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Over Yonder Cay


A mere 200 miles from the US coastline, in the heart of The Bahamas, lies the exclusive 72-acre private island, Over Yonder Cay. This luxurious destination offers lucky guests a five-star castaway experience in a spectacular setting. Allow me to welcome you to your own private paradise.

The first question everyone asks is, “What exactly is a Cay?” Well, in very simple terms, it is a small, low lying island sitting on top of a coral reef. It can sometimes be referred to as a Key – and both words, regardless of how they are spelt, are pronounced ‘Key’. It derives from the native Taino Indian’s word cayo meaning “small island”. So now that you know what a cay is and how to pronounce it, let’s leave all of that dull factual detail aside and swoon into a gloriously magical and mystical island that defies classification on so many levels.

Firstly, Over Yonder Cay (OYC) is a five star, private island yet it has ecological credentials having developed its four amazing properties on the Cay with strict consideration for the flora, fauna and marine life that live within its boundaries.

Secondly, OYC offers high-end luxury and all the technological systems anyone would wish for yet all of this electricity is provided by its own energy centre that harnesses the powers of the sun and wind to generate the power to run the entire island.

Thirdly, the amazing chefs at OYC who work tirelessly to create the dream vacation for you, use ingredients that are both organic and sustainable where possible. The stunning array of delicious foods sourced from within the islands of The Bahamas forms the basis of your delicious meals each day. So your dinner’s carbon footprint is modest by most five-star resort standards.

So now it’s time to delve deeper into each fantastic facet that comprises Over Yonder Cay, the world-class five-star private island with a heart and soul.

The Properties
Meridian House
This is the largest of the four properties on OYC. It commands a prime position towards the centre of the Cay while still being a short and pretty stroll to its own jetty and beach.

The grandeur and scale of Meridian House allow up to 8 guests to move around a spacious property that has extensive grounds beautifully designed around a gorgeous white, modern villa. This four bedroomed property boasts a splendid Grand Conservatory with a Steinway piano. This glass-walled room has divine views over the sea and is the ideal place to relax with a pre-dinner drink or a book.

The House boasts its own luxury movie theatre a wonderful place to unwind with a good film and some popcorn after an exhilarating day exploring the Cay.

The master suite is a 2,300sqft creation that has its own viewing tower, a private garden, dressing room, salon and of course luxurious bathroom. Each of the three guest bedrooms has a private courtyard and terrace allowing guests to enjoy a shared holiday but still have the space to step away for some peaceful personal time.

The outdoor gardens, dining terraces and swimming pool offer a seamless setting from which to enjoy the sunshine, the starlit sky and the sounds of nature. Your chefs can produce delicious high-end cuisine that transforms each evening into a dining extravaganza. At Exceptional Villas, we work closely with you before you visit the Cay to ensure every small detail of your holiday is arranged to your personal requirements. Dietary preferences, when and where you wish to dine, how formal or casual you want your holiday to be. All of this is pre-booked so that once you arrive at Over Yonder Cay each day can unfold just as you would wish … yet with plenty of room to add further adventures and experiences.

At Meridian House, the internal decorations are a combination of beautiful rugs in rich colours flowing through rooms that are furnished with the finest furniture and fabrics in natural and soft tones. Meridian House is a glamorous and sophisticated house that captures all of the beauty of life on OYC. For a group of 8 guests, it is the ultimate base from which to enjoy all the activities and adventures that OYC offers.

West Sands
This beautiful beach villa sits on the Western shores of OYC. Offering luxurious accommodation for up to 8 guests, this spacious property enjoys a waterside location while being close to the tennis and golf facilities on the Cay. A few steps away from Whale Bone Beach, guests can start each day with a swim in the warm and shallow waters before returning to the terrace for a breakfast of their choice. Think pancakes, fresh smoothies, juicy fruits, coffee …whatever gets your day off to the perfect start, is what OYC is all about.

