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Maui Vacation Rentals

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Aloha! Welcome to Maui. One of the 7 inhabited islands in the 137 island archipelago that is Hawaii. If you’re reading this, you are probably looking for Maui vacation rentals. A sublime property that will be your base camp as you explore all of the natural beauty of this incredible island. Let’s start with some detail about Maui, to get you even more familiar with this breath-taking island, nestled in the wide blue Pacific.

In 1959, Hawaii became the 50th US state. As a traveler to any of the islands, you will find it has many similarities with mainland USA in terms of currency (US dollar), language (English mainly but some Hawaiian spoken also) and laws. But please park all of your expectations right there because the islands are so completely unlike the US in every other respect.

Maui for instance, was formed when twin volcanoes erupted beneath the Pacific centuries ago. The resulting lava created the two distinctive volcanic stacks that form the very photogenic topography of Maui. Two green peaks with a with a lush valley running between. It’s this very feature that has gifted Maui with its nickname within the islands - The Valley Isle.

Another wonderful feature of the layout of Maui is that no part of the island is more than 5 miles from its coast. So whichever of the Hawaii villas Maui has to offer that captures your heart, you know that the mesmerizing Pacific will be within close proximity and a significant player in your memorable vacation.

When to go?

Absolutely anytime.

With temperatures hovering in the mid 80 deg zone all year round, you can enjoy all aspects of life in the Islands. What might be considered Maui’s wetter season, sees only a couple of inches of rain at the very most in a month. Nothing significant to interfere with swimming and sunbathing at any of our Maui luxury vacation rentals.

If you specifically want to see the migration of the humped backed whales, then focus your vacation on the months November to May. Exceptional Villas concierge team can build an eco whale watching tour into your dream vacation.

The Big Blue

The coastline of Maui is 120 miles in length, with 30 miles of this made up of beaches. With sands varying in color from white to red to black, these beaches can offer unparalleled conditions for surfing, wind surfing and paddle boarding.

View of the blue horizon from a beach in maui

The leeward side of the island has a more sheltered coastline perfectly suited to exploration by kayak. The beaches of Maui offer sublime swimming and snorkeling conditions. Whether you are a proficient diver or sailor or just someone who likes to dabble in the shallows, the beaches and ocean around Maui are the ultimate playground for visitors of all ages.


Ka’anapali Beach in West Maui is one of the most highly regarded across the whole of Hawaii. With access to so many amenities it’s a fabulous place to spend a day. Check out Ka’anapali Royal overlooking the golf course for a beautiful place to stay.

Honolua Bay, north of the historic town of Lahaina, is a mecca for surfers and snorkelers.

Kapalua Bay is a crescent shaped beach, sheltered and surrounded by lush palm trees. Some of the gorgeous Kapalua villas Maui is known for, are ideal for families with young children.

Hammock by the beach in Maui

Hamoa Beach in East Maui is a great place to stop along the Hana Highway for a picnic.

Ho’okipa Beach Park is located on the wilder Northern side of Maui. If you want to sit and watch the daring exploits of water sport enthusiasts, then this is the place for you. The wind and wave conditions are perfect for surfers.

The Kamaole Beaches (referred to locally as Kam 1, Kam 2 and Kam 3), these are located in South Maui. Simply beautiful.

La Perouse Bay is a hidden gem in South Maui. Really worth searching out.

On Island Exploration

Renting a car or having a car and driver at your disposal, is one of the best decisions you will make once you’ve chosen the most suitable among the luxury villas in Maui Hawaii. The 735 square mile island is 48 miles long and 26 miles wide.

This may seem merely pocket-sized when you are visiting, perhaps, from one of the larger US States but you’ll soon learn that a mile in Maui is very different to a mile in Missouri. Narrow roads that undulate through the lowlands of Maui’s mountains, lush green tracks that take you deep into the heartland of the Haleakala National Park all keep progress by car relatively slow.

It’s even slower than the roads demand as you will repeatedly stop to capture a stunning vista. This is what a holiday is all about. Taking time to embrace your surroundings. Moving slowly. Maui is the ideal antidote to a busy urban life.


The Pipiwai Trail (4 miles) that leads to Oheo Gulch is located above the Seven Sacred Pools. You will see signage on the Hana Highway for this trail. Well worth seeing.

The Hoapili Trail (6 miles) in South Maui is part of the historic walking route once reserved for Hawaiian royalty. You can get onto the trail at the picturesque La Perouse Bay. Part of the route is barren and exposed so good shoes, hats, water are a must.

The Twin Falls trail on the North Shore (2 miles). Another recommended stop along the Hana Highway.

Kings Gardens on Maui is one of the most idyllic heritage sites to visit. With a stunning waterfall and brimming with amazing wild flowers, it’s the quintessential Hawaiian experience. Only 24 visitors are allowed into the Gardens each day. It’s vital to book your place!


Nothing like volcanic terrain for creating waterfalls. You’ll find more than a few on Maui that will not just meet but exceed your expectations. With deep blue pools, it’s the perfect place to do some fresh water swimming.

Adrenalin Hit

After a couple of days decompressing in one of the luxury vacation rentals Maui has to offer, you might want to get out of your comfort zone. With off road tours, paragliding, rappelling, hang-gliding, swimming with sharks there’s a thrilling activity available on Maui. The terrain has created the ultimate playground for everyone.

