St Barts Beaches: Top 5

St Barths is one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean offering a chic atmosphere with a wonderful French flavour. One of the best ways to see St Barths is to take a drive around this stunning island which is only 8 square miles and experience what the Top 5 Beaches in St Barths have to offer.

On a recent trip to the island I had the pleasure of enjoying an hour on every beach in St Barths, going to the beach is one of my favourite things to do in St Barts, and here are my top 5 recommended beaches as well as my own personal photos.

St Barts. Saline beach is sandy and the perfect spot to relax in the sun
St Barts Beaches: Saline Beach

1. Saline Beach

My personal favourite beach in St Barth has to be Saline. It is one of the most beautiful powdery white sandy beaches on the island and you can swim safely here too. What I love most about the beach is the fact that you need to walk for a few minutes from the car park before you can reach the sand. It is a hidden gem where you pass wild goats and climb over a small hill and once you catch a glimpse of the green, blue and turquoise accents in the sea you will feel you have landed in paradise.

Our villa specialist on the pprowl for the best beach in St Barts
Linda Browne, villa specialist, enjoying Saline Beach in St Barths on a recent trip.

Top Tip: Bring a picnic and cooler with you for lunch as there is no beach bar and stop in Meat & Potatoes for dinner on the way home. Yum!

2. St Jean Beach

St Jean beach is the most famous beach on the island and we consider it to be one of the best Caribbean Beaches. The beach is the place to be in the high season where you can enjoy a swim in the wonderful turquoise waters. The beach is divided into two with Nikki beach on one side and St Jean on the other side.

Nikki beach is a great place to soak up the St Barths atmosphere and enjoy a cocktail or two.

In between these two glorious beaches you have the World Famous Eden Rock Hotel. Many of our St Barts villas come with complimentary access to the Eden Rock Hotel.

St Jean beach is the place to be i during St Barts high season
St Jean Beach at St Barts

Top Tip: Have lunch in the Sand Bar at Eden Rock or for a more laid back atmosphere, enjoy lunch at La Plage restaurant and you can use the sun loungers here too. Enjoy some water-sports on the beach as it is one of the few beaches where you can rent hobie cats and kayaks. (This is also possible on Grand-Cul-De-Sac Beach)

3. Gouverneur Beach

If you ask anyone in St Barths what their favourite beach is they will most likely say Gouverneur. The beach is also a favourite of mine and many of our guests who stay in our villa rentals. The beach is calm and is one of the nicest to walk and jog on. Gouverneur is a beautiful beach to swim on and offers the most striking colours and tones from the sea.

Gouveneur Beach with white powdery sand and a vast blue horizon
Gouveneur Beach in St Barts

Top Tip: You could spend the entire day here without realizing it. There is no beach bar or restaurant so I would advise you to bring some lunch. Also make sure you take sun screen with you as it can get very hot from midday to late afternoon. Villa Oto where I stayed offers the most stunning views of this beach.

St Barts Beaches - Gouveneur beach from Villa Oto
View of Gouveneur Beach from Villa Oto

4. Colombier Beach

Colombier is one of those hidden treasure of St Barths. The beach can only be accessed by foot on a 20 minute hiking trail or by boat. Many boats moor here and swim to shore to enjoy this fantastic beach. The beach is quiet and although it doesn’t have a huge amount of sand the beach does have really calm waters and is crystal clear to swim in. It is nice to come here for a few hours and enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Top Tip: Go by boat for a totally amazing experience and you will see some tortoise too !

If you go by foot it is equally beautiful but take the easy route by walking from the Flamands side. You can park close to the entrance to the trail. Be sure to bring your trainers as it’s a little rocky in parts. Also take a cooler and picnic as it’s a 20 minute walk back if you get thirsty.

5. Flamands Beach

Flamands beach is one of the most popular in St Barths and rightly so. The beach offers wonderful white powdery sand between your toes and is a wonderful beach for a walk or jog. The beach can be rough and it is not advised to swim here especially in the winter months although some do. The views from the Isle de France are simply stunning and a lunch or a visit to the spa here is not to be missed.

St Barts Beaches - Flamands Beach
View of Flamands Beach from the Isle de France

Top Tip: The waves can be rough on Flamands beach in the winter time and it is not always safe for to swim here, especially for children. Enjoy a delicious lunch in the Isle De France Hotel while admiring the views.

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St Barts Beaches: The Top 5

  1. Saline Beach
  2. St Jean Beach
  3. Gouverneur Beach
  4. Colombier Beach
  5. Flamands Beach

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