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Villas in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Villas & Beach Vacation Rentals

Wake up and smell the coffee in one of the most picturesque and remarkable countries of Central America. With a coastline caressed by the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, this attractive and welcoming nation, offers lucky visitors a tranquil and memorable vacation under tropical skies.

Bordered to the North by Nicaragua and to the South by Panama, this is the delicious filling in the sandwich of all that is most desirable about Central America. Where else can you watch cowboys (Sabaneros) gallop over the pasturelands of the Nicoya Peninsula, attend a rodeo, go hiking through tropical rainforest, visit a volcano, enjoy beach life, take in a coffee plantation or three, do some thrilling zip-lining, see monkeys in their natural habitat …. all in one spectacular location!

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Costa Rica Rentals

With over one quarter of its landmass dedicated to protected reserves and national parks, there are vast tracts of unspoiled beaches and tropical rainforest just waiting for you to explore. Guided tours will take you on magical hikes into the forested hills where clouds, trapped in the high lush trees, glow in a misty half-light. The sounds and sights of nature unfurled in all of her splendour will mesmerize you.

In under 5 hours, you can fly from NYC to Costa Rica and find that you have stepped into a world that’s quite extraordinary. This country is a hybrid that captures the historic significance of Central America, crossed with Caribbean life, with a Pacific coast feel. At Exceptional Villas, we have decades of experience in creating the loveliest memories for our clients. Your happiness means the world to us. From the moment you reach out to us, we ensure that every aspect of your trip to Costa Rica is smooth, stress-free and bespoke

A Match Made in Heaven

Our friendly team has visited every luxury Costa Rica villa in person and return each year to ensure our exacting standards are maintained. With this first-hand knowledge, we can choose the most suitable property for you and your party. Every one of your requirements is considered in detail: how active is your group, do you want a relaxing beach-fronted villa, do you like a large pool, are there children in your party or individuals with mobility issues. The layout of each one of our luxury villas for rent in Costa Rica is a determining factor in helping us recommend the perfect home from home for you. We call this our ‘Match Made in Heaven’ service where you are given expert and intelligent advice on what properties will not only suit your needs but exceed your expectations.

We have been representing Costa Rica luxury villas for rent for many years and are very particular about the properties we manage. A five-star standard of luxury, a sense of privacy, remarkable views that take in the vast expanse of turquoise oceans, sunsets and sunrises to capture your imagination, each property must have beautiful and tasteful furnishings. The inside and outside elements of the property must flow together and create a seamless experience.

Once you are paired with your ideal luxury vacation villa in Costa Rica, our friendly and complimentary concierge service takes care of all the details of your trip. We can fast-track you through the airport on arrival, have an air-conditioned luxury vehicle ready to whisk you to the comfort of your beach-fronted property. As you step into the cool and beautifully-appointed interior of your luxury villas Costa Rica, your kitchen will be stocked with foods and beverages provisioned to your exact tastes. If necessary, staff will be on site to prepare your meals and discretely manage your stay so you can get down to the busy task of having the best vacation of your life. You can kick off your shoes, along with all the cares of your daily life, and sink into a hammock and drink in the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise. Nature in Ascendant.

Costa Rica directly translates as The Rich Coast. It is what Columbus named it in the early 1500s as he saw gold jewellery adorning the natives along the shoreline. It is still a very accurate description of this country, as the diverse and bountiful natural features of Costa Rica are truly priceless.

The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica, lying to the northwest of the country is about an hour from Liberia Airport. This area boasts endless and unspoiled beaches. The Playa Hermosa is popular for water sports especially diving. Playa Blanca is a calm beach that attracts families who want to enjoy swimming in the Pacific. The Papagayo Peninsula that sits within this province, has golf courses and numerous resorts that offer world class dining for visitors. Villa Deveena restaurant in Playa Negra is the most popular restaurant and it’s worth making a reservation to ensure you get a table. A gorgeous gourmet night awaits!

