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Beaches In The US Virgin Islands

The USVI has some of the nicest beaches in the world and have been voted as some of the best in the Caribbean. There are busy beaches with water sports where you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers and harder to reach beaches where you can bring your beach cooler and picnic and have total relaxation.

A Sail boat hoves into view from the horizon towards the pale golden beach at the US Virgin Islands

Beaches in St Thomas


Magens Beach

Magens Bay is St. Thomas' most popular beach.

The beautiful one mile stretch is a public park and was donated to the people of the Virgin Islands by Arthur Fairchild. It is the only beach on St. Thomas that has an entry fee; funds are used to maintain the facilities and the beach. The water is usually very calm with no waves or current, great for floating along and for swimming. The bay deepens gradually from shore making it perfect for small children.

Snorkeling is possible along the rocky coast, but Magens Bay is not known for good snorkeling. A water sports booth rents paddle boats, kayaks and sunfish. Beach chairs, floats and snorkel sets are available at the concession.


Turtle cove

This pretty cove is home to one of St. Thomas' most luxurious resorts, the Ritz Carlton. The resort has several restaurants and bars for you to enjoy and a water sports booth that includes a wide assortment of activities such as kayaking, sunfish and snorkeling, which can be enjoyed along the rocky coast on the left side.


Bluebeards Beach

Home to the Ritz Carlton Club, Bluebeards Beach was formerly a quiet, somewhat isolated bay and is now surrounded by palm lined walkways, restaurant, bar, swimming pool and luxury accommodations. The beach is accessible to the public through a public access road just past the Ritz Carlton Resort's main entrance. The beach is typically very quiet, great for just laying back and enjoying the scenery and perfect weather. The bay is popular with windsurfers and kite boarders which can be quite entertaining.


Hull Bay

Hull Bay is a tranquil little beach and a favourite with residents on the north side of the island, where it is located. It is usually only lightly populated during the week, primarily with residents and fishermen who use the bay as an anchorage for their small fishing boats. It is common on weekends for families to picnic at Hull Bay.


Coki point

Coki is a small, pretty beach located on Coki Point. The crystal clear water is usually very calm and deepens gradually. Natural shade is limited, however umbrellas are available for rent. A near shore rocky, reef area offers great snorkeling. A favourite with visitors and a popular stop on island tour itineraries, the beach can gets crowded when multiple cruise ships are in port.


Lindberg Bay

Lindberg Bay, also known as Emerald Beach, is beautiful. Palm trees and sea grape trees line the shore and provide natural shade. Typically sparsely populated it is a great beach for laying back and relaxing. The water is usually very calm; perfect for swimming, wading or floating along. The shoreline provides for pleasant strolls. The beach is home to Emerald Beach Resort and Island Beachcomber Hotel.



Morningstar is the beach to go to if you'd like to have the option of just laying in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun with a fun tropical drink in your hand or switching the gears and doing some water sports. The shore line has limited natural shade. Luckily you can rent a beach umbrella if you seek some relief from the tropical sun.

The pretty turquoise water deepens quickly and often has mild waves. It is wonderful for cooling off and for enjoying a nice swim. In some areas the bottom is made of course sand and tiny pebbles which somewhat discourages wading along in the water.

The aptly named Morningstar Villa is about 5 minutes walk to Morningstar beach


Sapphire Beach

Sapphire is a pretty white sand beach. Sea grape trees on the right side offer shade to beach goers; and sun worshippers can enjoy basking in the sun on the left side where trees are fewer. Iguanas and ducks are often seen on the left side close to a man-made pond. There is a water sports booth that offers wind surfing, kayaks and snorkel gear rental, as well as chair rentals.


Sugar Bay

Sugar Bay is a little beach with lots to do. Take a ride on jet skis, kayak around the bay, take out a sunfish, enjoy pretty good snorkeling along the right side of the bay, swim out to the floating platform or just relax under an umbrella and take in the view. The water at Sugar Bay is usually calm. Sugar Bay is home to the Sugar Bay Resort & Spa and its restaurant and bar are just a short walk from the beach.


Cowpet Bay

Cowpet is a great little beach with crystal clear water. It offers a peaceful ambiance yet is well developed; this provides a unique atmosphere of quiet charm and convenience to restaurants, bars, gift shop and water sports. Lined with coconut trees Cowpet is a nice choice. The water is usually very calm.


Secret Harbour

Secret Harbour is a small, lovely beach. Nestled in a quiet, protected bay the water is usually very calm; perfect for swimming. Snorkeling is good along the rocky coastline on the right side.


Limetree Beach

Limetree Beach is a small, pretty beach that runs along a natural cove. It is perfect for a quiet day of laying out, having a few drinks, reading a book and just unwinding. The water often has a gentle to mild surf and entry can be difficult as the initial area is rocky.


Brewers Bay

Brewers Bay is a beautiful beach. The waters are almost always calm and crystal clear. Palm trees and sea grape trees are scattered along the shore.

Beaches in St John


Trunk Bay

Beautiful waters and wonderful white sand has made picturesque Trunk Bay one of the most popular beaches on St. John.

Renowned for it's underwater snorkelling trail, Trunk Bay is definitely worth a visit. Six hundred and fifty (650) feet of underwater trails are a highlight for Trunk Bay's visitors. You can rent snorkel gear on the beach. Trunk Bay is part of the National Park and is the only beach on St. John that has an admission fee. Fee is collected from 8am to 4pm.

