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Ellen Van Waveren

Marketing Executive
Ellen Van Waveren

After quite a long stint in the corporate world, when working as Marketing and Events Manager for an international Law Firm, Ellen van Waveren decided to jump ship and join the Luxury Hospitality industry, over 17 years ago.

Being the daughter of a Dutch father and a German mother but born in Argentina, she has the word "travel" imprinted in her DNA. She has lived in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy (a few times!).

In 2018 she decided to try greener pastures, and never greener than her choice of Ireland and the town of Kenmare, where Exceptional Villas’ headquarters are located.

Ever since she joined the ranks of the travel industry, Ellen has worked in the Sales & Marketing Departments of 5-star luxury hotels in South America and Europe. In those roles she has travelled extensively to destinations as far as North, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Northern Africa, and as near as Continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

Her experiences abroad have helped her become a good listener and an avid learner of new cultures and languages, good traits when matching a luxury product that will best suit a particular guest.

"As a newcomer to Exceptional Villas, I am excited to learn more about all the facets that this amazing luxury travel industry has to offer. I found myself immersed in a world that even though familiar, is new and challenging to me, and I do enjoy a challenge! I could not have found better peers to support me on this journey than the Exceptional Villas team, all driven, hard-working, patient and fun too. Thanks for taking me on board!"

My Favourite Destinations

"I don’t just have one favourite destination; I like them ALL! Each place that I have lived in or visited has made an impression on me one way or another.

Argentina for its vast territories and diverse scenery. Brazil for the "joie-de-vivre" of its people and the "saudade" (longing) that hits you after you are gone. Italy for its food, wine, art and history. Spain for the "tapas" and fun nightlife, and so, on and on I can go… but what makes each place worth visiting, apart from the scenery, is the people you meet and the culture they share with you.

I am so looking forward to what the next one will be!"