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Beaches In Anguilla

Anguilla is known for having the best beaches in the Caribbean they are uncrowded and covered in powder-soft white sand. All of Anguilla’s beaches are public, and unspoiled.  Every cove, bay and stretch of sand is marked by unique characteristics, such as rock and coral formations and picturesque tropical plants. In Anguilla, there is a beach to suit all tastes. Whether you want to relax in a hammock soaking up the sun, swim with dolphins, or go water skiing, Anguilla’s beaches have it all.

Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla

Meads Bay

Meads Bay to the West of the island is truly a stunning beach. Meads Bay is an all-time favourite for locals and guests of the island. This is one of Anguilla beaches which are situated in the West End, and is perfect for walks along the water’s edge, as well as sunbathing and water sports! It is the islands widest beach. The beach acts as the epicentre of the high-end luxury scene on Anguilla.

The deep plush sands of Meads Bay are home to some of the most elegant dining and hotel resorts. Sunbathing on this beach is truly paradise. The soft sand is perfect for relaxing while soaking up the sun, and also the sparkling turquoise sea has perfect swimming conditions.

Meads Bay Beach in Anguilla

The sun sets out over the water at Meads Bay toward the west, and it is a soul-soothing sight to see. Don't miss it! Meads Bay is truly one of the most visually impressive, wide and expansive beaches. With so many dining options, it is no wonder it's one of the island's most widely loved, big beaches in Anguilla.

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Barnes Bay

To the west of Meads Bay and Meads Point is Barnes Bay. Barnes Bay offers magnificent sea views and magical sunsets. This is a beautiful stretch of sand with calm water and lined in palm trees. It is one of the best Beaches in Anguilla for watching the mesmerising golden pink sunsets. Nearby is the ultra-luxurious Four Seasons Resort. Barnes Bay is adjacent to Meads Bay, and overall is much smaller however is less crowded than Meads Bay Beach. The beach is based in the West End and is a half-mile in length.

Note: Watch out for the ‘Green Flash’! This is an optical phenomenon that can sometimes happen during sunrise or sunset. If the weather conditions are right a distinct green spot is visible for seconds as the upper edge of the sun rises or sinks beneath the horizon.

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Barnes Bay Beach in Anguilla Caribbean

Black Garden Bay

Blackgarden Bay is one of the least-visited beaches in Anguilla and is therefore relaxing, quiet and calm; the perfect location for a secluded luxury vacation rental. Blackgarden Bay is a small inlet with a pretty sandy beach along the rugged north shore, between Limestone Bay and Shoal Bay. Blackgarden is not easy to find. One way is to go to Limestone Bay, then follow the dirt roads east keeping to the coast.

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Blowing Point

Blowing Point is where the Ferry to St. Martin is located. The beach at blowing point is to the east of the ferry is a working harbour. You will see numerous small ferry boats and fishing boats anchored in the bay, plus fisherman and a 200 yard stretch of sand.Blowing Point beach provides some shade under the sea grape trees and you can stroll over to the ferry terminal bar or to Big Jim's Snack Bar.

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Junk's Hole

One of the highlights of a luxury vacation to Anguilla is its beaches. Junk’s Hole is at the far East of Anguilla and is home the bright fishing boats in the Island Harbour that give visitors the opportunity to witness the fishermen and the sailors of Anguilla at work.

One of the chief attractions of visiting this south eastern end of Anguilla is the very underdeveloped coastline. Junks Hole and Savannah Bay would be two of the more secluded beaches on island. As you stroll between these two charming beaches you will stumble across a small and humble restaurant.

Long Bay Beach

To the east of Meads Bay and Meads Point lies Long Bay Beach. Although the beach can be difficult to locate it is truly worth it when you do. It's so easily bypassed from the road. Even if you are looking for it, it's difficult to find. But just follow the map.

Long Bay Beach in Anguilla Caribbean

The road does not take you right to the beachfront - you'll need to walk down a pathway to the beach. Long Bay is truly a spectacular beach!  The wide stretch of scintillating white sand, the blowing palm trees, and beautiful turquoise waters makes this beach unforgettably unique.

