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Sass Fee

Sass-Fee is often called the Pearl of the Alps and it is the perfect description for the village which is just like a little pearl in a valley with soaring snow covered mountains surrounding it.   It is one of the few car free villages and towns left in the world.  Sass-Fee is truly a charming traditional Swiss mountain village which is unspoilt and retains wonderful character and a beautiful atmosphere.

Sass-Fee has achieved the subtle balance between retaining its historic appeal whilst at the same time having modern facilities for its visitors.   Smaller than its better known neighbor Zermatt, there are still plenty of wonderful restaurants both on the mountain and in the village as well as many lovely shops and a state of the art leisure center with a very large indoor swimming pool and indoor tennis courts.

The village is at an altitude of 1,800 metres, while the top lift station is at a breathtaking 3,500 metres, thus giving a substantial 1,700 metres of vertical. Most importantly, Sass-Fee is what is known as a 'snow-trap'; it consistently gets a greater amount of snow than any of the other resorts in the region. When you factor in the extensive glacier skiing, you get a completely snow-sure resort, with a large summer ski area too, and one of the longest seasons in the Alps, going from November to the 1st of May.

Sass-Fee is car-free: all cars must be parked at the edge of the village. The resort is entirely pedestrian, but there are electric miniature taxis to help you, as well as an electric bus service, which makes it easy to reach your accommodation. The lack of petrol engines results in crystal pure mountain air and the blissful absence of traffic noise - a wonderful rest for lungs and ears, body and soul.

The quaint village, with narrow lanes, old wooden chalets and a couple of 19th century hotels, is surrounded by thirteen 4,000 metre peaks and spectacular overhanging glaciers whose luminescent ice falls can clearly be seen from the village: this is why it is known as the Pearl of the Alps.

Thing to do in Saas-Fee

There is so much to do in Sass-Fee in both summer and winter. Some of the activities include:

  • Ski and Snow boarding all year round
  • Summer Hiking
  • Nordic walking
  • Mountain Bike Tours
  • Skate Park
  • Crazy Gold
  • Alpine Golf
  • Tennis
  • Vita Parcours
  • Archery
  • Adventure forest with ropes and zip lines
  • Feeblitz Toboggan Run
  • Rock climbing
  • Gorge Adventure
  • Climbing taster sessions
  • River rafting
  • Scooter bikes
  • The Almagellerhorn Adventure Trail
  • Ice Pavilion

With a resort-level beginner's area, vibrant youth snow-park scene, glacier skiing, huge snowfalls and lively après-ski; Sass-Fee is a perfect resort for both families and friends.

The Almagellerhorn Adventure Trail

Take the chairlift from Saas-Almagell up to the hamlet of Furggstalden. Then follow the adventure trail from Furggstalden around the Almagellerhorn to Almagelleralp by continuing along the lane from the mountain lift station and turning off at the first right to climb to Hohlerch wood.

The route then continues along suspension bridges, over well-secured rock paths and along easy hiking trails.

The absolute highlight of the adventure trail is a 60-m-long suspension bridge. There are also various well-secured passages over the rocks and - last but not least - a fantastic view!

Summer Skiing

There is excellent summer skiing in Sass-Fee located on the Allalin which is at an altitude of 3,600 meters. Saas-Fee offers ideal summer skiing and snowboarding conditions. Up on the glaciers there are 20 km of slopes to suit all levels. This is where many of the Swiss and international ski teams come for their summer training sessions!

Freestyle Park

Sass-Fee features one of the best freestyle parks in the Alps. There are kickers, rails, boxes and transitions in all shapes and sizes to suit all skill levels, from beginners to pros, not to mention a unique yet challenging half-pipe! The whole park is groomed daily by a specialist team to ensure top conditions.

