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The Caves, Negril

Jamaica Villas & Vacation Rentals

Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and is the birth place of the famous reggae singer Bob Marley and one of the fastest men on earth Usain Bolt. Jamaica offers an authentic Caribbean experience where you can enjoy life on 'island-time'. It has a wonderful blend of sophisticated accommodation, luxury Jamaica villas and authentic Rastafarian culture.

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Jamaica Vacation Rentals

Jamaica is also the third largest of the islands in the Caribbean and is one of the most popular with both our clients and our team of Villa Experts at Exceptional Villas. Jamaica is the island that when our clients have visited once; they wish to return year after year.   And all for good reason; Jamaican people are one of the warmest and friendliest in the Caribbean.  They make our guests feel very welcome and very special.

Of course the scenery in Jamaica is also extraordinarily beautiful and the country is both vibrant and rich in beautiful beaches, hidden waterfalls, rainforests, a UNESCO eco system, great food and an electrifying music scene.  Then there is the misty Blue Mountain Range which is full of coffee plantations with the highest peak reaching 7,402 feet. The Blue Mountain area is famous in many places for producing some of the best and highest quality coffee in the world.

There is also wonderful diversity in Jamaica that goes beyond the beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. There is a very interesting history and the country is rich in culture.  First to settle on the island were the Amerindians from South America. They were closely followed by Christopher Columbus who came in 1494. He claimed the island for the Spanish. The British then captured the island in 1655. Following this, there was a great period of unrest between the British and the release of plantation slaves from the Spanish control. Jamaica has a huge and fascinating plantation history with many wonderful houses dotted all over the country. Jamaica eventually became independent in 1962.

Getting to Jamaica is easier than most of the other Caribbean islands. There are many direct flights from Europe, the United States and Canada.  There are two main points of access, one is Montego Bay where you will find Sangster International Airport and the other is Kingston’s airport called Norman Rogers International.  Many of the major US and British airlines have regular flights to both Montego Bay and Kingston.  Please ask our Concierge for more information.

The island has a varied landscape and can more or less be divided into four main areas.  Montego Bay which is located to the North West, Negril with its lavish limestone cliffs and lovely waters and Ocho Rios located to the north of the island. Then there is Kingston and the Blue Mountain range which has some incredible hiking located to the  south east of the island.  Exceptional Villas has luxury Jamaica villas in all of these locations.

It is hard to beat soaking up the sunshine on a pristine white sandy beach or listening to reggae music in the home of reggae.  Jamaica is a wonderful destination to explore and we recommend a full-time driver; which is like having your own personal tour guide throughout your stay.  Jamaica is one of the safest and friendliest islands and is home to some of the most luxurious vacation rentals in the world.

Many of our villas offer breath-taking Ocean views; beach front bliss and many of our Jamaica Villas also come with a full complement of staff.  Jamaica is one of the most sought after destinations and we have guests who come back year after year because of the amazing staff at our villas.

We have many beautiful standalone villas featured within our portfolio including Fortlands Point and Noble House close to Montego Bay.  Then we have the beautiful Scotch on the Rocks located in Ocho Rios and The incredible Caves Villa located in Negril to name but a few.

In addition there are many wonderful villas located within beautiful resorts with additional facilities like golf, spa, tennis, children’s clubs, restaurants and bars. Our premier locations are at Round Hill, Tryall and Half Moon.

Most of our Jamaica Villas are situated in Montego BayNegril and Ocho Rios. To find the perfect Jamaica Villa, contact our villa expert Emma today or browse our site to get more information on luxury vacations to Jamaica and more. Emma has visited each and every one of the villas we represent and has an in-depth knowledge of both the properties and the island. She is completely passionate about Jamaica and will spend a lot of time with you ascertaining your needs, requirements and what your dream vacation looks like. Trust is very important to both Exceptional Villas and to Emma and so is finding the perfect villa for you.

Once you have booked your villa, you will be in the very capable hands of Noreen who is our designated concierge for Jamaica. Noreen is equally passionate about the island and has an incredible knowledge of all the best places to visit, best sites, best restaurants and any excursions you might wish to take. She will also organise your ground transportation, private car, drivers, VIP arrival and departure and all the details of your vacation to ensure you have the most relaxing time possible.

Exceptional Villas provide luxury villas in Jamaica - Book your Villa today!

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