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Travel Insurance By Travel Insured

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After spending all that time researching your preferred destination and creating your ideal vacation with the assistance of your Exceptional Villa Specialist and Concierge, recent events have shown how important it is that you are protected against unexpected surprises or events beyond your control during the time you have blocked off for your leisure.

At Exceptional Villas, we offer the opportunity to purchase travel insurance as part of travel protection plans from our partner Travel Insured. We encourage the purchase of travel insurance to help protect you and your travel investment.

Travel Insured, a leading travel insurance company with more than 25 years of experience, can help you find a travel protection plan to meet your needs. We are pleased to partner with their experts to help you attain some peace of mind regarding your travel investments.

What is Travel Protection?

Travel protection plans consist of insurance benefits underwritten by United States Fire Insurance as well as non-insurance assistance services through C&F Services. Insurance benefits may include beneficial coverages such as Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and Baggage Delay. As for the non-insurance C&F Services, representatives are available 24/7 worldwide to help you with anything ranging from Telemedicine, translation services, restaurant reservations and passport/visa theft! These travel protection plans can help protect your travel investment, your belongings and most importantly - you and your loved ones.

How does Travel Protection work?

  1. A covered incident occurs
  2. Start a claim via TII 's website or call center
  3. Get reimbursed  for covered claims

The plan also includes non-insurance travel assistance services. With these, representatives are available 24/7 to help with emergency evacuation arrangements as well as other services.

How to get a quote?

Contact Travel Insured with:

  • Names of travelers
  • Date of birth of travelers
  • Households (Household means anyone residing at the same address)
  • Trip Dates
  • Total trip cost

    What to include in the Trip Cost? Please see link below to TII website.

    • Can insure pre-paid, non-refundable payments or deposits for travel arrangements purchased for your trip.
    • Can include accommodations, flights, tours, cruises & excursions

    Post-Departure Coverage may include:

    • Accident and Sickness Medical Expense
    • Emergency Medical Evacuation
    • Baggage Delay
    • Baggage & Personal Effects
    • Missed Tour and Cruise Connection
    • Trip Delay
    • Itinerary Change (Worldwide Trip Protector Plan only)

    Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Covered Reasons may include:

    • Sickness or Injury of you, a family member, a travel companion and more
    • Inclement Weather causing a Carrier Delay
    • Involuntary Employer Termination
    • Mandatory Evacuation due to Natural Disaster
    • Terrorist Incident

    Note: Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption covered reasons are similar, although not always identical. It is important to clarify that additional terms, conditions and limitations apply to all coverages listed above. Please read the plan document for complete details of the plan and exclusions.

    Please do not hesitate to contact or speak to one of our Exceptional Villas Specialists if you have any questions or queries about your trip. To receive more information about travel protection plans, please contact TII at 855-752-8303 or visit their website linked below. Sit back, relax and look forward to your upcoming dream vacation!

    For more information:

    Email: [email protected]

    Visit: www.travelinsured.com

    Important Notice: Exceptional Villas is a travel retailer acting as an intermediary between the guest and Travel Insured. Exceptional Villas is not liable on issues or disputes arising between the guest and Travel Insured. The acquisition of travel protection plan(s) is not compulsory; it is just an added opportunity we provide to our esteemed customers if they so desire to purchase.

    This advertisement contains highlights of the plans, which include travel insurance coverages underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company under form series T7000 et. al., T210 et. al. and TP-401 et. al. The Crum & Forster group of companies is rated A (Excellent) by AM Best 2022. C&F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. The plans also contain non-insurance Travel Assistance Services provided by C&F Services through Active Claims Management (2018) Inc., operating as “Active Care Management”, “ACM”, “Global Excel Management”, and/or “Global Excel”. Coverages may vary and not all coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Insurance coverages are subject to the terms, limitations and exclusions in the plan, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions. In most states, your travel retailer is not a licensed insurance producer/agent, and is not qualified or authorized to answer technical questions about the terms, benefits, exclusions, and conditions of the insurance offered or to evaluate the adequacy of your existing insurance coverage. Your travel retailer may provide general information about the plans offered, including a description of the coverage and price. The purchase of travel insurance is not required in order to purchase any other product or service from your travel retailer. Your travel retailer maybe compensated for the purchase of a plan. CA DOI toll free number: 800-927-4357. The cost of your plan is for the entire plan, which consists of both insurance and non-insurance components. Individuals looking to obtain additional information regarding the features and pricing of each travel plan component, please contact Travel Insured: P.O. Box 6503, Glastonbury, CT 06033; 855-752-8303;  [email protected]; California license #0I13223.