Ice Pavillion

Ever wondered what a glacier looks like from the inside? Or how deep the cracks in the ice go? You can learn all the secrets of the glaciers as you explore the world's biggest ice grotto, here on the Allalin (3'500 m).This magical grotto has existed for thousands of years and has a volume of 5'500 m³. A visit to the world's largest ice grotto is a fascinating experience for all ages, especially since you have to take the world's highest funicular railway to get there. Make sure you take warm clothing; gloves and hats are recommended.


The Bowling in Saas Fee is a great fun leisure activity for young and old. There is a bar available for refreshments.


There is an incredible amount of Hiking from simple picturesque hikes for beginners to Alpine trekking for the more experienced walkers in Saas-Fee. You can also explore this beautiful valley with one of the local and expert guides as well as take part in one of the themed and educational trail walks. For the really adventurous, the Monte Rosa Tour is a wonderful seven or eight day trek through the Monte Rosa Massif.

Mountain Biking Tours

There are over 70km of mountain bike track in and around Saas-Fee and the surrounding valley. There are trails to suit all levels and they are really well signposted. For complete beginners we recommend that you take a guide which can be arranged locally.

Crazy Golf

Both Saas-Fee and the nearby Saas-Almagell have crazy gold courses and tables for Pitpat which is a cross between crazy gold and pool. The crazy golf course are located outside with stunning views of the valley.

Alpine Golf

There is a nine-hole par 70 golf course in Saas-Fee which is 4100 meters for men and 3668 meters for woman. The golf course is located mountain terrain making it the perfect place to get some great exercise as well!


There is a fantastic state of the art indoor tennis facility in Saas-Fee. Perfect for après ski or for those who prefer to take a day off from skiing.

Adventure Forest and Park

Discover the forest via aerial trekking. You will slide down Tyrolean lines (cable pulleys) and move from tree to tree on suspension bridges and take part in other fun activities. The two spectacular "Tyroliennes" over the gaping Fee Gorge are the centerpiece of the adventure forest

The Feeblitz Toboggan Run

The Feeblitz guarantees year-round tobogganing fun for all ages. On your own or as a pair, take the steepest toboggan lift in the Alps to the start point and then hurtle back down to the valley at speeds of up to 40 km per hour! Once you have arrived, you can recover at the bistro, which serves a selection of great snacks and drinks.

The Alpine Gorge

This is without a doubt the most spectacular way to get from Saas-Fee to Saas-Grund.

This adventure climb takes you through the wild, rugged Fee Gorge between Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund. You'll make your way using zip lines, suspension bridges, ladders and steel cables. The highlights of the crossing are riding the exciting zip-lines and swinging between the rocks. After exiting the gorge, you'll soon reach the village of Saas-Grund.

River Rafting

This is a wonderful experience for those who have an adventurous heart. It is wild and exciting. Whether you’re looking for action-packed rafting tours on the wild Vispa River, high-adrenaline canyoning in spectacular gorges and on crystal-clear rivers, or the ultimate kayaking experience, Matterhorn Rafting Adventures has just the thing for you!

Experience the power of nature firsthand with breathtaking white-water activities in awe-inspiring landscapes. Children aged eight and above can also get involved by taking part on smaller, less demanding rafting tours – they’ll have the time of their life and get to show Mum and Dad what they’re made of. The experienced team at Matterhorn Rafting Adventures offers a wide variety of exciting expeditions that you’ll never forget!


Scooter bikes are another way to get the adrenaline pumping. Around Saas-Fee, there are three main routes to take:

Kreuzboden – Saas-Grund

Take the gondola-lift to the Kreuzboden and enjoy a very special 11 km run down to Saas-Grund.

Hannig – Saas-Fee

The trail from Hannig is a 5.5 km unpaved road through the glorious countryside down to Saas-Fee.

Furggstalden – Saas-Almagell

This wide, 3.5 km tarmacked route gives you an easy ride down into the valley.

Learn to Rock Climb

Saas-Fee has a really good climbing school and the Saas Valley is one big climbing park, making it the perfect place to learn the ropes! It is suitable for families and small groups. - Climbing equipment will be provided by the Saas-Fee Guides mountaineering office.