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Exceptional Villas has over 30 years experience in the luxury villa rental business. Our guests love the chic and laidback style of a vacation in any of our villas in Anguilla. This slender Caribbean island – a mere 16 miles long - has earned Anguilla's place at the top of the most desirable island destinations in the world.

From the privacy of any of the Long Bay Villas Anguilla is famous for, you can access over 30 unspoiled and uncrowded beaches. Beyond the terrace of your luxurious property, you will enjoy exploring all the treasures of this pretty island. Our global team is well versed in offering all the luxury Anguilla villas in our portfolio.

Having visited the destination many times, our team has the professional expertise to match you with the perfect villa. With no high-rise developments to mar your flawless horizon and an absence of mass tourism, this gorgeous corner of the Caribbean has retained its natural perfection wrapped in a 21st Century package. From our experience, Anguilla is one of the top Caribbean destinations.

Guide to Anguilla


Anguilla has a relaxed chic vibe with the warmest hospitality and our guests experience lifetime memories here. You will find the island has some of the Best Caribbean beaches including 33 stunning barefoot beaches, without any high-rise hotels, cruise ships, casinos, or shopping centers.

Fantastic, consistent weather with a soft Trade Wind breeze is part of the Anguilla package, so you can comfortably enjoy plenty of water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and boogie boarding. Our complimentary concierge team has extensive knowledge of all the local activities.

Fabulous local cuisine and luxurious villas combine to create your dream vacation. If you are looking to party all night, then Anguilla may not be for you, but they have a few fun spots to check out around Sandy Ground.

If you like an understated glamorous feel to your vacation as well as being close to flawless natural surroundings, Anguilla is the perfect destination for you. Our team travels extensively around Anguilla and will uncover the ideal location for you.

Above all, Anguilla has some of The Best Villas in The Caribbean. Some of our favourites are Cerulean Villa, Ani Villa Anguilla and Kishti Villa on Meads Bay



Our team is here to provide the advantages & disadvantages of when to visit Anguilla. When you visit is a matter of taste. If you would like to see the island at its most vibrant, the atmosphere of the high season, December to April, is perfect. You'll also enjoy the best weather.

If you are keen on a more sedate experience in any luxury villas Anguilla has to offer then we recommend you choose April to August which offers fewer travelers.

If you enjoy being part of some of the island’s annual events, you can enjoy the picturesque Anguilla sailing regatta in mid-May when the white sails of yachts dot the blue horizon.

Anguilla Summer Festival in late July/early August is a multi-faceted celebration of music and pageants. The whole island gets involved. As a rule, although September and October offer great rates to visitors, many of the restaurants are closed.


Miami is one of the major cities that fly direct to Anguilla, with American Airlines now offering the service.

You can connect from other locations in the US and Canada via San Juan or St Martin. American Airlines, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, Spirit, and United all offer flights.

If you are traveling from Europe, Air France, British Airways, Condor, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic offer connections via St Martin, San Juan, or Antigua.

Our concierge team can also organize a private air charter from San Juan directly to Anguilla (AXA) with Tradewind.


The quickest way to get to Anguilla is by air. Our knowledgeable complimentary concierge team are always on hand to assist with your flight questions. Clayton J Lloyd International Airport welcomes direct flights from Miami and key Caribbean hubs like San Juan, Antigua, and St Martin.

In addition, the runway on Anguilla is long enough to accommodate most private jets.

By water, there’s an excellent ferry service from nearby St Martin that will get you to Anguilla within 30 minutes.


The ferry ride from St Martin to Anguilla takes 30 minutes. You can fly into St Martin and get the public or private ferry over to Anguilla. The public ferry operates three times daily between the two islands.

The current rate is US$30 for adults and children 12 and older. Children under 12 are currently US$20 (this price is subject to change).

Our Concierge Team will be delighted to organize a private transfer, and we can provide a quote on request.


You can use US dollars in Anguilla. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the local currency unit, but US Dollars are accepted.

You will be pleased to find that Credit Cards are widely accepted too, but for some smaller vendors and tipping, we recommend you have some cash to hand.

There are many ATMs throughout the island, but we recommend withdrawing funds by Friday if staying over the weekend. This is based on our years of villa industry experience.


The pros and cons of when to travel are all listed here. The best time to travel to Anguilla is November to May. Temperatures are in the 80s, and there is very little rain. The high season starts in mid-December and runs through to mid-April. The weeks just before and after this period can be quieter with the weather still blissful.

May to August will see more humid conditions. Hurricane season is in September and October and are months when a lot of hotels and restaurants choose to close. Anguilla is one of the Caribbean islands that sees the least rainfall overall.

