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Kyra Currie

Guest Service Specialist
Kyra Currie

Kyra is a member of the Concierge Team at Exceptional Villas and is dedicated to ensuring you have a trip of a lifetime, by making your travel dreams come true.

Kyra is passionate about travel and has lived in Canada and Australia before settling back in Ireland. Some of her favorite travel destinations include Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, Singapore, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Mexico.

With a background in marketing and advertising and specifically leading travel projects for Tourism Scotland and The City of Sydney she brings expertise and passion to the team.

Kyra is passionate about people and offering outstanding customer service to ensure every guest has a truly special and unforgettable trip.

A Guest Service Specialist at Exceptional Villas is responsible for all aspects of putting together the “experience” of a lifetime, anticipating and catering to guests’ needs from start to finish.