The Dulce Golfo (Sweet Gulf) to the south of the Pacific coastline is a magical nature reserve waiting to be explored. El Silencio de Los Angelos (The Silence of the Angels) is a stunning reserve that is home to hundreds of species of tropical bird. Taking a break from one of your luxury villas in Costa Rica, you can set off in the cool morning air to explore by guided tour this mystical, tropical reserve. Apparently, Costa Rica has one tenth of the species of the world’s bird population. Whether or not you are an ornithologist (bird fancier to you and me), the explosion of colours of many of these species and the rich musical backdrop they give to your day of exploration is sublime.

The eastern coastline of Costa Rica sits on the edge of the Caribbean Sea and offers a less frenetic vacation than the west coast. A more boutique experience with a lot less high-rise developments is what sets this part of Costa Rica apart from the more evolved west coast. In the centre of the country lies Costa Rica’s capital San Jose.

The mountains that weave through the country make exploring by jeep an interesting experience. Beautiful views, lush pastureland with the Sabaneros rounding up their cattle. Coffee plantations hug the higher slopes of the volcanic hills, creating the most amazing photographic opportunities.


Just one simple word! If you are one of the many individuals who cannot seem to get your beautiful eyes open each day without your bespoke caffeine infusion, then prepare for the most exquisite start to each day. The term ‘fresh coffee’ is bandied about far too casually in North America and across Europe. Until you’ve imbibed the rich and flavourful aroma and taste of Costa Rican Arabica coffee, grown and harvested virtually on your doorstep, you haven’t really had a coffee. The coffee barons who set up their plantations over a century ago, realised that the rich volcanic slopes of Costa Rica were ideally suited to the cultivation of El Grano del Oro (or Golden Grain).

Among the many things to do in Costa Rica there are fabulous tours to some of these amazing working plantations in the Central Highlands and Southern Mountain range. At Exceptional Villas we are delighted to organise any of these tours for you. We know the best places to visit and have established excellent connections with our team on the ground in Costa Rica who will shepherd you from one amazing experience to the next.

To fully embrace the coffee experience of Costa Rica, you will have to try a café chorreado – a do-it-yourself filter coffee experience. This involves a quaint timber stand with a natural cotton filter sock. You choose the water-to-ground-coffee ratio to get the freshest (and we mean freshest), quietest and most bespoke coffee you’ve ever tried. Imagine waking up to the sweet sound of birdsong in your Costa Rica luxury villa’s air-conditioned bedroom, pottering along to your open plan kitchen and brewing your very own café chorreado. A short walk out onto your pool-side terrace, overlooking the ocean where you will sit and enjoy your morning coffee experience. That rushed noisy brew of back home is forgotten in the warm half-light of dawn.

Getting it Right

Costa Rica has made some wonderful decisions as a nation. It disbanded its army in 1948 and unlike many of its Central American neighbours it is a peaceable and conflict-free nation. It invests a great deal of money in its schools and colleges, so its Spanish speaking population is well-educated and mostly fluent in English. The country has reached all of the ecological targets set by the United Nations Development Programme and is on track to be a carbon neutral nation by 2021 – the very first country to achieve this incredible accolade.

As you enjoy life in one of the luxury villas in Costa Rica, it becomes abundantly clear that this country takes tremendous pride in the natural beauty of its nation. It is fully aware that as informed individuals, we want to engage with a sustainable and unspoiled paradise that is at one with its natural environment.

The Rich Coast

Costa Rica is indeed a Rich Coast – not the gold that the greedy Conquistadores saw all those centuries ago but in the miles of clear and golden sandy beaches. The gold is found among the cloudy tip tops of the lush rain forests, in each delicious sip of coffee, poured to perfection. You can enjoy big game fishing, hikes into the hills, bird watching, maybe catch sight of a big cat or a chattering monkey. It’s all there waiting for you. At Exceptional Villas we hold the key to this magical and marvellous world. We are waiting to unlock the very best of Costa Rica for you.

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