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Overview Of St Kitts

Elevated view of St Kitts in the Caribbean

Measuring just 18 miles long and 5 miles at its widest part and encompassing a total area of 69 square miles, St Kitts is one of the most unspoiled, laid-back, tranquil, sweet scented and, above all, breathtakingly beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  St Kitts is located at the top of the West Indies' string of jewels approximately 19 degrees north of the equator.  It is close to St Barth’s and its neighboring Nevis.   St Kitts is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets’ in the Caribbean.

When you visit St Kitts, you will still find the requisite pristine white sandy beaches, calm turquoise seas, rain forests, colorful villages and fascinating history.  But you won’t find any over-development or crowds.  In addition, the people of St Kitts are some of the friendliest in the Caribbean.

Volcanic Peaks form much of the high ground in St Kitts

The interior of St Kitts is full of volcanic peaks the tallest of which is Mt Liamuiga which is 3,790 feet in height.  A hike to the top is an exhilarating experience but if that sounds too exerting you can choose to take a 4 by 4 to discover the waterfalls, incredible flora and colorful birds.   About a quarter of the whole island of St Kitts is a national park so there is much to explore.

You can also choose to explore St Kitts by bicycle or on horseback.   Alternatively you could get a whole different perspective of St Kitts by going on a thrilling zip line through the forest or playing 18 holes of golf on one of its two golf courses.

Then there are all the great water sports to enjoy.   Everything from sailing a yacht, deep sea diving, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing and fishing are available off shore.

St Kitts also has a fascinating history.  It was first discovered by the Arawak people and later by the British in the mid seventeen hundreds.  It was occupied by Britain between 1783 and 1983.   The full story of St Kitts’s history is told in fascinating detail in the museum in the vibrant capital of St Kitts called Basseterre.   Here you will be in for a good surprise.  There is a lively buzz in both Basseterre and nearby Frigate Bay where in the evening the local rum flows in the bars and super fresh fish is served in some excellent restaurants.

In addition to being a stunningly beautiful island, St Kitts offers some of the most luxurious villa rentals in the Caribbean throughout the island as well as in Belle Mont Farm and in Christophe Harbor.

Useful Information About St Kitts

Capital: Basseterre

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -4hours

Currency: US Dollar and Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Voltage: 110V

Population: 36,000

Area: 69 Square miles

Weather Guide to St Kitts

A hot, tropical climate tempered by trade winds most of the year. Rain showers occur year-round. Daily temperatures average 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round with constant cooling breezes from the Northeast Trade winds. There is an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day and humidity is low with less than 55 inches of rainfall annually. St Kitts unlike other Caribbean islands has no distinct raining season.

The Weather in St Kitts is generally very nice

These figures show monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall for St Kitts.

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