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Humming Bird Villa
View of Yachts from Calabash Beach

Grenada Vacation Rentals

Grenada Luxury Retreats

Our reliable team at Exceptional Villas can best describe this magical island as the heart of the Caribbean. Gorgeous beaches, panoramic views across the turquoise seas, lush green mountains ensure that all villas in Grenada capture everything you would wish for in the ideal paradise getaway. We have over 30 years experience in the luxury villa rental business and our villa specialists will uncover the perfect villa for you.

We are constantly inspecting and re-inspecting all of our properties to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. Our global team are waiting to provide you with expert guidance and advice.

Guide to Grenada

Where is it?

First off, with Barbados, St Lucia and St Vincent as your nearest Caribbean neighbours, you are assured of the same wonderful climate and geographical composition.  Firmly located within the West Indies within an archipelago known as the Windward islands, this small and perfectly formed independent nation has had many names over the centuries.

A bit of history

Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Alonso de Ojeda all sighted this island during their many voyages from Europe to the ‘New World’.  Concepcion is what Columbus christened it.  Mayo is what Vespucci asked his map maker to name it.  Eventually, the French captured and colonised the island.  Favouring it due to it’s incredible natural harbour which they named Port Royal.  Today this harbour is known as St George and welcomes sailors and impressive yachts from all over the globe.  The name Le Grenada was what the French named the island and eventually when the island came to the English as part of a treaty, they anglicised the name and modern-day Grenada was born.  Although the island is now an independent nation – one of the very smallest in the world – it remains part of the Commonwealth Group of Nations like Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Barbados and so on.

The legacy of this British connection is that English is the spoken language with a very interesting Grenada Creole spoken by the locals.  Driving is on the left and you will find place names that hark back to a very English legacy like St George, Victoria and Hillsborough.  The island is divided into six parishes named in very similar ways to its sister Commonwealth nation, Barbados – St David, St Andrew, St Mark, St George, St Patrick and St John.

Geography of the Island

If you go back far enough – and by that I mean about 2 million years – you will discover that the island that is Grenada today was formed by an underwater volcano.  The tips of this volcanic activity have created the fertile and lush island and it’s smaller neighbouring islands that we visit today.  This is exactly how Hawaii was formed.  Be assured there is no volcanic activity today but the legacy of all of this geographical phenomenon has created an island that is fertile and rich and have become renowned for its production of spices.  Nutmeg, mace, cloves and other heady spices are farmed and harvested across the island.  In fact, the island of Grenada is known within the Caribbean as The Isle of Spice owing to it being one of the largest exporters of such desirable spices rivalled only by Indonesia.

The highest mountain of St Catherine and its surrounding peaks have created natural waterfalls, pools of clear water, lush mountains that are home to Mona monkeys, opposums, armadillos, iguana and mongoose.  With over 177 bird species, you can enjoy spotting the jewel like hummingbirds, the Grenada dove, masked ducks, grebes, plovers and cuckoos.  With bougainvillea as the national flower, you will find the colourful plant proliferates everywhere – not just draped beautifully over the doorway to stunning Grenada vacation rentals but making every hike and walk a photographer’s dream.

Where to find your Bliss

Grand Anse on the South Coast is probably the best regarded beach in Grenada.  If you are looking for the last word in chic sophistication then search no further than Silverstrands Beachfront Villa.  The stunning clean lines of this newly built villa bring a refreshing new look to Caribbean beach living.  There is a lively vacation scene to be found around Grand Anse with pretty restaurants, bars and, of course, the romantic sweep of the beach.  The gorgeous Silverstrands Resort with its 100m pool, is the focal point for anyone who wants to enjoy a glamorous backdrop to their visit to Grenada.

Prickly Bay is home to the Calabash Resort’s Hummingbird Villa.  Named by Conde Nast as one of the finest in the world, this 5 bedroomed paradise has its own pool, air conditioning and a sweep of terrace that captures views across the bay.  Each bedroom is ensuite and is ideally suited to the family or group who want the five-star luxury of being part of a fully-loaded Caribbean resort yet retaining that perfectly private and self-contained vibe.  A mere 10 minute stroll from your spacious villa and you can enjoy the beach club, restaurants, spa and water sports that the Calabash Resort has to offer.

