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Luxury Villas Sardinia

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Sardinia Villas

The magnificent island of Sardinia is metaphorically referred to as a mini continent. This is because of the wealth of natural beauty in the form of mountains, gorges, wild woodlands, large uninhabited plains, tiny island groups off-shore and, of course, long, long stretches of glorious sandy beaches.

Not surprising, there are many magnificent Sardinia villas dotted around the 2,000km coastline with spectacular views out over the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas.

As the second largest island in the Mediterranean, this sublime destination has been the vacation spot of choice for the sophisticated and informed tourist for decades.  The island is one of Italy’s autonomous regions allowing it to flourish and evolve in its unique way.

With numerous languages and dialects specific to Sardinia as well, of course, as Italian, this is one of those places to visit in Italy where you are getting the whole romantic experience and flavour of the great nation with a whole lot extra thrown in.

The Style and Beauty of the North

Sardinia’s coastline is one long attractive combination of long swathes of golden sand, high cliff promontories and pretty inlets.  The terrain and scenery changes from town to town making this a wonderful island to explore by car or by bike.  It is hilly with numerous mountain ranges and peaks but there are fascinating cycle trails that can criss-cross through some of the rich farmlands that sweep over the lowlands.

The Costa Smeralda in the north east of Sardinia has glimmering clear water and is one of the most glamorous destinations on the island.  It’s also very close to the departure port for the short ferry to the French island of Corsica, immediately to the north.

Some of the most popular beaches in Sardinia are found around Alghero, Isola Rossa and Stintino.  The majority of tourist traffic descends on these towns.  With lots of restaurants, fun activities for all ages on and off the water, nightlife and gorgeous views.  Regardless which of the Villas in Sardinia you are based at you’ll probably want to experience this corner of the island.

If you are a boating enthusiast why not let Exceptional Villas match you with any of our ideally suited Sardinia vacation rentals.  We can arrange a boat charter to take you out to explore the stunning La Maddalena archipelago.

Made up of seven gorgeous islands, three of which are inhabited, you can spend a day sailing from Castelsardo, to Caprera stopping at the famous pink beach in Budelli for a picnic.  Sitting between Sardinia and Corsica and just off the Costa Smeralda, this is just one of the many extraordinary and beautiful experiences that awaits you along the northern shores.

The Splendour of the South

The greenest part of Sardinia lies to the south with the enormous Campidano plain being the main focus of this.  The capital city of Sardinia, the chic Cagliari, is situated in the centre of the southern coastline and has close access to beautiful beaches to its east and west.  Lovely resorts like Santa Margherita di Pula and Costa Rei attract many of the urbanites who want to enjoy some beach life away from the city.

But the city is truly worth a visit.  It is ancient with the usual array of fabulous churches and cathedrals.  The intriguing Torre dell’Elefante dominates the skyline of the historic centre of the city.  This 14th century tower was built by the Pisan’s who dominated the region for many years.

Subsequent invasion and control by Spain saw additional changes to the building.  Like all of the islands that reside in this part of the Mediterranean, they have passed through the hands of many nations and rulers.  Each of the visitors added something to the island and emblems of their time in ascendance can still be found throughout the island.

Maybe you want a traditional Mediterranean escape.  To relax in one of our luxury villas in Sardinia and drift peacefully from the pool to the beach to a nearby exquisite restaurant.

Perhaps you are made of more active stuff and want to leap out of bed in one of our vacation rentals in Sardinia and with your family launch yourself on a day of hiking, biking, walking or sailing along the coastlines of the island.  The quality of the sea, the sheltered coves, the balmy climate all combine to create the most perfect conditions for a divine and memorable vacation.

Oh, and just in case you need some more encouragement, the life expectancy in Sardinia is notably higher than most other Mediterranean regions.  Perhaps it’s the perfect diet of seafoods, fresh organic fare, a healthy amount of locally produced wine …. All rolled up into the distinctive relaxed Sardinian lifestyle.  Who knows, some of that pixie dust might just rub off on you.

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