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St Lucia Villas
La Belle Helene, Soufrière
Anantha Asmani, Mont du Cap
Tamarind House, Soufrière

St Lucia Villas & Vacation Rentals

St Lucia lies in the eastern Caribbean about 21 miles (34km) south of Martinique and 26 miles (42 km) northeast of St Vincent. St Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and also one of the most interesting in terms of its breathtaking landscape and scenery. It is also a very popular luxury honeymoon destination.

It has some of the most beautiful pristine palm fringed beaches in the Caribbean, together with magnificent rain forests, cascading waterfalls, incredible rivers,  papaya orchards, stunning bird life and tropical gardens full of wild orchids and birds of paradise.

It is very lush and mountainous and home to the twin volcanic pitons that rise half a mile straight up out of the sea. The Pitons are two volcanic plugs in a World Heritage Site in St. Lucia, linked by the Piton Mitan ridge. The two Piton Mountains are the most photographed landmark on the island.

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