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Anguilla Villas
Zenaida Beach & Tennis, Sandy Hill
Four Seasons Resort Anguilla, Barnes Bay
Zenaida Beach & Tennis Estate, Sandy Hill
Sand Villa, Long Bay
Villa Kishti, Black Garden Bay

Anguilla Villas

Staying on the idyllic island of Anguilla provides guests with a tropical, high-end vacation like no other. This island is more complex to get to, as currently no large commercial planes are allowed to land on island, only smaller aircrafts such as a 9-seater with the Anguilla Air Services.

As a result, the island is quite a luxury to travel to, and services are tailored to be high end. The Villas in Anguilla are private, spacious and extraordinarily luxurious, including a profusion of amenities.

The villas on island are laced along the coast with soaring ocean views. In the West End you will also enjoy incredible views of the neighboring island, St Martin.

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Anguilla Rentals

Villas in Anguilla

Many of the Villas in Anguilla are open plan and enjoy a sense of island living whereby the interiors blend seamlessly onto the sun terrace. This invites the gentle warm sea breeze to float through your villa, as you as soak in the panoramic turquoise views.

Anguilla Beachfront Rentals

Our Anguilla Beach House is the perfect example. This villa is based right on the popular white sand beaches, Meads Bay. The villa was recently visited by Justin Bieber who spent his Christmas and New Year celebrations in this sensational property.

The villa opens out onto a pristine terrace with a private pool as well as an elevated lounge terrace, perfect for watching the sunsets over the horizon.

Round Rock Estate, is a stunning villa offering up to six modern and spacious bedrooms and can be rented at a lesser bedroom rate. The 3-bedroom main house, one-bedroom guest cottage and two-bedroom cottage is perfect for large groups or couples wanting their own space.

It is also a great choice for extended families. This modern and open plan villa has some of the best views of the of St Martin and the Caribbean Sea beyond.

Luxury Anguilla Villas

One of the most ultra-luxe Anguilla Villa rentals we offer is our Ani private Estate. This is a sensational 10-bedroom estate that can also be rented as a 6- or a 4-bedroom property.

Triton Villa Anguilla

The estate acts as a mini resort, exclusively for your use and indulgence. The villa is all inclusive with full staff and a half board meal menu (this is because there are so many great places to eat, many guests wish to dine outside of the villa for dinner or lunch).

Inclusions include free-flow beverages (premier spirits, wines, cocktails, soft drinks & juices), daily massages and treatments, beach butler service on Little Bay (a secluded Beach next to the villa), watersports, laundry, high-speed Wi-Fi, unlimited TV/movies on Netflix, and your very own fitness center, tennis court, event pavilion, ceremony platform, and golf carts.

Our Anguilla Team

We only feature the most luxurious Anguilla Villas. Our team of island experts have inspected each of these homes to ensure they meet the highest standards, for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Our Anguilla Villa Rental expert would be delighted to help you find the perfect Anguilla villa catered to your requirements. There are many villas on the beach and these are some of the most sought-after Anguilla Villas.

Complimentary Concierge

When you book your very own luxury Anguilla Villa with us, a full complimentary concierge service is provided. Our knowledgeable concierge will be able to help arrange your trip from start to finish which makes planning everything so much easier.

Our concierge can help organize car rental, restaurant reservations, activities, grocery pre- stock at your Anguilla villa prior to arrival, chef service, arrangements for special occasions and much more.  All you need to do is sit back and relax.

We look forward to welcoming you to the dreamy Caribbean island of Anguilla and to our luxury Vacation rentals in Anguilla.

Caribbean's best kept secrets

Want to know one of the world’s best kept secrets? This small, secluded and exclusive island of Anguilla is by far one of the most sensational and naturally beautiful islands perched in the Caribbean Sea.

Many celebrities retreat to this island for its tranquility and peaceful atmosphere and it is no doubt that this island provides some of the most incredible Anguilla Vacation rentals.

This undisturbed oasis is unlike any other tropical destination; lush with vivacious land, fringed with pristine white sand and hugged by the shimmering turquoise sea. Anguilla is a secret worth sharing.

Why visit Anguilla?

