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If you'd like to book a villa or need some advice, our specialist team is ready to help.

We offer a full concierge service helping you find the perfect destination & villa.

Prepare to enjoy your luxury vacation of a lifetime!

Phone Menu Options

Don't want to have to listen to all of our menu options when you call us? Our options are listed below. When you call us, press the appropriate number on your phone to get to the right villa expert.

We are here to help plan a memorable vacation just for you, our team of trusted experts have been to each destination, they know the villas intimately and have stayed in almost all of them. Our team are passionate about travel and are on hand to give their best advice and coordinate your trip to ensure it is the best vacation you ever had!

Main Menu
Option Number Department
1Inquiries and Reservations
3Villa Specialists
Option Number For Region
1Caribbean, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii
3United States
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Reservations: Caribbean, Costa Rica,Mexico, Hawaii
Option Number For Region
1Barbados, The Grenadines
2Turks and Caicos, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica
3Cayman Islands, Anguilla, St.Barts, St.Martin, Mexico
4Antigua, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico
5Nevis, St Kitts, St.Lucia, Grenada, Hawaii
7All other Regions and General Enquiries
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Reservations: Europe
Option Number For Region
1Greece, Switzerland
3Spain, Croatia
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Reservations: United States
Option Number Concierge
4The Hamptons
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Concierge Team
Option Number Concierge
1Julie Kirby
2Noreen Harrington
3Sinead Fitzgibbon
4Elaine Donoghue
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Villa Specialists
Option Number For Specialist
1Yvonne Mulvaney
2Elaine Dillon
3Sean Walsh
4Paul O'Sullivan
5Corina Van Deventer
6Niamh McCarthy
7Linda Browne
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