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Rendezvous Bay

Rendezvous Bay is unsurprisingly another fantastic beach on Anguilla. The area is long, wide, sandy and has plenty of shade. There are several restaurants to choose from and always beautiful yachts and sailboats moored nearby. Rendezvous Bay beach is perhaps the best of all Anguilla beaches to walk.

A dreamy, golden-white sandy beach overlooking the Sea, is how best to describe this pretty bay. There’s just so much space! One of the top spots on Rendezvous Bay beach has to be Bankie Banx, Dune Preserve bar.  Named as one of the top beach bars in the world by CNN, the famous reggae artist, Mr Banx, ensures you have a memorable visit to his eclectic bar.

Sandy Ground

Sandy Ground Beach (Road Bay) is one of the best beaches in Anguilla. Getting its name from the tiny village that it’s adjacent to, is one of Anguilla’s most popular beaches for locals and guests of the island.  A long, perfect stretch of silky white sand extends in a long curve with the villages of North Hill and South Hill book-ending the bay.

A long, curved beach lined with cliffs, great restaurants, water activities and a rum factory, what more could you want! This beautiful beach has pristine white sand to lie on while soaking up the sun and a beautiful turquoise sea to swim in. With gorgeous beaches and great snorkelling you are guaranteed to find something to suit all tastes.

Sandy Ground beach is a great place to find some really good restaurants with sea views, outdoor dining, great food and local characters. The beach is home to the famous Anguilla Carnival each year. Sandy Ground Beach is one of the busiest beaches for island boat traffic. These boats coming and going, bobbing out in the sea on their moorings is a beautiful sight. Not to mention the clear-blue, calm waters and hillsides framing the spacious sky!

Sandyground Anguilla Caribbean

Sandy Ground is “the entertainment capital of Anguilla.”  A sleepy village by day, at night the imaginative beach bars, and fun and casual restaurants come alive with music, dancing, parties, boat racing and lively conversation. Sandy Ground is a great spot to go windsurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving, or just hit one of the local bars along the strip, or find a hammock on the beach to relax in!

Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill Beach is located Between The Valley and Junks Hole at East End. Sandy Hill is a wonderful small beach with no restaurants, no hotels, and therefore no signs: Sandy Hill Bay. The protected anchorage provides safety for fish boats and the sandy beach provides gentle swimming for a few nearby residents. The beach is great for snorkelling. The rocky shore to the east towards Sea Feathers also offers good snorkeling. Sandy Hill, overlooking the bay, has several private residences and offer good views of St Martin and St Barths.

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Sandy Island

Sandy Island is a small island just off Anguilla’s Coast and can be seen from Sandy Ground Beach. You can take a 5-10 minute boat ride to the little island from the beach. Sandy Island has as the name describes a beautiful pristine white sandy beach with panoramic views of Anguilla. The Island is visible from the north coast of Anguilla as a glimmer of sand in the distance, and as the boat draws closer you can see palm trees and a green peaked roof come into focus.  The water is a perfect Caribbean turquoise and clear as glass.

Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay to the east of the island is one of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in Anguilla. It is also the most popular beach in Anguilla and is the liveliest on Sunday. If you ever wonder what a ‘best beach in the world’ really looks like, then you will have to visit Shoal Bay to get your answer. The beach is based in the East End of Anguilla and offers over 2-miles of uninterrupted beach splendour. Shoal Bay is a heavenly combination of baby pink powdered sand fringing the ever-changing blues and greens of the Caribbean. This is without a doubt one of the best Caribbean Beaches.

Shoal Bay Anguilla Caribbean

The water here is crystal clear and perfectly safe for swimming. Shoal Bay is a great spot for scuba diving. The Bay is home to some of Anguilla’s best restaurants and beach bars, they vary from classic West Indian shacks to sophisticated bards on the sands. A BBQ at Uncle Ernie’s restaurant and some dancing in local bars are amongst the most popular in Shoal Bay. The sunsets are the main attraction here every night.

Beaches in Anguilla