National Parks

The very name Hakeakala means House of the Sun and if you are looking for the best place from which to enjoy a sunrise or sunset, then the highest peak of Maui, in the heart of the National Park is a good place to be. Located on the south eastern side of Maui, the National Park covers an area of 52 square miles, 36 of which are a dedicated wilderness.

A very winding road will allow you to drive to the summit of Hakeakala to visit the crater. Breath-taking views across Maui’s are your reward for this journey.

The quality of the night sky after sunset presents stargazers with a tapestry of constellations. It’s like all of the night skies you’ve ever looked at previously were out of focus and in Maui you’re seeing the heavens for the very first time.

The Sacred Iao Valley is another State Park located in Central Maui. It is a 10 miles long park, covering 4,000 acres. It is home to the famous 1,200 high Iao needle – a naturally formed stone stack. This Park offers gentle hiking and exploration of the rain-forest. As well, a visit to the interactive Hawaii Nature Center located at Iao Valley makes this an ideal destination for families with smaller children.

Off Island Exploration

Daily ferry services can take you across to nearby Lanai. It’s a 45 minute journey that gives a wonderful seaview of both islands. A short flight from Maui’s main airport can allow you to visit the Big Island or go further afield to Kauai. Read about Kauai luxury villas.

Get the Party Started

No vacation is complete without dipping a toe into the nightlife of your destination. Maui has some very lively bars and restaurants that can offer an evening of music, dancing or even theatre.

The South Shore Tiki Lounge located in Kihei Kalama Village offers wonderful food with a backdrop of live music. Grab a table in the outdoor lanai and enjoy the atmosphere. If you are at heart a bit of a hippy, then Charley’s Saloon in historic Paia has been the go-to place for writers and surfers since 1969.

To understand more about Maui and Hawaii generally, take in the Ulalena at Maui Theatre. This is a spectacular event where the history of the island chain is told through music and dance. Never has a history lesson been so memorably presented.

Food of the Gods

Tropical destinations offer gourmands limitless choices at table. Whether you are self-catering in one of the luxury Villas Maui or venturing out to explore one of the restaurants of the island, you will find a feast of amazing fruits, vegetables and meats that have travelled the merest distance to get from the farm to your table. Not forgetting the incredible arrange of sea food that awaits your delectation.

The predominant food influence to be found on Maui is mainly Asian but with an interesting twist. Some of the traditional dishes of Polynesia have interwoven into the more western or Japanese inspired dishes. Traditional American fare can be found most places too but somehow with the tastiest and freshest of ingredients something as standard as a burger can take on a whole new allure.

The Science of Sun

The purity and clarity of the air and skies around Maui has resulted in the very largest solar telescope in the world being situated on the island. If you are a budding solar physicist or just someone who enjoys a heavenly blue sky by day and a star-filled canopy at night, you will be delighted to lounge on the terrace of one of the luxury Villas in Maui.

Telescopes can be rented on the island so in between legendary dinners on the terrace of our Maui vacation house rentals you can map the network of stars that illuminate the Pacific.


If you’re the recipient of Conde Nast’s Best Island in the US award for over 20 years, it’s pretty certain that you’re getting something very right. Maui welcomes 3m visitors annually and is known as a destination that values and maintains its naturally beautiful credentials. It is one of those safe destinations where visitors of all ages can enjoy the fun amenities of the island without undue worry.

Where to Stay

West Maui is one of the most popular destinations for vacationers on the island. This is the most established tourist center in Maui. Restaurants, stores, bars are dotted along the beautiful beaches of Kaanapali. There’s a dedicated 3 mile paved walkway that is ideal for a morning run or amble.

The old whaling village of Lahaina is popular with Front Street a great place to shop and dine. If you are traveling with older teenagers who are keen on a little independence, then near access to West Maui can provide enough ‘civilization’ to keep them from glazing over.

South Maui is a quieter destination. The areas of Wailea and Kihei are home to some stunning residences. The beaches of Kamaole are less busy than their counterparts in South Maui. If you like the idea of getting away from it all, South Maui offers a beautiful setting but still within easy access of many amenities.

East Maui is home to the famous Hana Highway. This is one stretch of road that most visitors will want to travel. You can dip in and out of very small pretty beaches. Paia is one of the first picturesque villages you will pass through on this road trip. The end of the winding coastal route is the village of Hana. Probably the most remote community on Maui.

Getting There

Just over 5 hours by air from the US West Coast, you can fly direct into Maui. From the US’s East Coast, it is a 10 hour non-stop flight to Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the places to travel to without a passport from the U.S. We feature many luxury Big Island villas.

European travelers can connect via one of the bigger US hubs or through Vancouver.

For more flying options, travelers can fly into the Big Island in Hawaii and connect onward to Maui’s airport – the flying time between Big Island and Maui is about 30 minutes.

Choosing Exceptional Villas

We are a 5 Star rated company by Trust Pilot. Exceptional Villas has decades of experience matching clients to properties. Each one of our highly trained Sales Team has personally visited each of the Maui vacation home rentals listed with us. In this way, they are able to answer your specific questions as well as guide you intelligently with regard to the functional and aesthetic credentials of each home.

Our 5 Star concierge team have built valuable professional relationships with the very best service providers on Maui who we work with to deliver a bespoke and unique vacation for you and your fellow travelers.

At EV we like to say that your vacation begins the moment you connect with us. All of the large and small details are ironed out by us. You arrive to one of our luxury vacation rentals in Maui knowing that your perfect vacation is designed to your unique specifications. Aloha!