Morne Rouge beach is home to Seascape Villa part of the Laluna Resort.  This stunning villa is 8000sqft of newly built serenity with an infinity pool that stretches out to become one with the sea beyond.  The villa contains all the luxurious amenities you might need but with the resort nearby you can elevate your stay by including morning yoga in the open air pavilion or fully-unwind with some Balinese massage.  The golden sands of Morne Rouge beach are a short stroll from this, one of the best Grenada rentals, and you can enjoy morning swims, water sports or simply relax to the sound of the gentle surf.

Calivigny Island – a tiny islet off the coast of Grenada.  It really doesn’t get more sublime than this.  A private island comprising 80 luscious acres of flowering shrubs and palm trees interspersed with 6 private beaches.  With luxurious accommodations over five properties, the entire island is at your disposal with a team of staff that can unlock an amazing and extraordinary holiday vacation.  Imagine a fireworks display or the ultimate movie night set up at a site of your choosing on the island.  Delicious organic ingredients grown on Calivigny becomes the basis of the stylish and bespoke meals prepared by the talented executive chef and his staff.  This is the place to host the most romantic wedding.  Perhaps you’ve already married and wish to memorialise a significant anniversary surrounded by your loving family and friends.  Calivigny Island is the place for you.  It’s one of the top vacation rentals in Grenada and possibly the whole of the Caribbean.

Interesting things to do

Belmont Estate is always top of any of the worthwhile places to visit on Grenada.  This Estate has a long history that saw it transform from a coffee and cotton plantation through the era of sugarcane production.  Today it is a working Estate that produces Cocoa, Nutmeg and Bananas.  You will get to participate in some of the activities like the cocoa production and more important, you can enjoy some delicious foods in the café that capture the spice and flavour of this historic landmark.  If you travel with young kids, the petting zoo at Belmont is a winner for them.


If you are a keen diver or wish to gain some expertise in this area, then Grenada with over 50 rated dive sites is the place to explore the treasures beneath the waves.  As a small island, with a number of even smaller islands off shore, there are endless reef systems and marine life that can be enjoyed if you join any of the reputable dive operators around the island.  Even if you don’t want to get your feet wet, you can tag along for the ride and explore some of the small pretty islets, beaches and coves that surround Grenada.


In addition to all of this, you have the warmth and enthusiasm of the local people.  The music, food, culture sets the scene for a memorable vacation experience.  A mere 3.5 hours from Miami and you touch down on this island that feels a million miles removed from the hustle and bustle you’ve left behind.  It may seem like a well-kept secret but this relaxed and welcoming island is fast becoming the destination of choice for anyone who wants the Caribbean without the crush.

The island of Grenada is a mere 21 miles long and 12 miles wide.  It has a population of around 100,000 people spread across not just the main island but over some of the loveliest tiny islands just off shore.  With its gorgeous coastline interspersed with inlets, coves and beaches, it’s one of those idyllic islands that encourages exploration.  Basing yourself at one of the beautiful Exceptional Villa Grenada rentals, you may struggle to rouse yourself to leave your perfectly appointed terrace but I do recommend it.  There is so much natural beauty to be seen on this island.  In your self-drive car, or with a brilliant driver / tour guide that our concierge team can book for you, there is a whole lot of history and fun to be discovered.

As you enjoy some delicious Oil Down (no, it’s not a euphemism for getting beach ready) the tasty rich one-pot stew, accompanied by a Rum Punch with a sprinkle of nutmeg, you will be suffused with the spicy warmth of this miraculous nation.  It is said that good things come in small packages – as you lounge in one of the Villas in Grenada, drinking in the setting sun across the wide turquoise of the Caribbean, you will heartily agree.  Welcome to your own private paradise!