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We have over 30 years of experience in the villa rental business and our Jamaica villas receive more repeat business than any other destination we feature. And if you've ever visited the fabulous shores of this unique Caribbean island, you'll instantly know why.

You'll find its warm and welcoming people at the heart of any memorable Jamaican experience. They unroll the welcome mat with style and grace to all visitors. So, as you relax in any of the sumptuous luxury villas in Jamaica, wander along the shores of a flawless sandy beach, or weave through the vibrant and electric atmosphere of Kingston, the magic of Jamaica will captivate you too.

Our team of villa experts are delighted to present the best properties on this beautiful and cultural tropical island in the Caribbean. Our local knowledge is truly unsurpassable.

Our global team has decades of experience in providing luxury accommodation to discerning travelers, whether for a memorable holiday or to host a spectacular wedding, means we've got our finger on the pulse of everything Jamaican.

Space and serenity await. Throw in ocean views, beachfront bliss, and professional and discreet villa staff; you've got all the ingredients for paradise. Our Concierge team has intimate knowledge of Jamaica and we can't wait to start planning your next villa vacation!

Guide to Jamaica


Travelers might wonder why visit this destination rather than other Caribbean islands. At over 4,000 square miles, this island nation – the third largest in the Caribbean - offers a broad offering of activities.

There's truly something for everyone, with the beaches at the top of the list for all guests. From long stretches of tantalizingly white sandy beaches bordering turquoise waters to smaller castaway-styled coves backed with palm trees, beach life is at the heart of any stay at any Jamaica villas.

For the young or young at heart, the music scene is vibrant. Well, it's the home of reggae, that swaying beat that gets everyone on their feet. The bars around the Hip Strip along Gloucester Avenue offer revelers ultra-cool jazz performances, traditional reggae, and DJ clubbing beats.

Food is another unique experience in Jamaica. This island is the home of jerk and wears its culinary credentials with pride. You can enjoy spicy flavors. Local produce and daily landed fish unite to deliver a tasty dining experience. Some of the villas come with talented cooks. These outstanding individuals can produce local dishes to rival anything you discover around the island. They will also know where to source the best fish and produce to stock your pantry during your visit.

Sporting enthusiasts can take in a cricket match or enjoy deep sea fishing from beneath a shady Panama hat while sipping a local brew of beer, rum, or coffee.

There's so much that this destination has to offer. The diverse cultural background of the island that sees citizens of African, Indian, Chinese, and European extraction meld together has informed the country's motto: Out of Many One People. This combination of cultures and cuisine has created a tiny nation with a significant global influence.

Jamaica not only has some of the best villas in the Caribbean, but it is also one of the best family Caribbean vacations.


Here are some quick planning tips to help you get organized.


The best currency to use is either the Jamaican Dollar or US Dollar. You can generally use credit cards in larger urban centers, high-end hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Smaller beach shacks offer terrific food and drink options, but you may have to pay in cash. Tipping is usually in the region of 10-18% but is not required if your bill contains a service charge.


The rule of thumb is 10% during high season and 15% during low season. Villa staff, drivers, and porters, always prefer cash.


Like many Caribbean islands with Commonwealth connections, Jamaicans drive on the left. Car rental companies provide right-hand drive cars for anyone over 21 with a full driving license valid for at least two years. Check that your car insurance company permits you to drive overseas or purchase local insurance to cover you for the duration of your vacation. The stunning views along the coastline and the Blue Mountains' splendor make a road trip one of the tourist highlights.

Essential tips for drivers include being mindful of the three-speed limits – residential, state road, or toll road. Remember to have Jamaican dollars to hand for any tolls. Understand the stringent drink-driving legislation with the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) being one-half of UK's and US's permitted limits. Seat belts are mandatory, and you will need a special safety seat for infant passengers. Cell phone use while driving is not permitted. Finally, use toll roads for the best driving conditions, and have a good map for navigation purposes.

Our Concierge Team is happy to book an air-conditioned car and driver to take you and your group on bespoke tours. Some of the top sites are Bob Marley's Museum in Kingston, or perhaps take a step back in time and visit Rose Hall, a Georgian plantation museum.

Maybe stop for a rum tasting at Appleton Estate in the Parish of St Elizabeth. You can sample aged rums and limited-edition distillations or purchase some to enjoy back home. Let your tour guide driver take you to some of the hidden Jamaican treasures.


The plug adaptor you will need is for outlet types A and B. The voltage is 110V. US travelers can use all their devices as the voltage is virtually the same (the US being 120V). As well, the outlets for the US match the configuration of the Jamaica plugs.

For UK travelers, it is a different experience. As Jamaica's voltage is significantly lower than the UK's 230V, getting a Step-Down Voltage Convertor is advisable. Although many phone chargers automatically convert voltage, check each cable to ensure you will not damage your device.