If you fancy reading more, take a look at The Weather in the Caribbean and The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean.


We have intimate local knowledge to recommend the best beaches for your group. The northern side of Anguilla has the best beaches, including the two ends of the island. So, whether you enjoy the gorgeous award-winning Shoal Bay East towards the NE end of Anguilla, Meads Bay Beach towards the SW end, or the gorgeous Long Bay Beach or Sandy Ground in between, with 33 beaches to choose from, you will enjoy exploring your options.

Read more about Meads Bay Villas and Long Bay Villas.

Although all the beaches on the island are public, they are relatively uncrowded and unspoiled.

The standard is pretty sweeps of sand backed by coconut palms, unfurling by crystal clear aquamarine water.

You will also find some of the beaches have interesting coral rock formations that make them exciting destinations for kids who like to explore rock pools.


The documents required for entry into Anguilla are a passport valid for the duration of your visit. You will also need a return travel ticket.

You will need to clear Customs and Immigration at either the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal (if arriving by Ferry) or at Clayton J Lloyd International Airport (for air passengers). Customs and Immigration are available at Sandy Ground if you arrive by private boat.

The United Kingdom governs the island, so no visa is required by UK travelers. In addition, several countries like the USA, Canada, some Caribbean countries, and all European nations do not require a visa to visit Anguilla.

You can apply online through the Anguilla visa portal for individuals who require a visa, with applications processed within 3-5 working days.

Travelers are required to pay a departure tax. The rates, payable in cash or by card, are:

  • US$36 for adults and children 12 years and older
  • US$23 for children 5-11 years
  • $11 for children 2-4 years
  • $8 for children 0-1 years.


To ensure you get the best out of your trip to Anguilla, we recommend you book a 4 x 4 to use while on the island. Although the island is small at only 16 miles long and about 3.5 miles wide, it is pretty spread out. Our reliable concierge team will book your car rental for you to make for a flawless trip.

You will find some unpaved roads that underscore the island's unspoiled nature, so a sturdy car will make your island exploration so much easier.

Drivers should note that they drive on the left in Anguilla.


It takes about 45 minutes to drive around Anguilla. In that time, you can journey from one end of Anguilla to the other.

But with so many tempting distractions on your journey, you'll probably stop numerous times to explore a deserted beach, maybe take a break for some delicious food, or just grab a stunning photograph.

There's just so much to captivate as you travel across Anguilla. Having visited the destination many times, we will provide you with endless local recommendations.


You will need a plug adaptor for Anguilla for outlet type A. Anguillan voltage is 110V. US travelers can use all their devices as the voltage is virtually the same (the US being 120V). As well, the outlets for the US match the configuration of the Anguilla plugs.

For UK travelers, it is a different experience. As Anguilla’s voltage is significantly lower than the UK's 230V, getting a Step-Down Voltage Convertor is advisable.

Although many phone chargers automatically convert voltage, check each cable to ensure you will not damage your device.


The language of Anguilla is English.


Anguilla is safe. In fact, it is considered one of the safest islands to visit, not just in the Caribbean but in the world.



Our unbiased and expert opinion is that Anguilla is known for its chic and laidback style. You will find it's an exclusive destination that welcomes visitors who enjoy a high-end yet low-key beach vacation. Honeymooners, families, and nature lovers enjoy the clear, warm waters that encircle Anguilla with its 33 beaches offering something unique.

In fact, Anguilla is one of The Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations.

Fine dining is also a key part of the Anguilla experience. Although you might enjoy having your staff manage your dining requirements in any gorgeous property, dining out is not to be missed.

Romantic views, and easy ambiance are on the menu at all the restaurants around the island.


Justin Bieber spent a memorable vacation at the Beach House in Meads Bay. This location has some of the best vacation rentals in Anguilla that are very self-contained but with access to the gorgeous beach of Meads Bay.

Justin enjoyed the freedom to walk along the beach without intrusion – yet another reason why Anguilla has become one of the preferred celebrity destinations in the Caribbean.


Anguilla's exclusive yet laidback vibe makes it one of the most popular celebrity destinations. Leonardo di Caprio, Paul McCartney, and Sandra Bullock, to name but a few, have visited the island to enjoy the many luxury properties that Anguilla offers. Denzel Washington loved the island so much that he bought a home there.

You will find an outstanding level of privacy in Anguilla. Spacious rentals provide a luxurious environment to decompress, while the quieter beaches allow celebrities to enjoy all the trappings of a traditional beach vacation without intrusion.