Nestled away in the Caribbean, this tranquil paradise is known for its 33 pristine white sand beaches and laid-back way of life. The island has a diverse and exciting range of activities providing endless experiences to the discerning traveler.

The island welcomes families, friends, couples, solo travelers and business folk alike. The locals are incredibly friendly and welcoming to any guests who stay on their beautiful island.

Anguilla villas

From stunning Anguilla Villas, world famous beaches, clean turquoise water, friendly locals, sizzling BBQ food and vibrant beach bars, to the luxurious island lifestyle – Anguilla is one of the most exclusive Caribbean destinations to travel to. Kick back, relax and take yourself away from the bustle of everyday life and find time just for you!

Nature lovers paradise

Although the island provides many incredible Anguilla vacation rentals and high-end resorts, the land is still protected and preserved to maintain its surreal and dream-like, natural state.

If you are a nature lover then Anguilla is a destination for you. The land here is mainly level, low-lying with no mountains and is laced with limestone, coral, salt ponds and tropical vegetation. There is a long-established program to protect the sea turtles and Anguilla has six dedicated marine parks within her waters.

Explore the Big Spring Cave or the natural reserves of the East End Pond to experience wildlife and incredible geographical forms. Wildlife here mainly consists of the sea turtles, lobsters, land reptiles and many bird species.

Anguilla Beaches

Beaches here are some of the best worldwide. Fringed by a total of 33 beaches and surrounded by smaller offshore islets, the island offers plenty of incredible spots to explore and relax.

Some of the most popular beaches on the island would have to be Shoal Bay East, Barnes Bay, Long Bay Beach, and Meads Bay. With that said, each of the 33 beaches offers silky golden or white sand and provides sensational ocean views. Let your eyes drink in the endless hues of blue.

Anguilla Beaches

To read more about the best beaches in Anguilla, read our blog.

Beaches range from long stretches of golden or white sands overlooking the glimmering Sea, to secluded coves hidden like secret treasures along the coast.

One of the best private beaches is Little Bay, which is tucked away near our most exclusive Anguilla Vacation rentals – Ani Villa. You could spend hours on these powdery shorelines, overlooking the sea or swimming in the crystal-clear water.

Sandy island

For one of the best off the beaten track beaches then look no further then Sandy island. This small secluded haven is based right off the coast of Anguilla, in the Caribbean Sea.

To get to the island, locals and visitors make their way to Sandy Ground beach where they then take a short 5-10-minute boat ride out onto the Sea. The boats pull up to the island where you hop off into the water and walk up onto the island, which describes itself as a 360-degree beach. The island is home to an iconic Anguilla restaurant.

Note: When spending time on Anguilla’s stunning beaches and in the Sea, it is good to note that since the island has many protected reefs, it is common courtesy to use eco-friendly sunscreen.

Many sunscreen brands have chemicals that are toxic to some fish and coral larvae as well as making the coral reef vulnerable to bleaching. Protect yourself and the islands natural harmony by using coral friendly/eco-friendly sunscreen.

Anguilla Culture

Anguillan's are incredibly friendly both to guests and to one another. This close-knit society has formed due to the size of the island.

The main economic income for the islanders revolves mainly around tourism. Fishing is the traditional livelihood, however with the increase of breathtaking Villas in Anguilla and high-end resorts, the island is growing in popularity within the travel sector.

The Wonderful people

The people here are a proud and resilient. The locals embrace some of their British influences and embrace some of the more traditional British holidays for example the Queen’s birthday on the 13th of June and Boxing Day on December 26th.

Anguillan's are also proud of their African heritage. Their culture is recognized and celebrated on events such as May 30th Anguilla Day (the start of the Anguilla Revolution) and August 1st Emancipation Day, (when slavery was abolished in the British Caribbean).

The Restaurants

Anguilla is an island that tantalize the taste buds with memories of mouth-watering local dishes, freshly caught fish and shellfish. The island offers a huge variety of places to dine. It proudly boasts award winning chefs that offer sophistication, elegance and the most creative cuisine that uses all the fresh local flavors from the island to create memorable dishes.

