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Destination Highlights

St George's

St George’s, the capital of Grenada, is definitely well worth a visit. The harbor area is considered to be one of the most, if not the most, picturesque in the Caribbean. The town itself is rich in culture as a result of its French and British Colonial past as well as its West Indian heritage. There are many architectural gems to see including several old Georgian buildings, the Houses of Parliament as well as several ancient churches.

The inner harbor which is called Carenage is where you will find most of the marine activity as well as many shops, bars, restaurants and fishing vessels.

Above the main town is Fort George. This was among the first forts built in Grenada and it pretty much dominates the skyline of the town of St George’s. This is the ideal location to photograph the harbor as it provides breathtaking views. It is also a great place to absorb some of the fascinating history of Grenada.


Between the three Islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are some of the most unspoiled and best kept secret beaches in the Caribbean. There are a total of 45 white sand beaches and 9 black volcanic beaches.

The most popular beach is the 2 mile or 3 kilometre Grand Anse Beach on the south west of the island of Grenada. It is stunningly beautiful with white sands, turquoise waters and a beautiful lush mountain backdrop. As a result it is very popular with sun bathers. It is also home to many of the best hotels on the island as well as beach bars, restaurants and water sports.

Almost as beautiful but much less known is Morne Rouge Beach. It is also on the south-western side but attracts much less visitors. It has a very calm bay with shallow waters. It is just 400 yards long and it is a great spot for boat rides and paddle boarding.

Magazine Beach is another beach worth noting. It has a very large coral reef protecting its bay. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and is 500 yards long. The beach is pristine with white sands and views of the capital city. It is usually busy at both ends but deserted in the middle which is where we recommend you head!

On the east coast of Grenada, La Sagesse Beach is a lovely secluded grey and white sand beach which provides a perfect getaway. It was once ranked by the Sunday Times as the third best tropical beach in the world.

If you are visiting Carriacou, then Paradise Beach is lovely and has a protected reef which ensures you are able to swim in very calm waters. There are also lovely views of Sandy Island and the Carriacou hills from the shores. It is the perfect spot for swimming and relaxing.

Calivigny Island which is a private island is home to some of Grenada’s best and most exclusive vacation rentals, guests have six exquisite beaches to choose from.

Neighboring Islands

Both Carriacou and Petit Martinique are wonderful tropical hideaways and more or less untouched by tourism. They offer the most wonderful sense of peace and solitude. Both islands are definitely worth a visit for a day and are both great places to spend some extremely laid back vacation time.

Petit Martinique which is a dependency of Grenada is just one mile in diameter and is the perfect daytime retreat. It is dominated by a 738 ft mountain called the Piton which makes it quite conical in appearance. It has a population of less than 1000 people and all the locals know each other. The main town is Paradise and this is also where the main beach is. Just a five minute boat ride from here is Petit St Vincent.

Carriacou is larger than Petit Martinique covering an area of 13 sq miles and has a population of 8000. It takes 90 minutes by ferry or 20 minutes by plane to reach the island of Carriacou. Ringed by some of the Caribbean’s best reefs, it is a great place to visit for a day from Grenada. The main town is Hillsborough and it is worth spending a couple of hours exploring the history and museums’ here before heading up to the hilltop site of Princess Royal Hospital. At 640 ft high, you will have a really stunning and panoramic view of Hillsborough Bay and the surrounding Islands.

Grand Etang Forest Reserve

The Grand Etang Forest Reserve is located high in the central mountains and is a protected and lush rain forest. It is a wonderful place to go hiking and sightseeing. There are many waterfalls and a beautiful lake as well as a visitor’s centre. Its flora includes majestic mahogany trees, giant gommier trees as well as a variety of ferns and a multitude of tropical flowers. You will also see a lot of wildlife here including many species of birds and West African monkeys.

Waterfalls of Grenada

Grenada is well known for its beautiful waterfalls. Within the Grand Etang Forest Reserve you will find the highest number of falls within one geographic region. But there are plenty more to visit throughout the island including a beautiful falls in the grounds of the Rosemount Plantation House and further north, Victoria Falls which is the islands tallest waterfall.

If you fancy a swim, then The Seven Sisters Falls is also a lovely area, where a stunning waterfall fills a pool which is large enough to have a wonderful and secluded swim in beautiful surroundings. Concord Falls is another popular waterfall, 65 foot tall, and with enough water to swim in its glistening pools, and is easy to find. In addition, Royal Mount Carmel Falls has two clear waterfalls that plunge more than 70 feet into another pool. It is not possible to swim here but spectacular to watch.

River Antoine Estate

This is a privately owned rum distillery which dates back as far as 1785. It is also the home of the oldest functioning water propelled distillery in the western hemisphere. It is located in the north of Grenada and as well as seeing how the rum is made you will also get an opportunity to taste it.

Food and Drink

There are more spices grown in Grenada per square mile than any other place in the world. As you travel around the island you will experience the fragrant aromas of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla resulting in the island being aptly named the Island of Spice. Other spices grown on the island include Bay Leaves, Black Pepper, Cloves, Mace, Pimento and Tonka Beans.

If you fancy picking up some samples for bringing home, then a good place to visit is the St George’s Spice Market. You can also take a tour of a Spice Plantation where you will be able to experience the various stages of spice production. In addition to spices, Grenada is also a very large producer of chocolate.

Grenada’s Chocolate Company is renowned for making a very high quality organic dark chocolate. If you are a lover of chocolate then a visit to the factory is well worth while as you will learn exactly what goes into the production of the chocolate on the island. And for any serious chocoholic, then a visit to Grenada’s Chocolate Festival that takes place every May is a great time to come to the island.

It is a unique visitor experience and you will learn a lot about ways of growing organic chocolate as well as chocolate moulding, tempering and truffle making. There are many local and cosmopolitan restaurants on the island to choose from especially on the main island of Grenada.