Yes, you only need a valid passport to enter Jamaica. The passport is to be valid for the duration of your visit. There are no visa requirements for travelers staying for fewer than 90 days.


This destination is a truly wonderful place to get married. The fantastic weather, turquoise seas, and friendly people make it hard to beat. We have a great selection of villas to choose from. Our top 5 wedding villas in Jamaica include Fortlands Point, Bambu Villa, Silent Waters, Endless Summer, and Serenity on the Beach.


The best way to get to the destination is by air. As one of the major Caribbean hubs, there are many flight options in and out of Sangster International Airport.

British Airways and Virgin offer regular services direct flights from London in the UK with flying times in the region of about 9 hours non-stop. Additionally, with flight times varying in duration from 9 to 11 hours, there are other European flights from Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Frankfurt, Zurich, and Verona.

Other direct services depart from US cities. Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, and Atlanta. Canada's Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto also run regular services directly to Jamaica. Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport has a direct service from London Gatwick and services from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, NYC, and Toronto.

Airlines that fly non-stop from Europe to Jamaica: Neos, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Condor, Eurowings, Edelweiss Air, TUI.

US airlines that fly to Jamaica: American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Delta, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Sun Country Airlines.

Canadian airlines fly non-stop to Jamaica: Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, Swoop, and West Jet.


Club Mobay or Club Kingston are the fastest ways to get through Customs. Prebook your access and enjoy a VIP meet/greet experience. When exiting, the private VIP Club lounges are calm, spacious, and kid-friendly. You can access the gift shop and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks while waiting for your flight. On arrival, you and your luggage will be fast-tracked through the Airport to your waiting private car transfer.


Absolutely. You will enjoy a seamless meet/greet service that will transfer you to your accomodation without delay. Your personal concierge will be delighted to book VIP fast-track on your behalf.


You and your group will determine where is the best place to go in Jamaica. Access to fun and happening beaches might direct you to some gorgeous beachside villas around Montego Bay, where you and your fellow guests can enjoy family-friendly Doctor's Cave Beach. Great shopping, bars, and restaurants nearby make this a popular destination for all ages.

Ocho Rios, which translates as 8 Rivers, is a quieter, more sedate offering with Turtle Beach and the famous James Bond Beach offering stunning snorkeling and swimming conditions. Lovely beachside restaurants and bars embrace all the natural beauty of the area.

With echoes of its British roots, Jamaica comprises 14 distinctive parishes, each with its unique personality. Yet, regardless of where you weigh anchor, you can enjoy exploring the many coves, beaches, and lush coastline that encircle this multi-faceted island.


The best time is November to May. However, the shoulder periods from November to mid-December and April to mid-May offer the same great weather but without the high-season vibe.

The design of virtually all vacation rentals embraces the very best of the warm tropical climate. Air-conditioning can keep you cool at nighttime, while doors that open outwards from your living room onto your poolside terrace can allow you to enjoy the light and space all around.


September to the end of November is generally the rainy season. However, it's rare to have an entire day of rain. So, you'll be delighted to find that warm sunshine quickly follows a downpour.


The best weather is usually from November to mid-April. Consistent temperatures in the mid-80s guarantee the perfect beach weather. Peak tourist season starts around mid-December and runs through to April. July has the hottest weather, peaking in the mid-90s. While the average annual sea temperature is 82F, making it blissful for all watersports.

If you fancy finding out some more, take a read of our blog about The Weather in The Caribbean and The Best Time to Visit.


Generally, June to November is considered hurricane season, but many years go by without any hurricane activity across the island.


In Jamaica, the official language is English. However, the most widely spoken language among Jamaicans in their daily lives is Jamaican Patois, also known as Jamaican Creole. This Creole language is a unique blend of English and various West African languages, reflecting the island's colonial history and African heritage. Jamaican Patois is characterized by its distinct pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammatical structures, making it quite different from Standard English, though it has English as its primary lexical base.

Check out our blog on Jamaican slang to learn some key Jamaica phrases worth knowing before you travel.



"From the moment we contacted Exceptional Villas Sales Department, we were given the best service, price, and information. We felt confident booking our villa accommodation through this company and also felt confident with the advice they gave us through the reservation process and beyond. The after-sales concierge follow-up is also excellent, guiding you through any queries you may have regarding the destination and the property. They are always there to answer any questions you may have in a professional and friendly manner, and I would have no hesitation in recommending to use Exceptional Villas for your holiday reservation" – Marion Wood

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One of the most exciting things about Jamaica is how diverse it is.

Its cultural heritage is rich. It has evolved from its complex and unhappy past. You can visit Sun Valley Plantation near Ocho Rios for a historical tour or take the guided tour of Rose Hall Plantation. It's a compelling introduction to the history of Jamaica expertly delivered. Yet, in many ways, the story of life in Jamaica is true of many other Caribbean nations.