The beautifully decorated and designed living room captures the amazing views of the gleaming waters of the Atlantic. With a fully functioning kitchen, everything is thought of in this perfect property.

The master suite is a roomy 682sqft with its very own spacious and luxurious bathroom. It has a wrap-around balcony that captures the spectacular sunsets on this side of the Cay.

The larger guest room at 562sqft has its own luxurious bathroom. While the other two guest rooms, at 265sqft each, share a Hollywood bathroom.

The terrace has its own fire pit and hot tub with lovely shaded places to lounge and dines throughout the day.

The decorative elements of this fabulous property conjure up a fresh and modern style. Light and fresh fabrics in natural finishes create a restful and cosy feel to each room. With lots of glass opening outwards, there is a wonderful sensation of always being close to the natural beauty all around.

East Cove
This spectacular house enjoys a point of elevation on the Cay and looks out over Exuma Sound. Four luxurious bedrooms can accommodate up to 8 guests. With wrap-around balconies, each room offers its own sense of privacy within this lovely home.

The larger suites are 546sqft and 413sqft respectively with their own private luxurious bathroom while the other guest rooms are 352sqft each and share a Hollywood bathroom. The smaller guest rooms have queen beds and single loft sleeping, ideal for children.

The attractive and spacious living room and fully functioning kitchen complete the perfection of this property.

The outdoor terrace that edges the lovely pool, offers panoramic views as guests dine or simply relax with a book. The property has a lovely colonial feel and is furnished in the lightest and most natural of fabrics and furniture. It is a fresh, open yet cosy house that sits by its own private beach and jetty. The sunrises each morning are dramatic and beautiful. Prepare to be charmed by this lovely home on OYC.

South Point
This is the smallest of the properties on OYC but by no means is it any less gorgeous than any of the other beautiful homes. With the sea magically bordering both the front and rear of the property this luxurious house is probably the most delightful place to stay on OYC. Sleeping up to 6 guests in three luxurious bedrooms, the master suite is 550sqft with its own dedicated luxurious bathroom while the remaining two guest rooms, at 269sqft, share a very comfortable bathroom.

The spacious living room, decorated in an elegant yet comfortable style along with the attractive kitchen creates the perfect base for any group.

There is a game’s room on the lower floor, ideal for younger guests or competitive adults! The private beach that is a few yards from the house boasts the shallowest waters to be found around the Cay. This is an ideal house for guests with children who like to relax at the beach knowing their little splashers are in safe waters. South Point commands views of both sunrises and sunsets from its unique situation on this southern-most point of the Cay. It’s a wonderful base to explore the myriad of aquatic life that teams through the warm waters.

The philosophy behind the cuisine at OYC is always focused on fresh, natural ingredients. Sourcing ingredients from within the shortest range possible is key to providing the most nutritious and delicious dishes possible.

The emphasis is on international cuisines, favouring lighter but creative flavours. As you can imagine, the range of exceptional ingredients that are sourced from within The Bahamas is almost limitless. Seafood, freshly harvested from the surrounding waters, delicious meats, fruit and vegetables that flourish in the warm tropical climate of the islands, each meal is a celebration of all of these rich offerings.

Understanding the dietary restrictions of guests is a key part of our service. At Exceptional Villas, once you book Over Yonder Cay, we make a detailed inventory of what you can or cannot consume as well as a note of your distinct preferences too. The Cay’s chefs are world-class and trained to cater for all dietary needs and can source unusual products or ingredients, as necessary.

All meals, soft drinks, wine, beer and champagne are included in the overall rate you pay as a guest. For an additional tariff, we have a very extensive list of vintage champagnes and wines from which you can choose.

Each day starts with a delicious breakfast of your choice. You can decide whether you want to enjoy this sitting on your terrace or closer to the water. Lunches can be enjoyed at your own house or down at the Beach Club. Dinner can be a romantic and glamorous experience for your group as you sip a delicious cocktail as the sun slips into the Western horizon.

