St Barts is the home of some of the world’s uber luxury villa and vacation rentals so how is it possible to choose the nine best, St Barts Villas?

Well, luckily we have the best job in the world and get to visit all of them on a very regular basis.

We are therefore in a great position to share an unbiased view of the best, the most luxurious, unique St Barts Rentals ever.

1. Villa Rockstar, St Jean

As the name suggests, it simply does not get more rock n roll than Villa Rock Star.

Villa Rockstar is one of the coolest st barts villas

Villa Rockstar is cool

Villa Rockstar is one of the glitziest and glamorous villas on the planet. The villa is located on the most sought after St Jean Beach on St Barts and has the added advantage of having use of all the Eden Rock Hotel facilities.

If you want to throw a party which all your friends and family will remember forever, then this is the place to come. With its 16,000 square feet of living space spread over an enormous open plan living area and six bedrooms, you will have plenty of room to party the night away.

For an ultra cool effect, the private swimming pool at Villa Rockstar lights up pink at night, and there is a huge courtyard with a refreshing fountain feature.

There’s a fabulous cinema room, and just so you can live the diva life, the villa comes with a full-time staff including a Butler to organise your every whim.

There is even a super cool Harley Davidson, and there is no better place for a spin than on the island of St Barts.

If you feel ultra creative, the villa comes complete with a full recording studio, mixing studio, electric guitars and drum kit!

Maybe you might get some inspiration from the fact that John Lennon used the same mixing desk to produce Imagine and come home from your vacation with a hit song on your hands!

Our Favourite Feature of Villa Rockstar

The location is unreal, but we love every feature of this super cool, trendy villa!

2. Axel Rocks, Gustavia

Villas in St Barts just keep getting more luxurious and more wow and Axel Rocks is an excellent example of that.

Axel Rocks Villa Infinity Pool and sun deck area

Axel Rocks

When we first walked into Axel Rocks, our mouths fell open with the sheer beauty of both the villa and the view.  It is super modern; sophisticated with contemporary clean lines and everything is the last word in luxury.

To top it all, Villa Axel Rocks has one of the best locations in St Barts.

It is on the edge of the capital of Gustavia and has one of the best sunset views on the island.

Villa Axel is brand new to the rental market, and the villa was completed last year.  The villa is unbelievably spacious yet only has four bedrooms sleeping up to eight people.

Each bedroom has equally stunning sea views with private terraces.  There is a gorgeous infinity pool, an incredible glass staircase (girls don’t wear a dress if you are modest!) and the villa is full of amazing pieces of contemporary art and furniture.

Everything about Axel Rocks St Barts is pure perfection

Our Favourite Feature of Axel Rocks

We love the fact that each of the bedrooms has an equally fabulous view as well as the fact that you can walk into Gustavia which is home to fantastic shopping and some of the best places to eat in St Barts.

3. Lital, Anse des Cayes

Lital is another Luxury St Barts Villa that is simply jaw dropping.

Swimming pool and pavillion at Lital Villas in St Barts

Lital Villas

It is unique in that the walls of the living space are created completely from glass producing an incredibly bright and beautiful atmosphere.

No matter where you are in Lital, you will have the incredible view of the stunning turquoise waters of Anse Des Cayes.

Lital has seven bedrooms in total sleeping up to 14 people making it a fantastic choice for a large group of adults, small special occasion or multi generational get together.

Each of the bedrooms is a total wow with stunning views. There is a lovely walk in pool with a great bar area.

We love this villa, and it is made even more perfect by the fact that guests who stay at Lital can also use the facilities of the Eden Rock Hotel which is just a couple of miles away

Our Favourite Feature of Lital

We love the glass walls throughout the living areas which give the house an almost transparent feel.

4. Legends B, Lurin

For a girl that loves fashion, Legends B spoke to me.

Infinity Pool, Sundeck and balcony overlooking the sea at Legends B

Legends B

It is another one of the brand new uber luxury St Barts villas, but it has a huge difference.  The inspiration for these five gorgeous bedrooms come from some of the world’s most luxury fashion brands.

The inspiration for these fabulous rooms includes Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Yves St Lauren and my favourite of all Hermes.

But not only is legends B a fashion lover’s dream, but it is also a dream villa for anyone who loves sophistication, luxury and some of the best views on the planet.

Like many of the islands newest villas, the architect has used an abundance of glass throughout the house creating a wonderful sense of space, luxury and relaxations.

On top of all of that Legends B has one of the best locations on the island of St Barts. It is close to Gustavia for anyone who loves shopping and fine dining. It is also only a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Eden Rock hotel where guests can use the facilities.

One of our favourite lunch time haunts, called Bonito, is also close to Legends B.  Bonito serve great food in a great location, and we recommend them highly.

Our Favourite Feature of Legends B

The uniqueness of the design and the fact that the villa is inspired by some of the world’s most famous fashion icons.

5. Castle Roc, Lorient Bay

Any review of the top villas in St Barts would not be complete without mentioning Castle Roc.

The amazing view from next to the pool at Castle Roc

Castle Roc

The incredible view, the sheer attention to detail and the amazing unique contemporary art throughout the villa make it unique.

