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Our clients love that Nevis is a stunning volcanic island in the Caribbean. Nevis is a relatively small island in the Caribbean Sea and our villa experts know every inch of this island. It forms part of the inner arc of the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies. We offer a host of different experiences here and will customize your groups itinerary.

The map of the island covers an area of just 35 square miles and has a population which comprises of 12,000 people. The total circumference of the island is 36 miles and it takes roughly an hour to drive around the whole of the island. Based on our years of villa rental experience, we recommend exploring the whole island during your time here.

This destination is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, lush rain forests, glistening Caribbean Sea fronts, 18th century plantations houses and some of the most luxurious vacation rentals and resorts in the Caribbean. Our team is well acquainted with the island and our local knowledge is unsurpassable.

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Guide to Nevis

We have over 30 years experience in Nevis villa rentals. Our team is well versed in all properties on the island. Nevis is located to the south east of its neighbouring and slightly larger island of St Kitts. Whilst there are some direct flights to the island, getting to Nevis is generally via Robert L Bradshaw international airport in St Kitts. Once you arrive in St Kitts, you can choose between taking a boat to Nevis or a small aircraft.  Our repeat guests know the journey is stunning and you will feel like you are on vacation within minutes of landing. Our concierge department will be happy to make both recommendations and arrangements for your stay.

The island divides naturally into two halves; on the southern part of the map you will find lots of mountains and lush rain forests whilst the north side of the island is home to some stunning Nevis Rentals, luxury hotels, spacious cottages, villa estates, tropical gardens and the main popular beach activities close to the clear turquoise Caribbean Sea. Our global team will provide expert advice on the best location for your group.

This tiny island is truly one of the hidden gems of the Caribbean and one of our client’s favourite Caribbean Islands to explore and spend their holiday in. Of course, it is not entirely unknown as it has had its fair share of celebrities’ visit, but the island is still largely untouched by mass tourism. Despite this, it is glamorous and down to earth in equal measures, with friendly local people, helpful staff and a profusion of luxurious amenities.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the island is the Nevis peak.  At 3232 feet high, it is one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean and consequently the top is often covered by clouds. It is possible to climb up to the top through the rain forest with a guide and once again our concierge department will be happy to arrange it for you. Alternatively, you can just enjoy the peak as a beautiful backdrop whilst you relax close by on one of the beautiful beaches or swim in the clear turquoise seas that surround the island.

The beaches here are truly stunning, with soft golden sands that are rarely overcrowded and offer clean fresh air, as the warm sea breezes skim across your skin. Probably the most well-known of these is Pinney’s Beach in the west, where many of our Nevis villas are located. Our team is constantly inspecting our villas & local beaches to provide you with the best possible recommendations.

For such a small island, there is also an excellent selection of fine dining restaurants to choose from offering a large selection of various cuisines on their menus. Activities are endless in Nevis and here you will find many features and amenities that cater for both adults and children. Our talented concierge team will be happy to make recommendations and bookings for you, ensuring you have all you required.

We are able to compare and contrast all the different elements of this stunning paradise. The island is unique and the villas in Nevis are of an extremely high standard, yet the actual island still features the wonderful charm of a more traditional Caribbean island. Nevis is home to some historical planation’s and a wonderful botanical garden which includes the Caribbean’s largest collection of orchids.

A Nevis vacation can be wonderfully relaxed. One of our clients favourite spots on the island is the cluster of casual beach side restaurants and bars that are located at the end of Pinney’s beach just before the capital of Charlestown. This is a captivating place to stay, where you can eat, dance and party with your friends and the locals of the island. Our favourite and probably the most famous of these spots is Sunshines. The owner who is called Sunshine is quite a legend on the island.  He is often there and serves a “Killer B” rum cocktail which has quite a sting!  The food at sunshine’s is also excellent. It is a great place to spend the day as the beach is just steps away. Sit on the soft sand as you watch the sun ease behind the horizon sipping on your tasty rum cocktail as the nights sky sparks up with stars.

Nevis Vacation

We have some luxury villa rentals to choose from in Nevis. One of our guest favourites is Paradise Beach which is a stunning resort located in the west of Nevis, on the beautiful Pinney’s Beach, the villa comes with a private pool overlooking the azure ocean beyond. We also have an excellent selection of villas located within the luxurious estate at the Four Seasons Hotel and Resort such as Sunset Paradise and Aquarius Villa.

From our experience, staying at the Four Seasons you get to experience the best of both worlds; The privacy of your own home where the bedrooms and expansive living rooms supply you with space and independence to do as you please, plus you will receive 5 star service and you will have access to the incredible facilities at the resorts. The facilities range from delicious restaurants, crisp refreshing pools, a stunning beach, spa, tennis centre, gymnasium and lush golf course.

Paul is our trusted and insightful villa expert for this destination and will help create for you the ideal Nevis vacation.  He has visited many times and has a very expansive knowledge of all the villas we represent on the island. He spends time with each of our customers to ensure that he can help them to select their perfect dream villa. Trust is the cornerstone of what we do and therefore it is very important to us that we find you the perfect villa to rent.

Alex and Paul in Nevis
Alex and Paul in Nevis

Nevis is a quaint island yet offers visitors the opportunity to completely relax or to sample lots of fun-filled activities which our concierge Julie will be happy to arrange for you.  The Exceptional Villas concierge service is complimentary and once you have made your booking, you will be in the very capable hands of Julie who will make any of your vacations requirements prior to your arrival.  She will be able to organise such things like meet and greet, VIP arrival and departure lounge access, car hire, ground transportation and a host of other tours and exciting things to do and see.

Put simply, a luxury Nevis vacation can offer you a relaxed tropical paradise or a fun-filled adventurous vacation the choice is yours. You have also come to the right place as we are the number one villa rental company on Trust Pilot.

If you would like to book one of our villas in Nevis, please contact our team of villa experts for the best rates or browse our site to see our many luxury destinations in the Caribbean.

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