Costa Rica Honeymoon

Congratulations!  No, not just for your nuptials but for showing the exquisite taste in contemplating a Costa Rica honeymoon.  Clearly, you are informed travelers who are keen on elevating your honeymoon to more than a merely romantic getaway.

After all, what exactly is romance but that unique and unifying combination of quirks that has singled you out for one another.  Undoubtedly, if you are both keen on a honeymoon in Costa Rica, it is yet another confirmation that you are twinned souls, attracted to the same earthly experiences.

So, without further preamble, let’s look at some of the very best romantic Costa Rica vacations with a good splash of Costa Rica luxury honeymoon detail added for good measure.

Who does Costa Rica appeal to?

Viewing this topic purely from a honeymoon perspective, the answer is everyone.

Maybe you are in your 20s or 30s, first timers on the matrimonial merry-go-round.  Perhaps you are eternal optimists who are dabbling in marriage a little later in life, maybe not for the first time.

Whatever your demographic, the beautiful Costa Rica has a multitude of delights to form the ultimate backdrop to one of the most memorable Costa Rica romantic vacations of all time.

To clarify exactly where to stay in Costa Rica, I will run through some of the key attractions that lure like-minded visitors to this unique country.

Beach-tastic Perfection

A honeymoon isn’t a honeymoon unless you are packing a swimsuit.  That’s just my opinion.  Even if it’s to swim in some alpine lake or hot spring surrounded by snow, it just seems to be a key requirement for the ultimate honeymoon experience.

With over 800 miles of coastline divided between the Pacific and Caribbean, you have your choice of over 300 spectacular Costa Rica beaches on which to unleash yourselves.  Reaching from the Pacific coastline in the northwest of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Province all the way to the southwest Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, you can be sure of tropical warm waters and miles of sandy splendor.

With everything from swimming, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding and in some areas incredible surfing, there’s a water-based adventure awaiting you both.

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be gung-ho action.  A few lazy days decompressing on a sun lounger, after the hectic intensity of your wedding, might be just what you need.  Just apply the sunscreen and regular cocktail infusions to maximize the experience!

Honeymoon in costa rica couple hug on sandy beach
Photo by Trần Long from Pexels

For top to toe pampering and relaxation the Four Season Resort, located on the Papagayo peninsula in the Guanacaste province, is an unrivaled choice.  In a two-bedroom villa, a short walk from the amazing Playa Blanca beach, you can access all of the wonderful amenities of one of the best honeymoon resorts in Costa Rica.

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In addition to tennis, golf and horseback riding, you have the expertise of a holistic wellness center that can devise a whole program of massage, diet and meditation that will ensure you return from your honeymoon in a state of Zen bliss.

You can enjoy the privacy of being completely self-contained with your spacious villa overlooking the nearby beaches.  With a kitchen and self-catering amenities, you can experience romantic meals on your own terrace.

If you are keen to socialize, there are six different dining options throughout the resort with free shuttle services to move you about with ease.  If you are looking for Costa Rica honeymoon resorts that deliver high-end services, look no further.

Welcome to the Jungle

Heading due south along the Pacific coastline, we come to my next recommendation.  Aptly named Jungle House, this pretty self-contained residence is located within the Tulemar Resort.  This is a 33-acre nature preserve of luscious rain-forest with immediate access to the pristine perfection that is Tulemar Beach.  The resort has a number of swimming pools, one designated adults only.  A concierge service is on site to ensure you have a truly lovely vacation.

Jungle view from a hot tub in Tulemar resort

The rain-forests of Costa Rica are world-famous.  They contain more species of birds than the entire United States.  This 33 acre reserve is a riot of color with exotic flowering plants and shrubs.  The Jungle House is a very attractive and spacious home for you to use as a base as you explore more of Costa Rica’s natural splendors.

I really love this next property, Villa Oceanis, for a honeymoon couple as there is something rather cute about it.  It has the feel of a castaway’s lodge but with every glorious modern finish you might require.

It just sort of sits into its location, melding with the natural beauty all around.  You can enjoy wonderful privacy by your own pool or make the very sort walk to Playa Blanca to dip into the balmy Pacific.  With some excellent yoga to be found within a short drive, as well as cool cafes and many of the fine restaurants in Costa Rica, there’s more than enough to see and do within a short radius of this romantic hideaway.

Thermal Therapy

There are many positives to having volcanoes on your doorstep.  But let me qualify that by adding, the key term ‘dormant volcanoes’.  Costa Rica has a number of volcanoes that have gifted the country with an amazing scenery, rich and fertile agricultural land and delicious thermal springs.

Thermal spa in the forest
Image by nathanfav from Pixabay

An entire industry has been created around these naturally occurring springs.  As part of your heavenly honeymoon you can spend a day marinading in one of the thermal springs within the Guanacaste province.

Check in for a day of luxurious pampering and extract all of the health benefits from immersing yourself in the warm mineral rich waters.  Stay in any of our Costa Rica villas to take advantage of all that this area has to offer.

White Water Rush

If you like your water a little more invigorating and thrilling, then why not try white water rafting.  You don’t visit a rain-forest without finding plenty of water rushing through the lush hinterlands.