If you prefer fine dining, then Anguilla also offers its fair share of excellent restaurants to choose from. Perched along the coast and inland amongst the tall swaying palm trees, the island provides a high standard of sophisticated cuisine.

Anguilla Restaurants

One such place is the well-known Hibernia Restaurant Art Gallery. This cottage restaurant is in the East End of Anguilla and is nestled in amongst Zen gardens. The ocean views are stunning and overall, the atmosphere is serene. Enjoy the Balinese styled surroundings and small intimate setting. The food here is inspired by the many mouth-watering tastes of Asia, fused with French cuisine.

Another great find is none other than Ember. This incredible local restaurant was opened in 2018 by Chef Marc Alvarez using a simple approach to create sensational food. The technique is to cook food using live fire. Both local and seasonal products are used in Chef Marcs delicious wood fired cuisine which is tinged in smooth smokey flavors. The restaurant is located in The Valley and overlooks the sea.

If you are searching for some five-star exotic flavors, then our concierge service can arrange a meal at restaurant Veya. Enjoy this serene setting as it is surrounded by landscaped gardens and lush topical vegetation.

The restaurant has a cocktail bar on the first level called Meze, which is perfect for a drink before dinner. Making your way upstairs, the tables are arranged along a wraparound porch. This open plan layout creates a relaxed island style dining experience. The owners/chefs here call the food “cuisine of the sun” and includes exotic flavors from around the world.

It is by far one of the best islands in the Caribbean for food. From beach shacks to high-end fine dining, Anguilla is a true gourmet paradise.

Anguilla Beach Bars

Starting on the tranquil white sand beaches, along these shorelines are a plethora of colorfully painted, open beach bars. Enjoy listening to the waves roll in with your feet in the sand, while your food is sizzling on the smoky barbecue.

As you sip on cool tropical juice or sweet rum punches you will also be entertained by live reggae tunes. As you relax here you can begin to experience Anguillan life and culture through the food and speaking with the friendly locals. Music is a big part of Anguillan culture and any night of the week or weekend during the day you can find somewhere to experience Anguillan talent. Calypso, reggae, jazz – whatever gets you in the mood!

Our villa specialists have travelled to the island and experienced some of the best beach shacks on island. From the popular shores of Meads Bay to the secluded Savannah Beach.

Sandy Ground Dining

Sandy Ground offers plenty of fun bars and restaurants including the famous Elvis’s Bar – an old boat converted into a cool beach bar. Best known for its delicious rum punches, fruity cocktails and beers, this beach bar is not to be missed.

Blanchard’s Restaurant is another Beach Shack and the food here offers a variety to choose from, including salads, soup, sandwiches, fries, burgers, tacos, ice cream, shakes, desserts and smoothies. If you are looking for something with more seafood and BBQ goodness, then stroll on down to ‘Sunshine shack’. This BBQ shack serves the most tender dishes which are mainly whole lobsters, fish, chicken or ribs.

South East Anguilla

For a more local and ‘off the beaten track’ beach shack, then make your way along the south eastern end of Anguilla where one of the main attractions of this underdeveloped coastline is hidden. Junks Hole and Savannah Bay would be two of the more secluded beaches on island.

Here you will find Nat’s Palm Grove restaurant, which serves food that is ‘par excellence’. Note: Try the Rum Punch, it is delicious!

Anguilla boat racing

As mentioned, Anguillans are linked with their traditional livelihood of fishing. Due to the location being in the Caribbean Sea it is no wonder the community has not strayed from the boat-building industry.

Boat racing is a national pastime and many of the Caribbean islands have strong passion for such water sports. The most celebrated and popular Boat Racing competition is held on Anguilla Day (May 30). Beautiful hand-crafted boats are set onto the glimmering sea, taking off from Sandy Ground.

Spa and wellness in Anguilla

In our everyday lives, there comes a time when we all need space to relax and unwind. Spa retreats provide you with just that. Spa destinations are becoming more and more popular as our lives grow more connected.

Therapeutic massage and treatments offer you the headspace to calm your thoughts and allow your body the time it needs to revitalize. Anguilla is just the island for allowing yourself space to enjoy these therapeutic and wellness retreats.

