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Overview Of Mayreau

Mayreau, which is the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines, is another stunningly beautiful island.  It comprises an area of about 1.5 sq. miles, and a population of less than 300.  Mayreau is located 100 miles west of Barbados and 27 miles south of St. Lucia. The island is mostly populated by fishermen and supported by tourism. Most of the population of Mayreau lives at Station Hill where you will find a handful of restaurants and bars, two provisioning shops and a school.   There is an old Roman Catholic Church dating back to 1929 located a short walk from Station Hill in the south west of the island.  Here you will find exquisite views of the island across salt whistle Bay, Union Island, Canouan and The Tobago Cays.  It is accessible by boat. There is a single lane concrete road leading from Saltwhistle Bay to Saline Bay and through the village, and a new series of simple roads have been built to allow access to the island’s eastern beaches.

The school has about 50 students in Grades 1-6. Upon completing their primary / elementary education, students attend secondary schools on the main island, St. Vincent.

Its tiny population and absence of commercial development are precisely what makes Mayreau so wonderful - with lush greenery and beautiful beaches.  It is a wonderfully peaceful place from which you will be able to see stunning views of the surrounding islands.

The island gets most of its deliveries from the Gemstar and Barracuda boats that deliver food, mail, and any other supplies ordered from St. Vincent and the larger Grenadine islands. Recently, a fast ferry service was launched and this has provided a more convenient and still affordable means for the local population to travel to and from surrounding islands.

Many world class resorts are close enough to take a convenient speedboat ride over for lunch, a round of golf, or a horseback ride. Mustique is only 20 miles away; PSV is 6 miles; and Palm Island is a mere 2.7 miles.

Mayreau in the Grenadines, remains a pristine enclave of white sandy beaches, and boasts a vibrant local culture. While the small fishing village welcomes visitors, the island remains relatively untouched by tourism and makes a most worthwhile escape.  There are just 9 luxury beachfront vacation rentals available on the island of Mayreau.

Things to Do in Mayreau


Mayreau Island offers a seaside dining area, a beachfront snack bar, and limitless ways to turn each meal into an unforgettable experience. The dining area, with each table discretely laid out to ensure maximum privacy and incredible ocean and sunset views will delight. But guests at our villas in Mayreau will have many more options. A candle lit table set at the end of the beach, with the waves washing up at your feet or a twilight boat trip to Mopion Sandbank for the ultimate private island dining experience. Or, don’t even leave your residence – have the 5 course meal delivered to your own hideaway.


Do as little or as much as you like. Swim with the turtles. Do yoga on the beach. Snorkel with the reef fish. Scuba dive to an underwater volcano or sunken ship. Learn to kite surf. Read a book. Sail to Chatham Bay for lunch or to Canouan for a round of golf. Plant a few fruit trees for the benefit of the village residents.

Trips to Local Islands

There are many world class resorts close enough to take a convenient speedboat ride over for lunch, a round of golf at Canouan, or a horseback ride in Mustique. Mustique is only 20 miles away; PSV is 6 miles; and Palm Island is a mere 2.7 miles.

There are some really wonderful opportunities to take day trips and excursions from Mayreau. You will have plenty of opportunity to see just how incredibly beautiful The Grenadine Islands actually are as well as getting a feel for the wonderful warmth of the local people. Here are some ideas:

Tobago Cays(1.5 nautical miles)

The Tobago Cays which are a protected Marine Park, are really well worth a visit and are just a short boat ride from Mayreau. Sheltered by the aptly named Horseshoe reef, the Tobago cays are a group of uninhabited 5 picture perfect tiny paradise islands. Each of them are fringed with white sand and surrounded by coral reefs. The waters are exquisitely clear and diverse marine life includes Squirrel fish, Angelfish and Groupers. The Tobago Cays are really perfect for Snorkeling

Union Island(4.5 nautical miles)

Union Island is the commercial center of the Grenadines and also the main hub for yachting and airport traffic. Measuring about 3 miles long, it is fringed with gorgeous bays, lagoons and reefs with perfect swimming and sailing waters. The main town Clifton has a few good restaurants and some shops. Chatham Bay on the leeward side of Union Island is unique in that it is off the beaten track. Only a few lobster shacks and one restaurant occupy this large bay, which is great for beach combing and snorkeling. On the windward side, is the very unique Happy Island made entirely out of conch.

Carriacou(6 nautical miles)

Carriacou is the island with a hundred rum shops and one gas station! It is an enchanting island with some of the most hospitable people in the Caribbean making their living from seafaring and farming without much reliance on tourism. Boat building is a long-standing tradition and can be seen on the Windward beaches to this day. A favorite lunch outing is sailing over to the Lazy Turtle Restaurant in Tyrell Bay, which boasts the best pizzas.

Canouan(7 nautical miles)

Stretching over no more than 5 square miles (13sq km) and located north of Petit St Vincent, Canouan (include link) is home to some of the Caribbean’s most spectacular beaches. Its powder white sands, clear waters and an impressive coral reef make it an excellent destination for sailing, swimming and snorkeling. The main town is Charlestown located in Charlestown Bay which is also the islands primary anchorage and features a stunning long beach.

Mustique(26 nautical miles)

The world famous retreat of Mustique has the glamorous image of fabulous villas and celebrities, with some of the Caribbean's finest beaches including the top voted Macaroni Beach. The legendary Basil's Bar is a must for a cocktail and maybe a glimpse of a rock star.

Weather Guide

Mayreau is hot and dry. Average daily maximum and minimum temperatures are 30 and 24 degrees Celsius (86 and 75 Fahrenheit) respectively. Rainfall is only 100 mm (4 inches) per year concentrated in the periods May - June and October - November. Sea surface temperature varies between a low of 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) in February/March to a high of 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit) in September/October.

Although the climate is hot, the constant trade winds will have a pleasant cooling effect during the day.

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