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Mustique and the Villas in Mustique are magical in every way. Our discerning guests love that Mustique is one of the most exclusive private islands in the world.  It is extremely sophisticated and is the perfect destination for someone looking for beautiful beaches, high levels of security, privacy, stunning scenery and extreme luxury. The island is a hub for some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs as well as the international jet-setters. Our experienced villa specialist team know every inch of this island paradise.

We are constantly inspecting & re-inspecting all villas in our luxury Mustique portfolio. The one thing they have in common is that they value privacy and safety in a naturally beautiful setting. Mustique island is where you will find many of the world’s most famous people have chosen to have their holiday homes. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Mick Jagger and Bryan Adams are just a few of the names you will hear about when you visit the island.  But all the Mustique Villa rentals are owned by people who are extremely successful in one way or another. Our skilled concierge team are a complimentary service and they will help you curate your dream daily itinerary.

The Villas on Mustique are very often mistakenly referred to as Mystique Villas.  It is quite an appropriate change of name as the island has a fascinating aura of mystery and secrecy surrounding it for those first-time visitors. Mystique Villas are the epitome of glamour, romance and magic.  They are alluring, appealing and charming as the name suggests! With over 30 years experience in the luxury villa rental business, contact us today to book your next luxury Mustique villa.

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Guide to Mustique, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

We are the world's leading experts on Mustique villa rentals. The rise of villas in Mustique began when Lord Glenconner gifted Princess Margaret a ten-acre plot on the island in 1960.  She subsequently went on to build one of Mustique’s most beautiful and iconic properties called Les Jolie Eaux.  Les Jolie Eaux is still to this day one of the most popular luxury vacation rentals in Mustique and our clients experience lifetime memories here. The island's popularity was further enhanced with the arrival of Concorde to Barbados. Barbados is just a short hop from Mustique and together with St Lucia is one of the main access points for the Island.  All of the rich and famous wanted to fly Concorde, and many of them wanted to have the added level of privacy and security that Musique offered.

From our experience the real essence of Mustique is that true barefoot luxury, combined with an incredibly friendly open house party atmosphere. Here you can choose to meet lifelong friends with similar outlooks in life where fellow guests will often enjoy wonderful dinners in their stunning villas or meet at world famous Basil’s Bar or an informal beach barbecue. But equally, if you are looking for complete privacy and seclusion, then there is no better place to go than here. Let our complimentary concierge team handle all of your dinner reservations at our favourite spots.

The island of Mustique has an interesting history. Mustique and The Grenadines were first discovered by Spanish Sailors called the Los Pajaros.  During the 17th Century, Mustique and The Grenadines were used predominantly by pirates who liked to use all the sheltered bays to hide their pirate ships. The 18th century saw Musique being predominantly used as a sugar plantation. This was when the Plantation Houses were built.  More recent history saw Mustique being purchased by The Hon Charles Tennant (Lord Glenconner) in 1958 for 45,000 English Pounds. This was also when Mustique was transformed into a private limited company and today, Mustique is owned by the Villa owners.

In the early days, Mustique had no roads, running water, or even boat jetties. The wedding gift to Princess Margaret caused quite a stir in the British media, and it wasn’t long after that when many of the plots were bought and developed with the luxury villas you see in Mustique today.

The hype surrounding Mustique Island was further enhanced by the two predominant architects of that time; Oliver Messel and Arne Hasselqvist.  They designed many of the Luxury Villas that are still available to rent today. Oliver Messel famously designed Princess Margaret’s House Les Jolie Eaux and Brian Adams house Point Lookout. He subsequently went on to design many of the Barbados Holiday Rentals such as Crystal Springs, Fustic House and Mango Bay.  Arne Hasselqvist designed Mandalay which was an Indonesian inspired villa and once owned by famous singer David Bowie.  Arne Hasselqvist also designed The Plantation House which is one of the most popular rentals on the island to this day. The villa has stunning views of the ocean and surrounding islands.

During the eighties and nineties, Mustique saw an explosion of villas on the island. Due to the very relaxed planning laws, Mustique owners created some of the most ambitious and sophisticated designs in the Caribbean. Take for example Toucan Hill, a Moroccan inspired mansion located on the highest point of the island of Mustique.  Opium was another iconic villa built during this time.  It is an African and Asian inspired home with stunning views of the Atlantic.  Sienna is another one of the iconic Mustique rentals on the island. It is an Italian inspired mansion overlooking the world-famous Macaroni Bay.

Today, Mustique continues to be the refuge for the extremely successful and extremely famous. Kate Middleton and her family have holidayed on the island for years, and she continues to go to Mustique with her husband Prince William and their three children.

