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Vacation Rentals in Rome Italy

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Rome Vacation Rentals

Rome is just about the most perfect place to get lost …and lost you most surely will be! I think one of the greatest ironies of Rome is that when they went on their invasions of Northern Europe they built the best and straightest of roads yet when you get into the metropolis of Rome it is a network of medieval curved little streets that defy anyone to navigate with a printed map

For the lucky tourist, what all of this means, of course, is that you will find magical cafes, churches, shops and antiquities when you are valiantly trying to find your way to somewhere equally wonderful.  It’s all part of the joy of Rome.

Past, Present, Future

I can think of no other city in Europe that has managed to meld past and present so delightfully.  The most ancient of ruins sit cheek by jowl with all that is loud and proud about modern Rome.

The Northern Italians view the Romans as somewhat workshy but when you find yourself cocooned in one of the splendid Rome vacation rentals, enjoying lazy brunches and soaking up the warm, dry weather you’ll understand why Rome encourages such a gentle tempo.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for the average Roman to stop on the street and vigorously discuss life, all the while caring little for commerce and deadlines!

Things to see

All of the great histories of Rome are tied in with the grandeur of life in a Roman villa surrounded by the rolling Lazio countryside.  Where better to recreate this experience than in one of Exceptional Villas luxurious Rome villas.  From your calm and serene base you can explore the phenomenal wonders that lure tourists to this ancient city year on year.

The Colosseum is enormous and looms large against the Rome skyline.  It’s a testament to the architectural genius employed in created it that it still stands as a powerful reminder of a long-vanished world.

The Roman Forum – the seat of ancient power – covers a vast area of the centre of modern Rome.  Key ruins within the Forum are the Temple of Saturn and the Atrium Vestae – the Vestal Virgins domain.    A trip to Vatican City gives yet another view of Rome and its significance as the HQ of Catholicism.  The Cistine Chapel within the Vatican is home to the famous Michelangelo ceiling frescos.

Regardless of any religious leanings, it’s one of those must-see creations.

The Pantheon, constructed with the large aperture at the top of its dome, is one of Rome’s best loved and most visited sites and occupies a side of a small and delightful square.

La Dolce Vita

Check out any of the wonderful movies that are essentially love poems to this beloved city.  La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday, Three Coins in the Fountain, Eat Pray Love…..

From the glamour of the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps …from the quaint Giolitti Ice Cream Parlour to the Square of the Mouth of Truth (located in front of Tiber Island) both of which Audrey Hepburn visited – it all looks like time has stood still.  Each landmark unchanged over decades.

That is the enduring quality of Rome.

Food and Wine

Ah bliss!  The delightful restaurants, trattorias, cafes and bars that open invitingly onto the pavements around the City create that sociable and expressive quality that is at the heart of the Rome experience.

As you saunter around the city that buzzes with the lively interactions of the locals (think passionate discussions that range from football to politics to bad driving!) you will be so glad to be able to retreat to one of the stunning private vacation rentals in Rome Italy that offer you a welcome oasis of calm.


Dolce and Gabanna, Armani, Prada, Versace, Valentino, Ferragamo, Zegna …. This is the poetry of fashion.  Where style meets substance, Italy is the home of all great design.  Translate this to the world of interiors and you will be dazzled by the creations of Zanusso, Castiglioni and Albini.

Once the amazing Italian flourish is passed over any object it takes on a glamorous and seductive charm.  All of this is evident in any of the wonderful Exceptional Villas vacation rentals in Rome.

Each property is unique, finished to the highest standards and designed to capture the delights of a balmy star-filled evening as well as the clear blue beauty of a Roman morning.


The wonder of Italy is that one country can present so many diverse faces to visiting guests.

It harks back to a time when the country we know today was made up of so many individual principalities and dukedoms.  Looming large above all of these varying provinces is the monolith that is Rome.

Ancient, great, eternal, proud – so many words to try to define a city that pulses and vibrates in its own unique way.  It is a city that never disappoints and always surprises!

Call us now to review the amazing vacation rentals Rome Italy that we represent.  Our Sales and Concierge Teams can match you to your very perfect Roman home and unlock the secrets of this remarkable destination.