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Beaches In St Barths

There are fourteen beaches on St. Barths, all blessed with gleaming white sand. Few are crowded, even in peak season. All are public and free and each has a distinct personality.   All of the beaches are beautiful and many have steep sided bays with soft white sand descending gently into the beautiful turquoise water.    Although nudity is officially banned going topless is common.

Beach Vacation in St Barths

Lorient beach

Lorient beach is also popular with families. It is a reef protected spot and great for swimming and snorkeling. In the winter, it provides some shade. To the left of the beach is a great surfing spot. It is fun to sometimes watch the hard core surfers catching a wave.

Great surfing at Lorient Beach

Anse Des Cayes Beach

This beach is favored by surfers due to the usual onshore breeze. It is also adjacent to the Hotel Manapany.

Beaches in St Barths

Toiny Beach

Toiny beach is wild and stunningly beautiful but not for the faint-hearted. It is popular with surfers but is not recommended for swimming as the currents are strong.

Beaches in St Barths

Petit Cul de Sac

Petit Cul de Sac is secluded and usually very quiet. Because of the depth of the bay, and the size of the fringing reef, the water here is usually quiet and calm.

Beaches in St Barths

Grand Cul de Sac

Grand Cul De Sac is a lovely lagoon popular with families. The beach borders a shallow, well protected bay and the water warm and relatively calm. It has several restaurants, hotels and water sports are available including a windsurfing rental station. You can even take a kite surfing lesson if you wish. You should definitely try lunch at O’Corail when you are there.


Colombier is located in the northwest of St Barths. It can only be approached by a steep hiking path (25 minute walk) or catamaran overland which again makes it a wonderfully quiet and beautiful place to spend a day. The beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The view from Colombier stretches to the northwest towards the offshore island of Ile Fourchue which also has a good beach and protected cove. A lovely way to spend a day in St Barths is to take a gourmet picnic of chilled Champagne and Fois gras and enjoy it on the golden sands of Colombier.

Exceptional Villas provide luxury vacation villas Colombier St. Barths.

Yachts in the Bay at Colombier Beach

Gouverneur Beach

Also on the South coast and located next to Saline Beach, Gouverneur Beach is really lovely and largely unspoiled. It has a superb stretch of sand surrounded by high cliffs. It offers good swimming and snorkeling by the rocks. It also offers a wonderful view of Nevis and St Kitts. The only way to get to Gouverneur is by a steep narrow road so the beach is almost always quiet and well worth the short drive.

Tropical Sunshine at Gouverneur Beach in St Barths

Saline Beach

Anse de Grande Saline is located on the south coast of St Barths. It is considered to be one of the best beaches on the Island. It is unspoiled and spectacular. There is a rocky path leading to a sand dune and the view from the top is stunning. Just inland behind the beach is a large salt pond which before the arrival of tourism was used for salt harvesting.

Saline Beach in St Barths

Shell Beach

Shell beach is short walk from the capital Gustavia, and the scene of many weekend festivities. You can take a dip in the wonderfully calm waters after a day’s shopping in the town. Restaurant Do Brazil is located on the beach. There is a lovely view to the islands of Statia and Saba. It is a good place to go when the other beaches are a bit too windy as it is almost always tranquil and calm enough for swimming and sun bathing.

Shell Beach in St Barths

Marigot Beach

Edged by coconut palms, Marigot Beach is a tranquil nature reserve with beautiful crystalline waters — ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It is almost always calm sheltered from the wind and ideal for mooring small pleasure craft.

White sands beaches in St Barths

Flamands Beach

Flamands Beach is one of the most beautiful on St Barths with a huge stretch of white sand fringed with palm trees. Here you will find the stunning Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France as well as some of the best villas on the Island. During the winter months, Flamand’s can sometimes have very impressive rolling surf making swimming dangerous.

Flamands beach, St Barths

St Jean

St-Jean is one of the most popular and most chic beaches on St Barths. It actually comprises of two beaches divided in the middle by the famous and stunning Eden Rock villas. St Jean is also home to Nikki beach. It is a spectacular beach with pure white sands and calm turquoise waters which are perfect for snorkeling. It is also a great place to people watch and to plane watch. The tiny planes come over the brow of the hill and land on the incredibly short runway at the end of the beach. If you are looking for some fun, then La Plage on St Jean beach is a good place to go on a Sunday.

St Barths has some of the World's most beautiful beaches and St Jean is one of them


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