So where is Mustique? It is located to the south west of St Lucia and Barbados in the centre of the Grenadines close to Canouan and St Vincent.  Mustique is tiny compared to many other Caribbean Islands.  It comprises of just 1,400 acres and is 2.2 square miles in size.  Mustique has a year-round population of just 500 people who live in the three main villages on the island called Lovell, Britannia Bay and Dover.  Despite Mustique’s tiny size, it has more luxury villas then most other Caribbean islands.

There are approximately 100 luxury villas to rent here. Our team are constantly inspecting & re-inspecting the luxury villas in our portfolio. All of them are available to rent with us at Exceptional Villas. The only other island in the Caribbean that has as many luxury villas for its size is St Barts. In addition to the one hundred villas, there are two hotels on the island. The Cottonhouse Mustique is a world-class hotel with several excellent dining options and a full-service spa.  The Cottonhouse Mustique has a wonderful barefoot luxury feel.  It is the type of place where one can truly relax and enjoy the beauty around Mustique Island. The Firefly is a smaller more intimate hotel on the island and has just seven bedrooms.

While most people come to Mustique to relax and enjoy their Mustique Island Rentals, there is a lot do on the island if you also like to be active. We take all the hard work out of planning and our concierge team can assist with all the itinerary coordianting. Firstly Mustique has nine stunning beaches.  Each of them is unique due to the cross-currents of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Mustique beaches include Pasture Bay, Lagoon Beach, Cotton House Beach, Macaroni Beach, Dolly Beach, Rutland Bay, Gelliceaux Beach, Black Sand BEACH, L’Ansecoy Bay and Britannia Bay.  Our personal favourite Mustique Beach is Macaroni Bay.

The island of Mustique offers a really wide variety of watersports.  These include snorkelling, windsurfing, Hobie cat sailing, boogie boarding, paddles boarding, sailing and scuba diving.  The scuba diving off Mustique is particularly excellent.  In addition, there is a dedicated team of PADI instructors and diving masters. Mustique has a unique Conservation Coral Restoration programme that allows guests to swim out with the dive team to the nursery area and learn all about the coral and its protection. Our clients love to explore this unique underwater paradise.

Mustique is one of the only Caribbean Islands to have a professional Equestrian Center. The riding centre caters for all standards and abilities as well as the different equestrian disciplines including dressage, showjumping and trail riding.  It is even possible to take your horse for a swim in the sea.

Tennis is another activity you can enjoy on the island. Many of the villas have their own private tennis courts.  But it is also possible for guests to enjoy one of the four floodlit courts at the Mustique Tennis Club. There is excellent tennis coaching available as well as the possibility of participating in tennis tournaments in the high season.

Last but not least, Mustique is one of the best islands in the Caribbean to go hiking. There are hiking trails everywhere that will enable you to enjoy the islands wildlife and interesting topography.

If that all sounds a little active, then head to Mustique island’s wellness centre and spa.  Here you will be able to enjoy a whole range of indulgent treatments.  The spa is unique in that it endeavours to use many of the islands own lifegiving herbs and shrubs.  You will find treatments using Moringa Trees, Ylgang Ylgang, jasmine and frangipani.  If you can’t bear to leave the sanctuary of your luxury rental, our Exceptional Villa concierge team will be delighted to arrange massage treatments in your own villa. Our team is very familiar with the best local masseuses.

Our Exceptional Villa Team has personally inspected all of the Mustique Villa Rentals. Our very experienced team of professionals will offer you an expert, unbiased advice as well as weigh up the pros and cons of each villa. They are experts in finding out your needs, requirement and wishes and then finding the perfect villa to match those needs and wishes.  At Exceptional villas, we are delighted to be considered the worlds most trusted villa rental company and are proud to have put truth back into travel.

Once you have booked your rental with us, our 5-star complimentary concierge department will be on hand to offer you all the advice you need as well as organising and pre-booking all your vacation experiences.  The Exceptional Villa Concierge Team will look after everything from ground transportation, airport fast-tracking, car or golf buggy hire, activities, day trips, boat trips, scuba diving and literally everything your heart desires. Our team will also be able to help you with providing accurate information on transfers from either St Lucia (UVF) or Barbados Airport (BGI).  Private charter flights may also be arranged from both airports.

All the Mustique Island Villas featured include the following:

  • Airport meet and greet and transfer to the villa
  • A minimum of three staff to look after your every need
  • The Mustique Tennis club which includes 6 floodlit courts
  • Tuesday evening island cocktails party
  • Island vehicle called and AKA Mule
  • Laundry service for the duration of your stay
  • Fitness trails around the island

If you are looking for luxurious Mustique Island Villas, we would be more than happy to assist. Browse our site and get more information on luxury vacations to Mustique and more. After all, we are proud to be recognized as the number one villa rental company on Trustpilot.

- Make Sure to Book your Mustique Villa with Exceptional Villas to get the Best Price Guarantee as well as the complimentary concierge service.