Anguilla Spa

The islands atmosphere itself acts as a ‘de-stressor’, and an escape. How can you possibly find stress under the bold blue sky and warm sun.  Several resorts on island have full spa services with sensational packages and healing treatments for you to avail of.

The Four Seasons, is an incredible resort located along Meads Bay Beach, one of the best Caribbean beaches. Here you can soak in the panoramic Sea Views while indulging in one of their signature wellness packages. Treatments include salt scrubs, massages, skincare, manicure and pedicures, hair care, as well as bridal and cosmetic services.

Malliouhana spa, part of the Malliouhana resort, is another wellness center. This newly built spa is one of the islands best kept secret treasures. The spa here has six treatment rooms as well as a tranquil infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The full-service salon offers a variety of services as well as a private fitness center.

There are also a few independent spa facilities such as Malakh Day Spa. This spa mainly offers treatments on the sandy shoreline of Shoal Bay Beach (East).  Enjoy the various spa services, including massage, reflexology, pedicures, facials and body wraps. They can work with group bookings at the spa, or arrange the spa treatments in one of your very own Anguilla Vacation rentals.

Yoga in Anguilla

Yoga in Anguilla and meditation offer other forms of relaxation, using breathing techniques and exercises combined with gentle or complex stretches. Our concierge team can arrange for your very own yoga instructors to teach yoga classes in our Anguilla Villas.

Festivals in Anguilla

Anguilla is a Caribbean island that allows Art and Creativity to thrive and prosper. From music, Dance, art and literature - the island embraces each creative form. The island embraces creative expression and lets it thrive by celebrating each art.

Celebrations take place throughout the year. Some of the main festivals include the Moonsplash Festival and Festival del Mar.

The Moonsplash Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the Eastern Caribbean. The famous Anguillan musician Bankie Banx has traditionally hosted this event for over 25 years.

Live reggae music is trickled over the land, bringing the island to life in March/April when the full moon rises over the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay.

Each Easter, Festival Del Mar celebrates all things from the sea. The sea in Anguilla is an important aspect of everyday life from food source, travel, to sports and fun.

The event is run over 2 days and celebrates by hosting traditional cooking and culinary competitions, fishing competitions, swimming races, and of course laced with live reggae tunes! The event takes place in the peaceful fishing village of Island Harbour.

Turquoise waters

Anguilla offers a unique dream to the discerning traveler, one that serves endless luxuries and natural hidden treasures. Surround yourself with the purest turquoise waters, find seclusion on an empty beach or stay in one of the luxurious Anguilla Villa rentals.

Take a step out of your daily rut and enjoy a few days saturated in bright blue skies as you lounge under the warm sun. Let the waves wash away your worries as you discover this tranquil paradise.

Where is Anguilla?

Anguilla is one of the most northerly of the Leeward Islands. The island is part of the British Overseas Territory in the Eastern Caribbean. It is very flat and long, which is where the etymology of Anguilla’s name is derived (French word Anguille, meaning ‘eel’). Overall, Anguilla is 26 km in length and 6 km in width.

Anguilla is situated in the British West Indies and is about 160km North West of Antigua,  19 km north of St Martin, 240 km east of Puerto Rico and 100 km Northwest of St Kitts. There is one main road that travels from one end of the island to the other, from the East End to West End.

The capital is The Valley and is where you will find the administrative center of the island. The highest peak on island is recorded to be 73m at Crocus Hill which is west of the Valley.

The location of the island means it enjoys the gentle and mild waters of the Caribbean Sea, while also bordering the Atlantic Ocean towards the East.

Anguilla Climate

The climate here is tropical with the average temperature 80°F/28 °C, with trade winds providing a constant warm breeze. Hurricane season runs from September to November. The climate remains pleasant however the island receives a more rainfall during these months.

The peak season which runs from December to April, is the most popular time to travel due to the infrequent rainfall, average high temperatures, and lush surroundings (as a result of the Hurricane season rainfall).

As the climate becomes more humid between May – August the island enters summer/low season. You will begin to see more rainfall as it gets closer to the hurricane season once more.

To read more about weather in the Caribbean, read our blog.