But this is not the limit of what OYC can provide. Casual picnics can be enjoyed on deserted islands or aboard the Super Yacht, Tenacious. Perhaps you’d like a torch-lit supper on the beach or a private DJ and fireworks at the Beach Club. At Exceptional Villas, we can build all of these elements into your memorable adventure.

The masterful staff of both Exceptional Villas and Over Yonder Cay works seamlessly work together to ensure that each meal is relaxed, on time, in your preferred location and to your specific tastes. Even with the full complement of 30 guests on the island, we have the experience to satisfy even the most unusual or quirky diners!

Getting Active
The island has used its 72-acres wisely and offers its lucky guests an opportunity to enjoy wild and untamed spaces. Rocky shorelines, shrub lined paths and unspoiled nature is still to be found and explored. Both young and old can explore the island on foot enjoying a stimulating hike that takes you through trails that are sign-posted with useful information about what flora and fauna are to be found. With bicycles at your disposal, you can build a daily cycle into your routine, spinning around the island stopping off for swims at some of the pretty beaches.

In addition to all of the natural wonders of the Cay, there is a nine-hole golf course and tennis courts (floodlit). Both of these sports have resident pros who can help you improve your game or offer you a really good match!

Beach volleyball competitions can be set up and the beach cabana is a treasure trove of jet skis, paddleboards, windsurfing equipment and much much more. There is a fun games room in South Cove ideal for teenagers and young children too.

The many boats available at OYC can get you out enjoying the sea. With thrilling water skiing, deep-sea fishing and snorkelling, there are so many adrenalin sports awaiting you. The divemaster can train you as you learn the rudiments of diving or if you are already proficient they can take you on some interesting dives around the nearby group of islands.

The superyacht Tenacious is for the exclusive use of island guests and is crewed and ready to take guests on a day of exploration and picnics around the Exumas.

For the ultimate experience, the seaplane can take guests to a remote island for a pre-set party. It’s probably one of the most memorable experiences to be had on your exclusive vacation.

A workout suite with a range of motion ROM360 cross trainer and Precor equipment is available for all guests. The adjacent sauna and steam room, treatment room for massages all add to the sense of wellbeing and health you can experience on OYC.

General Services
Each Villa / House has satellite TV, iPads, Wifi, Internet, the Kaleidescape entertainment library and Crestron control system.
Air Conditioning throughout. The island is powered by a 1.5-acre solar panel field as well as three strategically positioned wind turbines. The generated power is stored in huge batteries and so is able to run the entire electrical needs of the island with ease.

The Marina
If you arrive on your own sailing yachts there is amply berthing on fixed and floating moorings at OYC. A fleet of yachts of up to 180 feet with a 13ft draft can be comfortably accommodated. The marina and Beach Club are for the exclusive use of the island’s guests so no day-trippers are permitted to dock.

Travelling to Over Yonder Cay:
Private jets can fly directly to Nassau or Great Exuma and commercial flights operate daily from the US and Europe to Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau. Over Yonder Cay is located just 70 miles (110km) from Nassau and Great Exuma, both of which are just 30 minutes away by plane. The spectacular flight over the sandbanks and lagoons is one of the highlights of the journey. Superyachts of up to
180 ft (55 m) can dock in our sheltered, private marina which is the perfect base for a whole host of watersports activities

It’s not surprising that today the informed world traveller wants to enjoy a holiday that can be both luxurious yet supportive to the environment. Is there anything better than feeling at one with nature in a safe, eco-friendly way, yet enjoying a level of comfort and connectivity that enhances the whole relaxation package without diminishing the environment? OYC has pulled off this tricky balance in the clever way it has developed the properties and amenities of the Cay. Harnessing the power of sun and wind, guests can enjoy the five-star service that is so delightful yet engage with nature at its most natural and unspoilt.

