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Overview Of Petit St Vincent

Petit St. Vincent is a tiny Caribbean Island, 40 miles south of the main land of St. Vincent in the Grenadines island chain. The beautiful island paradise consists of softly rolling hills and natural tropical woodland spread over 115 acres, surrounded mostly by two miles of white powdered sand beaches.

Petit St Vincent is a privately owned island and has 22 lovely ocean view and beach front vacation rentals each offering stunning views. All are wonderfully positioned around the island to offer guests’ the utmost in seclusion and privacy. For the ultimate Caribbean island getaway, Petit St Vincent can even offer entire private island rentals so you and your group can enjoy the personalized touches of the island resort all to yourself.

Things to Do in Petit St Vincent


The island offers two restaurants providing understated yet attentive service; the casual Beach Restaurant, where you can sit with your toes in the sand adjacent to the restaurant’s own live lobster pool, and the Pavilion Restaurant perched atop a hill overlooking the picturesque harbor. The Pavilion Restaurant offers a more refined fine dining experience. Both restaurants have delicious gourmet cuisine using vegetables, fruits, eggs and herbs from the island’s expansive organic gardens.


A treetop Balinese-managed luxury spa offers an extensive selection of massages and facials, manicures and pedicures.


There is a really lovely Yoga Pavilion located facing Conch Bay in Petit St Vincent. It is the perfect place to find harmony between body, mind and spirit. Well-being and balance, serenity and renewal are all within easy grasp when you immerse yourself in the peaceful spirit of the island and allow its natural rhythms to govern your passage of time. You will sense that respect for natural beauty is what informs all interactions with and on the island.


The waters around Petit St Vincent are almost always warm and calm making it the perfect place to swim. There are lots of opportunities to take part in water sports in Petit St Vincent. You can choose between non-motorized equipment such as kayaks, Hobie Cats, Sunfish, windsurfs, and snorkeling which are all free of charge or for the more adventurous, take part in some deep sea fishing or scuba diving.

Land Sports

If you like to keep fit, there are opportunities to hike to the highest part of the island to Marni Hill (275 feet up) or it is possible also to jog the whole way around the perimeter of the island which is best to be enjoyed in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat.

In addition, there are tennis courts complete with rackets and tennis balls.

If you fancy a game of golf, it is easily accessible on Canouan Island.


A wonderful way to explore the neighboring islands is to charter a sail boat. There are five uninhabited islands (Tobago Cays) surrounding Petit St Vincent to explore. This whole area is snorkeling heaven and you will have the opportunity to swim with turtles and lots of colorful fish in crystal clear waters.

Lunches are a special feature as locally caught fish and lobsters are cooked Buccaneer style on a barbecue grill and the rum flows freely. Guests are encouraged to take the helm and help the crew if they wish. Petit St Vincent also hosts a regatta every year.

Power boats are also available for hire if you prefer a more relaxing trip around the islands!


There are some really wonderful opportunities to take day trips and excursions from Petit St Vincent. You will have plenty of opportunity to see just how incredibly beautiful The Grenadine Islands actually are as well as get a feel for the wonderful warmth of the local people. Here are some ideas:

Tobago Cays(7 nautical miles)

The Tobago Cays which are a protected Marine Park are really well worth a visit and are just a short boat ride from Petit St Vincent. Sheltered by the aptly named Horseshoe reef, the Tobago cays are a group of uninhabited 5 picture perfect tiny paradise islands. Each of them are fringed with white sand and surrounded by coral reefs. The waters are exquisitely clear and diverse marine life includes Squirrel fish, Angelfish and Groupers. The Tobago Cays are really perfect for Snorkeling.

Union Island(6 nautical miles)

Union Island is the commercial center of the Grenadines and also the main hub for yachting and airport traffic. Measuring about 3 miles long, it is fringed with gorgeous bays, lagoons and reefs with perfect swimming and sailing waters. The main town Clifton has a few good restaurants and some shops. Chatham Bay on the leeward side of Union Island is unique in that it is off the beaten track. Only a few lobster shacks and one restaurant occupy this large bay, which is great for beach combing and snorkeling. On the windward side, is the very unique Happy Island made entirely out of conch shells and hosting a bar.

Mayreau(8 nautical miles)

Mayreau is a small island that is 'oh so Caribbean.' A walk up the hill to the charming old church will be rewarded with stunning views of the reefs and islands of the Tobago Cays. Finally, a rum punch can be yours at the celebrated Rasta Righteous Bar on your way back down.

Saltwhistle Bay, one of the prettiest in the islands, will be revealed at the end of a short walk. There you may want to get something to quench your thirst at the beach bar and have a swim in the beautiful turquoise waters.

Carriacou(5 nautical miles)

Carriacou is the island with a hundred rum shops and one gas station! It is an enchanting island with some of the most hospitable people in the Caribbean making their living from seafaring and farming without much reliance on tourism. Boat building is a long-standing tradition and can be seen on the Windward beaches to this day. A favorite lunch outing is sailing over to the Lazy Turtle Restaurant in Tyrell Bay, which boasts the best pizzas.

Canouan(13 nautical miles)

Stretching no more than 5 square miles (13sq km) and located north of Petit St Vincent, Canouan is home to some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular beaches. Its powder white sands, clear waters and an impressive coral reef make it an excellent destination for sailing, swimming and snorkeling. The main town is Charlestown located in Charlestown Bay which is also the islands primary anchorage and features a stunning long beach.

Mustique(28 nautical miles)

The world famous retreat of Mustique has the glamorous image of fabulous villas and celebrities, with some of the Caribbean's finest beaches including the top voted Macaroni Beach. The legendary Basil's Bar is a must for a cocktail and maybe a glimpse of a rock star


Tennis courts, kayaks and an outdoor calisthenics fitness trail await exercise-seekers and two tucked-away yoga pavilions encourage relaxation.

Weather Guide

Petit St Vincent is hot and dry. Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures are 30 and 24 degrees Celsius (86 and 75 Fahrenheit) respectively. Rainfall is only 100 mm (4 inches) per year concentrated in the periods May - June and October - November. Sea surface temperature varies between a low of 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) in February/March to a high of 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit) in September/October.

Although the climate is hot, the constant trade winds will have a pleasant cooling effect during the day.

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