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Overview Of Anguilla

Welcome to Anguilla, one of the most beautiful tropical Islands in the Caribbean. A warm and welcoming island destination tucked away in the northern Caribbean just north of St. Martin and St Barths. Anguilla is mainly flat, the highest point, Crocus Hill, is only 60m above sea level. Its coral base, however gives the island a superb bright white sand and truly spectacular turquoise sea with coral reefs, small inlets and cays. Stretching just 16 miles long by 3 miles wide, Anguilla has some of the finest beaches in all of the Caribbean.

Embraced by unrivaled beauty, gorgeous white sandy beaches and breathtaking calm crystal clear water, the Anguilla lifestyle is casual and easy. Anguilla offers visitors a unique blend of high style and low-key elegance. Simple local life dominates this peaceful island. The island is very safe and has lovely quaint villages, stunning beaches and turquoise sea waters to swim, in addition to some amazing reefs which make for a divers paradise.

The people of Anguilla are what make the island so great. The Anguillan culture of gentleness, graciousness, peace, community and family can been seen throughout your vacation. The Anguillans take pride in their homes and are more than happy to share their delightful paradise with visitors.

It is little wonder that this stunning island is one of the most beautiful and peaceful Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. The mesmerising island of Anguilla along with the friendliness and hospitality of the locals will make your stay an unforgettable one.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation to Anguilla, we have it all.  Exceptional Villas offers only the finest handpicked, personally inspected luxury villas on the Island.  Many of our luxury rental villas come with private pools, housekeepers you’re your very own chef.  Whether you are on your honeymoon, part of a large family group or just looking for a peaceful retreat with friends, Anguilla has it all and you won’t be disappointed!

Map of Anguilla

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Useful Information

Capital: The Valley

Language: English

Time Difference:GMT/UTC -4 hours

Currency: US Dollar and Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Voltage: 110v

Driving: Driving is on the left

Temperature Guide

Anguilla has an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Anguilla enjoys sunny days and sub-tropical temperatures with gentle breezes year-round.

Average monthly temperatures in Anguilla is as follows:

MonthTemp °CTemp °F