To place yourself within easy access of some of the best white water rafting in Central America, I suggest Sunset Villa, nestled in a private gated community, located on a hill in Manuel Antonia.  The views over the lush forests as well as an expansive vista over the coastline must be seen to be believed.

Sitting by your private pool you can take in the rather apt sunsets each evening.  With the help of Exceptional Villas expert concierge services, we can build a honeymoon filled with interesting and fun activities.  Check out our blog on the top 10 things to do in Costa Rica.

Do as much or as little as you want from this luxurious base.


If you were heading to some chateau in France for your honeymoon, you would be expecting to sleep under some ancient, embroidered canopy draped over a four poster bed.  Well, canopies of a very different style await you in Costa Rica.

The lush tropical rain-forests that cover vast tracts of this country, sweep across mountains and stretch down to the unspoiled beaches.  These evergreen domains are a natural habitat to exotic flora and fauna.  In simple terms, what you might need to visit a zoo to see back home, is living wild in Costa Rica.  Toucans, Macaws, Hummingbirds, and Quetzals make up just some of the gaudier birds that inhabit our planet.

Tree frogs in the brightest reds and greens live alongside the peace-loving Aardvarks and Tapirs.  If you are very lucky you may catch a glimpse of a spectacular Jaguar or its smaller cousin the Margay.

Costa Rica honeymoon couple take selfie in front of forest
Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

With zip-lining canopy tours, designed to allow visitors to glide through the lush green foliage, you will be able to build a truly memorable experience into your vacation.  These canopy tours are designed with minimal impact on the natural world.  Nature is respected and your guides will help you navigate this stimulating and thrilling world in safety.

Costa Rica is the land of the gaucho or cowboy.  You can get out and about on horseback to explore some of the beautiful trails.  If you prefer to keep your feet closer to the ground, hiking is a popular choice.  One of the pretty villas in Las Catalinas is a great place to base yourself if you are keen on hiking and horseback riding.

This pretty coastal town has restaurants, beaches, bars and lots of trails that weave up through the tropical hillsides all around.  There’s a lively social aspect to Las Catalinas that you’ll enjoy dipping in and out of too.

The Riches of the Sea

Not all the riches of the sea end up on the barbecue at your gorgeous luxury villa.  Some of the jewels you will be delighted to see are the various fish and mammals that live beneath the sparkling aquamarine surface of the ocean.

If you leave the confines of the jungle, you should be able to see turtles, exotic fish, dolphins and whales.  The western coastline of Costa Rica has a ring side seat for the Pacific whale migrations.  It’s an unusual month in Central America that doesn’t have whales heading either due north or south through its temperate waters.

Pods of humpbacks use the Costa Rica coastline as a Route 1 to depart the cooling waters of North and South America when their respective winters start to set in.

There are many Eco-tours that Exceptional Villas can book you with so you can safely enjoy watching these remarkable mammals at close range.  All of these tours have reassuringly strict guidelines aimed at avoiding stress for the gentle giants of the sea.

Food, Glorious Food … and drink

And just to step back for a moment to pick up the thread regarding the fertile agricultural lands.  Costa Rica has a climate and soil that is ideally suited to growing almost every species of tropical fruit and vegetable.

You can enjoy luscious meals of locally caught fish or pasture raised meats, with endless platters of the most delicious sides.  The distance from producer to plate is one of the shortest in the world.  In addition to all of this gorgeous food, Costa Rica is globally acknowledged as one of the very best coffee producing regions.

Costa Rica honeymoon couple take selfie in front of forest

Once you’ve enjoyed a local brew, it will spoil you just a little.  The very best coffee you source back home will always be a pale reminder of the Costa Rican gold you sipped as you padded barefoot along your villa terrace.

An Overview

We live in a world that’s become more aware of the importance of protecting our planet.  I’m glad to say that some of the ugly and exploitative vacation experiences of decades ago have mostly all fallen out of favor.  Countries like Costa Rica have wisely understood the value of its natural beauty.  It is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.  That’s a pretty amazing boast for such a compact country.

The nation is committed to providing a safe holiday experience that allows nature to flourish unimpeded while at the same time ensuring visitors leave with the knowledge their trip is helping maintain and protect natural habitats.  With the intention of being a carbon neutral nation by 2021, Costa Rica is leading the way in which countries can offer sustainable vacations where everyone wins.

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How better to spend your honeymoon than being part of a great vacation revolution.  Come and see for yourself and be part of the remarkable journey of this unique and welcoming nation.  It is a known fact that most couples revisit their honeymoon destination at least once more during their lifetimes.

How better to guarantee another trip to the mesmerizing Costa Rica then to step into the world of Exceptional Villas to book your honeymoon and embrace the romance of it all!

Unsure where to start…

For an in-depth conversation about your specific honeymoon requirements, why not call one of our Costa Rica sales experts.  With personal knowledge of the properties and provinces of Costa Rica, we will be delighted to create a bespoke honeymoon experience for you both.  Guiding you to the most suitable accommodation for your needs and unlocking some of the hidden treasures of the spectacular Costa Rica.


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