It's not unusual to see famous faces enjoying a casual lunch at one of the cute beach shacks. The culture of Anguilla gives everyone the space and privacy to simple be.


Really what makes Anguilla unique is probably how underdeveloped the island is. Please don't mistake this as meaning it's basic. Hardly. It's more to do with the fact that Anguilla offers the perfect antidote to the madness of built-up, crowded, hectic global vacation experiences that have become far too commonplace. Luxurious villas for rent in Anguilla are spacious.

They occupy large footprints that allow for privacy. Local planning laws have kept hotels and resorts at manageable sizes, with buildings rarely going above the fourth floor.

There are no cruise ships docking, flooding the island with day trippers. Anguilla feels like a private club, where anyone lucky enough to be staying at any of the Anguilla luxury villas can enjoy the pleasures of the island with ease.


Our complimentary concierge team are able to organize all of your things to do in Anguilla. One of our top recommendations is to take the 10-minute boat trip out to Sandy Island. This gem-like island has a cute restaurant bar and a fabulous beach. It's one thing you will not want to miss.

From beachside grilled fish at Sunshine Shack on Rendezvous Bay to Mango's in Barnes Bay, you'll have a tasty side of ocean views served with the best ingredients.

The celebrated dining in Anguilla is a heady fusion of European, African, and Caribbean cuisine. You'll find a wide variety of restaurants for such a small island, offering both high and low dining options.


Snorkeling, diving, and any iteration of water sports are a fun part of the Anguilla experience. In fact Anguilla has some of The Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean and many popular diving sites.

You'll be pleased to find that many of the Anguilla villas come with snorkels, paddleboards, sea kayaks, and beach toys. So, you can mastermind your daily activities for yourself and your family.

If you're keen to explore beyond the stretch of beachy perfection in front of your villa, EV can arrange a skippered boat to tour the island's coastline.

Sweet coves, perfect dive spots, and comprehensive insider knowledge from your captain will give you another perspective on Anguilla.


Cycling in Anguilla is a no-brainer. The island's topography with minimal hills makes this a cyclist's dream. Some routes you can take are along quiet roads parallel to beautiful beaches.

If the luxury villas in Anguilla don't already have bikes for you to use, there are some great hire shops on the island. You can rent a professional road or mountain bike at daily rates and join some bike tours that will take you on a 10/20-mile circuit through some of the pretty districts of Anguilla.

If you fancy your credentials in the saddle, check out some of the competitive Anguilla Road Races. The Anguilla Cycling Association hosts the John T Memorial Cycling Race each July. It attracts cyclists from all over the Caribbean and is one of the island's celebrated events.


The Champion of Champions boat race around the island takes place in August. All the winners of the various regattas throughout the Spring and Summer battle to win the crown.

You will find all the regattas involve barbecues, music, and dancing when the intrepid crews of the schooners come back to shore. Just another family-friendly party you'll enjoy in Anguilla.


The Anguilla Cup awarded at the annual tennis championship in November is memorable. Locals and visitors watch some world-class tennis in the perfect surroundings of the Anguilla Tennis Academy.

If you like your sport dialed back to something more cerebral, you can enjoy a strategic game of dominoes. Or better yet, watch locals unwind in the evenings with a tot of rum under a shady tree with a lazy game of dominoes.

If you would like to read more, take a read of our blogs on How to Spend a Week in Anguilla and the top things to do in Anguilla


"Moving forward my travel friends will always use Exceptional Villas"

This was my 1st time using Exceptional Villas I will be the 1st to say this will not be my last time! Elaine was a very valuable key in all the communications and arrangements. The app is a phenomenal tool for you and your guest. Moving forward my travel friends will always use Elaine at Exceptional Villas. Thank you so much” – Alan Curtis

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We have over 30 years experience in Caribbean luxury villa rentals and we are truly masters of this destination. One of the main reasons you should book with us is our level of expertise. For decades we've introduced our valued customers to their dream vacations.

The depth of knowledge our Sales and Concierge Teams have not just for the beautiful island of Anguilla but all of the other Caribbean destinations is unsurpassed.

Niamh is our Villa Expert for Anguilla and she is also able to help with our St Barts Villas, Cayman Island Villas, and our Villas in St Martin.

Our specialist Anguilla team has visited the island and familiarized itself with the beautiful properties in our portfolio.

First-hand experience of how to get to and from Anguilla coupled with well-established relationships with key service providers on the island means that when you book with us, you tap into a wealth of knowledge.

Anguilla is as beautiful as it is serene. Relaxation and fun rarely come in such a divine package. It's time to let us unwrap this gift for you.