How to get to Anguilla?

By Air: Anguilla’s international gateway is Clayton J Lloyd Airport. There are no direct schedule international flights to Anguilla, however there are plenty of flights via USA, Canada, South America, UK and Europe.

The main airline gateways are based in Puerto Rico (Luis Munoz International Airport in San Juan), St. Maarten (Princess Juliana International Airport) and Antigua. To see a more detailed list of flight for getting to Anguilla, see our guide.

By sea: Another way to travel to the island is by ferry from one of the neighboring islands. The main port is via St Martin in Marigot into Blowing Point in the West End of Anguilla. You also have a choice of private charter.

Please note: All guests traveling to and from Anguilla must clear Customs & Immigration at the Airport and pay USD$20 airport departure tax.


Snorkeling is one of the most popular water sport activities to partake in. The island is surrounded by colorful coral reefs and is home to many tropical creatures.

Explore cobalt waters that are home to Wahoo, swordfish, marlin, as well as yellow and black fin tuna – to name but a few. Kayak or paddleboard out along the shallow reefs and delve into the underwater world of vibrant sea life. You could also go glass-bottomed kayaking and sailing to islets resting offshore.

Anguilla Watersports

High octane Water Sports

For something with a bit more waves and adrenaline, why not partake in water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, waterskiing, and jet skiing. You can arrange for lessons and guide to take you out onto the water and enjoy hours of fun in the sun.

Anguilla Regatta

If you want to join in some local water sport events, then the Anguilla Regatta is a great place to start. This 3-day event celebrates the islands traditional sailing and national sport, boat racing. The event originated back in 2002.

Since then the competition has grown in popularity and competitors. This fun and exciting event brings sailing enthusiasts from all over the US and Caribbean to its shores. The money raised is put towards teaching sailing to the young boys and girls of Anguilla.

Scuba Diving in Anguilla

Making your way into the deeper waters offshore you can also avail of many other exciting activities such as deep-sea fishing, scuba diving and more snorkeling! Rent or organize a boat excursion as you venture out onto the turquoise Caribbean Sea. For more luxury excursions in Anguilla see our online guide.

By staying in one of our luxury Anguilla vacation rentals, you will have access to our full complimentary concierge service. We can arrange any water sports excursions for you to enjoy. If getting your feet wet is not for you, we could even arrange a romantic sunset cruise, topped with a bottle of champagne as you watch the sun set in paradise.


Golf in Anguilla is a relatively new concept for the island. Before 2013 the only golf on the island was a ‘pitch n putt’ as well as a small golf course in the West End.

The golf course has now been taken over by CuisinArt Golf Course & Spa and has been remade into a breath-taking course, overlooking the Sea and views of St Martin in the distance.

The course is located in Rendezvous Bay and expands across 7,063 yards. Enjoy a day on the Par 72 course immerse yourself in the golf, views and green fairway surrounded by water and native landscaping.

The course was designed by Greg Norman, a world-famous golfer. This 18-hole professional Anguilla golf course is one of the most renowned throughout the Caribbean, listed in the top 10 and complete with a luxury hotel and Anguilla Villas.

Shopping in Anguilla

Shopping in Anguilla exists; however, you need to know where you are going. There is no main area on island to find shopping outlets or streets lined in shops. These do not exist here on this small Caribbean island.

If you are looking for some quaint boutiques you will need to drive as the location varies across East to West End. The island is laced with incredible places to find crafts, art, Jewelry, clothing, souvenirs and watersports gear.

If you are looking for some island styled beachwear, sandals or some Anguillan T-shirts, then the colorful cottage of Irie Life is the place for you. This little shop hold shelves of colorful clothing for men, women and children.

For crafts and jewelry then why not venture to the beautiful Petals Boutique for some dazzling pieces. Another great boutique to find more jewelry and craft is Limin Boutique. You can also find some vibrant and quirky "Dune Jewelry" made from the sand from local beaches, and sea-salt body scrubs.

If you are looking for designer shops, then Anguilla is not the place! However, the good news is that a short boat trip from Blowing Point over to St Martin into Marigot will lead you to labels such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

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