gwladys, Paul, Linda, Alex, Noreen, and Aoife are all extremely familiar with St Barts and love working with clients to find the perfect property. Gwladys has also lived on the island for many years and is a mine of information.

    The team's expertise lies in understanding their client's needs and dreams and then matching the villa to those dreams to ensure their clients have a well-deserved break and a vacation of their dreams.

    Complimentary Concierge

    We are delighted to offer a pre-arrival complimentary concierge service for all our clients traveling to this stunning island. Noreen and Elaine are our two St Barts Concierge, and both know the island intimately.

    They can book and recommend all the best restaurants and things to do. Noreen and Elaine also handle pre-stocking of your villa, ground transportation, car rental, boat hire, massages, chef and staff services, and so much more.

    Once you arrive in St Barts, our on-island concierge team takes over and handles changes or last-minute requests. Then, all you need to do is relax and enjoy your vacation.

    St Barts Luxury Villas

    Within our portfolio of over 300 properties, we have many super luxury villas in St Barts from which to choose. The Exceptional Villas team will provide expert advice on the perfect one to fit your needs.

    Every Villa in St Barts comes with daily housekeeping as standard, but suppose you want to be totally pampered on vacation and have the ultimate luxury. In that case, we are pleased to organize both chefs, butlers, and housekeepers in advance of your arrival.

    Many of our guests like to have staff on some of their days on the island. This flexibility allows guests to enjoy some fabulous restaurants as well and means they only pay for the service when they would like it.

    Sunset Villas

    It is hard to beat a sunset view, especially on a  sunny tropical island. Some of the best villas with sunset views on the island overlook Shell Beach and to the west of Gustavia and Corossol.

    Some of our favorites include Villa Vitti, Fleur de Cactis, and Axel Rocks.

    To find out more, take a read of our blog Top 5 St Barts villa rentals with the best sunset views

    Why visit St Barts

    The island of Saint Barthelemy is truly unique. It has all the incredible beauty of the Caribbean combined with a wonderfully real French flavor and a fabulous level of sophistication not seen on any other island.

    St Barts Glamour

    St Barth is part of the French West Indies and is one of the most modern, chic and glamorous vacation destinations in the world, often favored by the rich and famous.

    Some of the most stylish and wealthy people in the world have homes in St Barts and as a result the island is full of beautiful designer shops, trendy bars and contemporary gourmet restaurants.

    St Barts is safe

    When you are on your St Barts vacation, you will really enjoy the fact that it is one of the only places in the world where you can still leave your car open and your bag inside and it will be there when you return!

    it is also one of the safest vacation locations in the world with virtually no crime at all.

    St Barts Restaurants

    St Barts has over 80 restaurants, each one offering exquisite food. St Barts is the true gourmet capital of the Caribbean. The island has the advantage of having access to the freshest fish possible combined with the arrival of fresh produce from France via Air France every day.

    A lot of the beachfront lunch restaurants have daily fashion shows and entertainment, which add even more to the glamour of the island. Some of the more well-known of these occur at the Cheval Blanc on Flamands Beach, Tom Beach Restaurant on the beach at St-Jean, Nikki Beach also in  St Jean and Shellona Restaurant, which is on Shell Beach in Gustavia.

    Having your toes in the sand at lunchtime while eating exquisite food is a real treat. If you would like to find out more, take a read of our Best Restaurants in St. Barts Guide.

    Beautiful scenery

    But the island of St Barts also has a romantic down to earth side to it. There are some really surprising dramatic and beautiful landscapes to explore, ranging from rocky peaks to picturesque coves, small hidden harbors, stunning white sandy beaches, and crystal clear warm turquoise waters.

    The Island of St Barts

    Great Hiking

    The island has some great hiking, and one of our favorite hikes is from Flamands Beach to Colombier Beach. The only way to get to this stunning beach is by foot or boat, and the beach is generally tranquil even in the high season.

    If you want to visit more quiet and secluded beaches, you can also explore the calm waters of Petit Cul De Sac Beach. There is also some excellent hiking above Toiny Beach. From here, you will experience breathtaking views of the rugged Atlantic coast of the island.

    One of the island's most popular hikes is along Anse de Grand Fond. The path leaves from the southern end of Toiny Beach and ends at a stunning spot locally nicknamed the washing machines.

    St Barts Activities

    Towards the north of St Barts, you will find the lovely town of St Jean, home to one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches on the island. St Jean is also where you will find many of the island's watersports. There is excellent Kite surfing off the beach at Grand Cul de Sac for the adventurous.

    In addition, if you love to surf, then the beach at Toiny is the perfect place to catch some great waves.

    There are many things to do that have easy access when visiting the beautiful island. There is excellent Deep-Sea Fishing, Hiking, Scuba Diving, a vast variety of water sports in the bay or along the beaches, as well as being pampered in some of the best spa facilities in the Caribbean.

    St Barts has it all.

    One of our Favorite Destinations

    As you begin your St Barts vacation, you will feel like you have landed in paradise. It is truly one of the most naturally beautiful, peaceful and safe islands in the world. Exceptional Villas are delighted to provide only the most luxurious Villas and perfect Luxury retreats St Barts.

    Should you wish to read more about St Barts in advance of your vacation with us, we have plenty more information such the top activities in St Barts, What you need to know about St Barts and The Ultimate St Barts Guide

Beaches in St Barts

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