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St Kitts Highlights

Here are some of the attractions and highlights of St Kitts:


Basseterre is located on the South west (Leeward) side of St Kitts.  The French word Basseterre actually means Leeward.  It is a pretty West Indian town where many of the original Georgian buildings are still intact.  There are many beautiful historical landmarks to enjoy in Basseterre including the Circus Clock, Independence Square and magnificent stone churches.  For some luxury shopping, you can enjoy a large variety of Mall outlets on Port Zante.  If you want a more local feel, Fort Street on the other hand is dotted with street vendors who sell everything from trinkets to souvenirs and sweet cane juice.  The local food market is also located in Basseterre and is fully stocked with every imaginable fruit and vegetable.

Brimstone Hill Fortress

This massive fortress is comprised of a vast network of defensive structures.  It was built in stages between 1690 and 1790 by the British Empire.  Brimstone Hill stands 800ft (243m) above sea level and commands an exceptional view of some of the other islands.  The center piece of Brimstone Hill is The Citadel called Fort George.  It is the central defensive structure and is like a fortress within a fortress.

Romney Manor Plantation

Set in beautiful tropical gardens, Romney Manor is a restored former plantation estate house.  It was originally owned by an ancestor of Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.  It was renamed by its new owner the Earl of Romney in the 17th Century.   Romney Manor has a special significance in the plantation history of St Kitts as it was the first to free its slaves in 1834.

The gardens at Romney Manor are immaculate and absolutely breathtaking.  You will see a huge variety of different plants and trees and the views are stunning.  Of particular note is the 400 year old Saman tree which is especially beautiful.

Whilst visiting Romney Manor, you will have the opportunity to shop for batik at Caribelle.  First produced in 1974, Caribelle has become one of the best producers of batik in the Caribbean.  The shop at Romney Manor has an incredible selection of designs and fabrics.  During a visit to the shop, you will have the opportunity to see the artists demonstrating and explaining the dye and wax techniques used to make the Batik.

Arawack Carvings

Before the arrival of the British to St Kitts it was occupied by the Arawak and subsequently Carib Indians. It was originally called Liamuiga meaning fertile land. Inland from the coast in an unassuming setting is a small but lovely reminder of the life and art of the Arawak inhabitants. Here you will find carvings also known as Petroglyphs.

Wingfield Estate

Discovered in 2001 by a team of archaeologists from Bristol University, Wingfield Estate is quite possibly the beginning of English settlement in the Americas. Currently under development, it is likely to be a very interesting and historic place to visit.

Saddle Hill Adventure Park

Nestled in the foothills of Majestic Mount Liamuiga, the two acre adventure park provides a variety of great entertaining challenges such as an artificial rock climbing wall, a laser tag field, a 50 foot giant swing, a human maze and a team building challenge course.

If you prefer to just explore nature, Saddle Hill is also the perfect spot. There is a wonderful nature trail where you can enjoy a huge variety of flora and fauna as well as incredible ocean views.

St Kitts Scenic Railway

Known as the last railway in the West Indies, the Scenic Railway offers its passengers a three hour train ride around the island. It was originally built in 1912 to deliver sugar cane from the fields to the sugar mill in Basseterre, today the scenic railway tour takes visitors around 30 miles of picturesque Eastern Caribbean Scenery.