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Anguilla Excursions

One of the best ways to enjoy the topical island of Anguilla is to take one of our Anguilla Excursions.

We have a great selection of things to do for all the family.

Contact our Concierge for more information and to make a booking.

Dolphin Discovery

Anguilla is an ideal place for a swim with dolphin's experience!

Dolphin Discovery facilities are located in Blowing Point beach, on Anguilla's southern coast. Just 20 minutes crossing by ferry from St Maarten.

Swimming with Dolphins at Anguilla-St. Maarten will be one of the most exciting things to do in this paradise island. Either you choose the Swim or Encounter program; you will be moved by these incredible animals. Dolphins are sweet and intelligent and they know how to share joy and their charisma with our visitors; they will show you how to have fun on the water!

Dolphin Discovery at Anguilla is an experience that captivates our guests and creates friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Shoal Bay Scuba

Shoal Bay Scuba dive resort center is located in the West End of Anguilla. They offer diverse diving and great snorkeling locations with minimal boat rides of only 15 - 20 minutes. This means that you spend more time in the water and less time riding to and from the sites.

Shoal Bay Scuba are a locally owned and managed full service PADI Dive Resort with over 21 years' experience leading dive groups and teaching PADI courses in Anguilla.


Anguilla offers some great snorkeling both directly from shore and at its off-shore Keys. Shoal Bay Scuba rent snorkel gear both by the day and week.

Six favorite snorkel sites

Shoal Bay East Beach

From the eastern point where the reef touches the beach, snorkeling is really only a footstep away. You follow the reef heading east and follow it around to the North all the way around back to the East. This takes around 40 minutes to do the whole reef. There is also a smaller reef right in front of our shop that is a 20 minute snorkel.

Little Bay

Truly a favourite in Anguilla, two ways to get there either by climbing down the side of the cliff or by boat. There are several options for taking a boat to Little Bay, You stop at this spot as part of our half day Prickly Pear Trip. However when you get there you will fall in love with not only the small beach that offers shade all morning from the high cliffs running along one side, these offer shade till noon. It has fantastic snorkeling that is very protected and offers lots and lots of small fish and baby turtles and stingrays a real gem

Prickly Pear Island and Sandy Island

Every country seems to have places called Prickly Pear and Sandy Island but Anguilla is blessed that both these choices are truly great snorkeling footsteps from the shore and both offer a lovely Sandy Beach where you can spend a few hours and enjoy a great lunch. Both these island are only accessible by boat of which there are a number of options.

Sandy Hill Beach

A great calm beach with good snorkeling and swimming facing St. Martin on the Eastern End of the island, although this beach offers no services, beach bars or shade it’s great for snorkeling along the large inner reef to the right as you face the Ocean with you back to the road. It’s located off the Sandy Hill roundabout and offers snorkeling from 2ft to 40ft. See Southern Stingrays here often.

Pelican Bay

This spot until recently could only be reached by boat but thanks to the Pelican Trail and Water sports, you can now walk directly down to the water’s edge, half way between Crocus Bay and Little Bay it offers very good snorkeling in a calm environment. They also included Pelican Bay snorkel spot as part of our half day snorkel trip to Sandy Island with lunch for 60 USD per person.


Shoal Bay Scuba has a watersports shop open from 8:30am to 5:00pm daily and offer a full range of masks, snorkels, fins, t-shirts, hats, shorts and SPF 50 water shirts.

Shoal Bay Scuba currently offer the following Water Sports Vehicles:

  • Windsurfing (4.7, 5.5 Sails)
  • Sunfish Sailing boats
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards

Prickly Pear Excursion

Want a special day out to a lovely uninhabited cay with a wonderful beach and great food?

This half day snorkel trip is for you! Shoal Bay Scuba offer a scheduled trip every Wednesday and Friday between 1PM to 5PM.

When you arrive Shoal Bay Scuba ask that you place your food order and if snorkel equipment is required, they will correctly fitted you for fins, mask, snorkel and snorkel Vest.

They then whisk you away to Prickly Pear Island.

Upon arrival you sit back and relax on the beach in preparation for your delicious meal which will be served under the shade of the restaurant. After lunch, you are able to explore the island, walk the beach, work on your tan or snorkel from shore as the reef comes all the way to shore.

Then it's back onto the boat and off to Little Bay to snorkel the calm water or for the brave there is a rock that you can climb to 30 ft and then jump off into the water below, please ensure you bring water shoes if you wish to climb the rock.

After that it's time to go home along the coastline for 5:00 pm just in time for a rum punch and a chance to watch the sunset.

Sandy Island Trip

Shoal Bay Scuba offers a half day trip to lovely Sandy Island that leaves every Saturday at 1pm and returns at 5pm for an afternoon of snorkeling and fun with lunch for 60 USD per person.

This trip goes to terrific Sandy Island where you discover beautiful Sandy Atoll. Once there you can grab a drink at the bar or relax on the beach. The food choices are ribs, chicken, ribs/chicken combo, or fish (mahi, snapper or grouper as available)

After lunch, enjoy the beach or great snorkeling from shore then head to Pelican Bay for some more snorkeling.

Fishing Charters

Shoal Bay Scuba currently offer two types of fishing seven days a week.

Deep Sea Fishing on the Thomas B: Recommend 1 to 4 guests. On these charters you can catch bigger fish but are also in open water that can be rough at times. They do not recommend this for children under 12 yrs of age.

Bottom Fishing on either Lady Lou or Thomas B. This is the better option for bigger groups or if you have children under 12. This is because its generally calmer water and rather that watching the rods as you trawl you have your own rod or hand line and fish over the side of the boat with bait. Its generally calmer as closer to shore, great for kids as the fish are smaller and easier for them to handle themselves.

Their primary fishing vessel is a 28ft fiberglass Panga which is designed for off-shore fishing and is called the Thomas B. This vessel under Anguilla's strict commercial vessel safety code is licenced to carry up to 6 passengers.

For the larger groups who wish to bottom fish they have the locally built 34ft vessel called Lady Lou which is licenced to carry upto 12 passengers.

Private Boat Charter

Want to see off-shore keys? Have lunch on deserted beaches? Snorkel the best spots to be found? Have your dream day on the waters around Anguilla? Then the private charter boats are for you.

All the boats conform to all safety standards and requirements in Anguilla for Dive/Charter Vessels is ready and able to meet all your needs. The boats are customized for use in Anguilla.

Sunset Cruise

Want to enjoy a quiet and romantic Sunset on your dream Anguilla vacation?. Then this SUNSET CRUISE is for you!, Anguilla's spectacular sunsets are well known throughout the Caribbean. If you really want to watch the sunset in Anguilla then on the water is the true way to see it.

In order to catch the sunset they depart at around 5:00 pm (depending on the time of year it may vary) heading along the Anguilla Shoreline.

You get to see Anguilla from a totally different perspective enjoying the gentle ocean breeze while watching the sunset drop into the sea. With a bit of island luck, you may be one of the fortunate few to see breathtaking Green Flash along the horizon line.

All the boats offer a canopy to protect you from the sun and a fresh water shower. They also carry drinking water and fruit for you to stay refreshed between snorkeling.

The experienced crew would be delighted to show you that best Anguilla has to offer in secluded off-shore keys, white-sand beaches and crystal blue water. You will soon discover Anguilla; the hidden jewel of the Caribbean.