Castle Roc also has one of the largest sites in St Barts. It is spread over 32,000 square feet of stunning tropical gardens full of sweet smelling flowers and plants and built cleverly into the rock.

Castle Roc has five elegant bedrooms sleeping up to 10 people. Each one is as opulent and luxurious as the last. But what distinguishes this villa apart are the living areas.

They are extraordinary spacious with every imaginable facility such as infinity pools, full wet bars, spa areas and games rooms. For this reason, we feel it is one of the best villas for a small party or to celebrate an extraordinary occasion.

Our Favourite Feature of Castle Roc

The exquisite art and the sheer attention to detail making it one of the most luxurious villas in our pool.

6. Ixfalia, St Jean

Ixfalia is another super luxury St Barts villa, but it is also a unique one.

Pastel toned living area with sea horizons at Ixfalia


The name Ixfalia is the Greek word for Spirit which is precisely the best way to describe this gorgeous villa.  It is full of heart and spirit as a result of the owner’s incredible collection of treasures that are on display throughout the house.

Every piece is unique, and many of them have an African theme.  The result is a contemporary heaven which is both incredibly luxurious and extremely laid back.

Ixfalia has four bedrooms and is located on one of the highest points in St Jean which ensures it has the most breathtaking views imaginable.

Our Favourite Feature of Ixfalia

We love the sheer uniqueness of the villa and the wonderful bare foot luxury feel. There are not many villas on the island where you will feel more relaxed than here.

7. Villa Teman, St Jean

Villa Teman is one of the first St Barts villas we ever inspected.

Swimming pool and sun loungers at Teman


Having subsequently visited hundreds of other villas, it is still one of our all time favourite St Barts vacation rentals.

It is one of the smaller uber luxury villas with just three bedrooms, but every corner of the villa is total perfection.

Villa Teman has one of the best locations in St Barts. It is located on a hill top overlooking the spectacular beach at St Jean and is also a few minutes’ drive from the lively capital Gustavia. Explore the area surrounding you and indulge in some of the best things to do in St Barts during your stay.

Villa Teman is one of the most serene and Zen like villas in St Barts. It is the ultimate peaceful retreat, and even the most stressed visitors will not fail to relax here very quickly.

Every part of this villa is immaculate, but we feel the master bedroom is worth a particularly special mention.  It is located on the highest level of the villa with a private terrace, a stunning outdoor tub and private plunge pool.

The two guest suites are connected to the main infinity pool area by a water feature floating stairway.

Even though this villa is truly stunning, it ensures that any visitor will enjoy the beauty of their surroundings just as much.

Our Favourite Feature of Teman

The relaxed and Zen like atmosphere coupled with extreme luxury.

8. Villa Vitti, Gustavia

Villa Vitti is one of the more established rentals on the island, but it also remains one of the island’s all time greats.  It is on an elevated position overlooking Shell Beach.

Infinity Pool, sun loungers and a massive yacht in the distant horizon at Villa Vitti

Villa Vitti

It has the incredible advantage of having spectacular views but also has a private pathway to a stretch of beach beside Shell Beach.

The interiors are stunning and made for entertaining and parties. A press of a button in the living room causes a huge high definition Television to rise from the floor to create a home cinema.

There’s even a sound proof disco room in this fabulous villa.

But our favourite part is the infinity pool and views overlooking Shell Beach.  This is where you will get one of the best sunsets in St Barts.

Our Favourite Feature of Vitti

The location with its fabulous views as well as having access to a private stretch of beach.

9. Villa Ella, Flammands Beach

Not only is Villa Ella located on one of our favourite beaches on the island of St Barts, it is also one of our favourite villas.

The pool surrounded by lush tropical greenery at Ella


The fact that it is beach front is a bonus for people who love to be able to touch the ocean when they wake up in the morning.

Villa Ella is one of the biggest St Barts rentals with eight bedrooms sleeping up to 18 people.

It has the beautiful balance of being both incredibly luxurious and extremely simple.  It truly is the villa that has it all.

A stunning terrace overlooking the sea and beach, gorgeous swimming pool and there’s even a private tennis court.

Guest who books this villa with Exceptional Villas have the added advantage of being able to use the facilities of the Eden Rock hotel.

But the Cheval Blanc Ile de France is just a short walk along the beach and is without a doubt one of our favourite places for lunch on the island.

Our Favourite Feature of Ela

The incredible beach front location. You can walk to the Cheval Blanc Isle de France Hotel and also to Colombier Beach which is my personal favourite on the island.



St Barts has it all.   It is a stunningly beautiful island; it is glamorous, it has fabulous restaurants, great beaches, incredible shopping and above all some of the world’s best and most luxurious villas.  St Barts is and will continue to be one of my all time favourite destinations.  I am lucky to travel all over the world for work, but St Barts and staying in a Luxury St Barts Villa is one of my top choices when it comes to vacations.

What is your favourite St Barts Villa?  Leave a comment, or if you have questions, you can email our Villa Expert for St Barts; Niamh McCarthy on [email protected] or  for phone contact details click here

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