Your day can be a whirl of early morning guided yoga or swims, snorkelling, diving, blasting through the waters on skis or sleekly sailing across the calm turquoise waters with the wind in your hair. We’ve struggled to identify anything that’s missing from this unique place … except perhaps stress and deadlines! Your day is your own, we build it exactly to your requirements. Call us at Exceptional Villas so we can welcome you ashore to the ultimate in holiday perfection. Welcome to your own private paradise!

Note: Rates quoted are based on 12 guests – please inquire for rates if you have additional guests in your group.

We also offer Luxury Yacht Charters. Our yachts are the pinnacle of luxury allowing you to enjoy a 5 star experience on board your own personal floating villa.

Whether you would prefer to take a bareboat yacht charter or enjoy the lavish 5 star experience on board a crewed yacht charter, we have the perfect boat just for you.

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Area description

Over Yonder Cay may feel like your own private Eden in the middle of a vast turquoise ocean but it is a mere 200 miles from Florida. A private or commercial jet can bring you onto the main islands of the Exumas (one of the chains of islands of The Bahamas) where you can connect by seaplane or yacht to make the final step to your island paradise.

Who does Over Yonder Cay suit?
This island has been developed and designed to suit everyone. Four beautiful properties are spread over the 72-acre area capturing spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Each property is linked by a paved path over which you can whizz in your golf cart to visit the other properties.

If you are a multi-family group wishing to vacation together then this island will offer a sense of separateness as you enjoy your own private residences with their respective private beaches. Yet the easy distances between the four properties will allow you to come together to dine or party at the Beach Club or embark on some of the most memorable adventures by sea or air that OYC can offer.

The relative calm and warmth of the waters around the Cay as well as the 320 days of annual sunshine that rarely drop below 20deg Celsius, make this destination ideally suited to guests both young and old.

For the adventurous among you, there are jet skis, water skiing, deep-sea fishing, diving, golf, tennis … an array of action-packed activities await. For those who believe holidays are for winding down, there is yoga, sublime spa treatments (using whichever range of spa treatment products you prefer), casual hiking or biking and lazy afternoons on loungers beneath the swaying palms.

If you are a budding Bond baddie, this island really does have that fabulous sensation of a haven designed for a scheming despot and his white pussy cat! But truly, it would be just too time-consuming thinking about world domination in such a joyful and exciting location!


Over Yonder Cay


  • Bedroom(s): 12 ( Sleeps 30 )
  • Bathroom(s): 12
  • General facilities: Panoramic Views, Private Terrace, Safe, Terrace, Wifi
  • Indoor facilities: Dishwasher, Gym - Private, Iron and Board, Luxury Finishes, Media Room, Microwave, Safe, TV
  • Outdoor facilities: Beach Access, Golf field, Jacuzzi - outdoor, Private Beach, Private Terrace, Sea Views, Sun Loungers, Sun Umbrellas, Swimming pool, Tennis court
  • Services: Beverages included, Boatman, Breakfast included, Chef Included, Cleaning inclusive, Concierge Service, Daily maid service, Final Cleaning, Gardener, Gourmet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included, Linen provided, Maid service, Towels provided


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Rates quoted are based on 12 guests – please inquire for rates if you have additional guests in your group.
REGULAR RATES: $51,000 per night up to 12 guests. 13 - 24 guests $1,650/person/night. 25 -30 guests $1,850/person/night. No cost for children under 3. Children 3 to 6 $850/person/night. Day guest rate $500 pp/pd. $1000 yacht guest (non-overnight on island) $1,000pp/pd. Rates are plus 12% Bahamian VAT. There is a four night minimum stay. FESTIVE RATES: Dec 18 through Jan 4 $58,650 per night up to 12 guests. 13 - 24 guests $1,897.50/person/night. 25-30 guests $2,127.50/person/night. No cost for children under 3. Children 3 to 6 $977.50/child/night. Day guest rate $575 pp/day. Yacht guest (non-overnight on island) $1,150pp/pd Plus 12% Bahamian VAT. Six night minimum stay during festive.


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