Putting aside its rich cultural background, Jamaica has a wealth of natural beauty for you to explore. Wild forests and mountains give way to botanical gardens, some hundreds of years old. You don't need to be an expert in flora or fauna to enjoy an afternoon at Castleton Botanical Gardens in the parish of St Mary's. Stroll around the gardens, where you will enjoy the color and aroma of many flowering shrubs. Visitors can swim in the Wag Water River and enjoy a picnic under a shading tree. Castleton is a destination for both horticulturists and bird watchers.

Across Jamaica, there are over 3000 native flowering plants, including orchids. Hikes through some tropical forests will give glimpses of tiny hummingbirds and the national bird of Jamaica, the Red-billed Streamertails. Butterflies weave in and out of the large mahogany and rosewood trees. If your Jamaica vacation home rentals come with a garden, you will enjoy exploring the lush plants that proliferate in this region.

For inland water adventure, jump onto a raft on the Martha Brae River and let your 'gondolier' steer you along this long, calm waterway. It is one of the most relaxing ways to admire Jamaica's lush forests.

If you like getting close to nature, climbing up the naturally stepped incline of the picturesque Dunn's River Falls near Ocho Rios will appeal. However, if you want to increase your adrenalin rush, you won't miss the nearby zip lines that will have you whizzing through some wild jungle.

When you have tapped out all land-based activities, you can head to the shores for all the thrills and spills of the ocean. Jamaica has some of The Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean. If you are lucky, you can spot up to seven varieties of sea turtles, dolphins, parrot fish, and manatees in the waters around Jamaica.

The Arches and The Caves are famous diving attractions for the naturally formed underwater architecture. On the eastern side of Ocho Rios, you can explore the Devil's Reef about 4 minutes offshore. The reef starts at almost 70ft, dropping to 130ft. Depending on your level of expertise, knowledgeable dive tours can help you find the most suitable dive locations around Jamaica.

If you want the ultimate romantic experience, why not explore the coastline by boat. Take yourself on a luxury sunset catamaran tour that takes in a world-class sunset. Sipping champagne as the sun slips beneath the horizon is a unique add-on to your Jamaican adventure.

Jamaica is also one of the Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations.


Yes, indeed, many celebrities enjoy this tropical paradise island. It has been on the tourist map since the 1940s. The golden stars of Hollywood enjoyed a very low-key vacation in the 1950s as guests of the raconteur Noel Coward. His home, Firefly, is now a museum.

Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe were just some of the A-listers who fell in love with this gorgeous island. Goldeneye, the villa home of James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, is now one of our luxury resorts.

Johnny and June Cash had a beautiful home on the island for many years, where they loved the sense of seclusion offered to them and their family. In addition, many famous international figures with Jamaican heritage have been frequent visitors to the island. Naomi Campbell, Tyson Beckford, Colin Powell, Harry Belafonte.


The best things to do in Jamaica involve mind, body, and soul recalibration.

First, indulge in deep relaxation at your private villa with yoga, massage, or meditation. Then follow this with a refreshing swim in the warm Caribbean Sea. Then add some enervating hikes, horseback riding, or zip lines through lush flower-filled forests. Next, enjoy spicy cuisine under a sky filled with stars, dance the night away to some live music, and have a blissful sleep.

For families, this destination is an action-packed destination. Wedding and honeymooners can be sure of the ultimate destination for their celebrations. For a group of single travelers, it is an unforgettable party island. It has all the romantic, fun, and action credentials to create the perfect vacation. You will leave Jamaica recharged, revived, and renewed on every level.


When you book with us, you tap into our decades of knowledge of this fantastic destination. Our much-lauded sales team can offer you advice on some of the most stylish and luxurious Jamaica vacation rentals. Our Sales and Concierge Teams passionately love this island nation.

Sean is our villa expert for Jamaica, and he visits regularly and is highly knowledgeable about all the properties we represent. Sean is also an expert on our Antigua Villas and our Villas in the BVI.

Sean Walsh at Indigo in Jamaica
Sean Walsh at Indigo in Jamaica

Our excellent service helps translate your personal and specific requirements, identifying the best luxurious property for you and your group. In addition, we deliver on your needs around accessibility, security, and onsite staff needs. Our concierge team, with the most current and best Jamaica knowledge, has a much sought-after relationship with everyone from fashionable restaurant maître d's to catamaran skippers to local guides. As a result, they can pre-build the Caribbean vacation of your dreams.

They will also help you throughout your vacation by booking water sports, boat trips, or casual fun events for you and your group to enjoy.

Noreen is our lead concierge expert for Jamaica. She has visited many times and knows the destination intimately. Noreen is also an expert on St Barts and St Martin.

Jamaica may be small on a global scale, but it is a mighty little package. Beautiful beaches, music, food, and the friendliest people all blend seamlessly - To paraphrase the national motto: "Many Experiences One Nation," - your first visit will only be the beginning.

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