The beach is a popular stop on tour itineraries and can get very busy on days when there are several cruise ships in port on St. Thomas or anchored off of St. John. Trunk Bay has been voted one of the most photogenic beaches in the Caribbean. Lifeguards are on duty daily.


Caneel Bay

Caneel Bay is a fabulous white sand beach lined with lovely tropical foliage. The water is usually very calm and crystal clear. Caneel Bay is home to the Caneel Bay Resort and the beach is accessible through the resort's entrance. It is requested that you check in with the front desk and collect a day-visitor's guide. A water sports concession rents small watercrafts. Caneel Bay can be hiked to from Cruz Bay using the Lind Point Trail.


Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach is a great spot if you are looking for a sun kissed stretch of sand to relax and revitalize, while also having the option to get active and explore. Honeymoon Beach is a pretty beach with sandy shoreline surrounded by sea grape and coconut trees. Hammocks and picnic tables are scattered under the trees. The crystal clear turquoise waters are rich in marine life and offer great snorkeling, particularly around the rocky headland that extends into the water between Honeymoon Beach and Solomon Bay next door.


Little Cruz Bay

The first beach that you see when the ferry pulls into Cruz Bay is little Cruz Bay on the right and the left of the dock. Little Cruz Bay is lined by palm trees and is a lovely spot to stop and sit while waiting for the ferry or to take a break while walking around Cruz Bay. The water is clear and inviting, however there are always boats anchored in the water. Shops and restaurants line one side of Little Cruz Bay and the taxi stand lines the other. Little Cruz Bay is one of the busiest little beaches on St. John.


Great Cruz Bay

A beautifully manicured beach near VI Friendship Villa, Great Cruz Bay is the location of the Westin Resort. The beach is lined with palm trees and is very inviting. There are water sports equipment rentals, beach umbrellas and beach chairs available. A water trampoline anchored in the middle of the bay is inviting for children. The water is usually very calm, perfect for swimming.


Cinnamon Bay

Cinnamon Bay, at about 1 mile, is the National Park's longest beach. This great beach offers snorkeling, swimming, volleyball and more. A water sports concession stand rents windsurfing equipment, kayaks and mountain bikes. There is good snorkeling around Cinnamon Bay Cay, a short swim from shore.. Across from the beach and campground entrance/parking area is a Hiking Trail through the Cinnamon Bay Plantation ruins.

Beaches in St Croix


St. Croix's palm lined and sun kissed beaches call visitors to spend a couple hours and sometimes the entire day enjoying the natural beauty. The island has 23 beaches with miles of secluded spots to be found along St. Croix's shores.


Divi Beach

This lovely white sand beach offers you a relaxing day in the sun. Palm trees line the sandy shoreline. Home to Divi Carina Bay Resort this beach is in easy access to water sports, bar and restaurant and even a casino. You can walk along the Divi Beach to Grape tree Beach which makes for a great beach stroll. Enjoy the pool side bar and restaurant at the Divi. Order a delicious cold tropical drink and sit under a palm tree while enjoying paradise. Fair snorkeling can be enjoyed.


Fort Frederik Beach

Frederiksted Beach is walking distance from Frederiksted and the cruise ship pier. It is a small, lovely white sand beach that offers instant access to the lovely Caribbean Sea right from the Frederiksted waterfront. This beach tends to be heavily populated when cruise ships are in port. Cruise ship passengers can sight see around St. Croix, shop in Frederiksted and then take a relaxing swim before returning to the ship. It is a popular spot for fishing in the evening and for watching the sunset.


Mermaid Bay

Mermaid Beach is a great white sand beach and is home to the Buccaneer Resort and the adjoining Buccaneer Beach House villa. The shore is dotted with many tall, beautiful coconut trees; they provide ample shade for those seeking refuge from the bright Caribbean sun. Some areas of the water are rocky and there are parts with sea grass.


Davis Bay

Davis Bay, a long sandy white beach, is typically quiet and relaxing. The middle of the bay has some rocks and the far left side experiences some mild surf which can be fun for body surfing if the conditions are right. The currents can get strong.

Coconut palms and other trees are scattered along the shore providing some shade. This beach is a lovely spot to spend a quiet day. The beautiful, undeveloped hills on the far left and the gentle to mild wave action set an atmosphere of being far away from everything. While the beach is quiet there is a resort on the beach called the Carambola Resort.


Chenay Beach

Chenay Beach is a pretty little beach. Home to a hotel with the same name, the beach is open to the public. This white sand beach offers both a relaxing atmosphere and beach fun. Wind surfers, snorkeling, kayak and sunfish rentals are available.

A beachside bar and restaurant makes you feel far away from everything else and is perfect for lunch and drinks while enjoying the tranquillity of the beach. There is some sea grass in the areas close to shore. Swimming out along the right side to the point affords good snorkeling. A children's play set is located just behind the tree line.


Dorsch (Sandcastle Beach)

Dorsch is a beautiful long beach located a short distance from Frederiksted. The shoreline is mostly sandy but there are a few rocky spots. This is the case in the water as well. Good snorkeling is available around the rocks. On weekdays the beach is quiet.

On weekends and holidays it’s popular for family picnics and parties. A section of Dorsch is sometimes called Sandcastle Beach due to a hotel on site with a similar name. There are two hotels on the beach and restaurant/bar facilities are available.


Cane Bay

Cane Bay is a great spot for sunbathing, walking, snorkeling, having a cool drink at a beach bar or just hanging out. The long white sand beach is lined with many trees which provide good shade. Cane Bay is renowned as an excellent snorkeling and scuba diving site.


Reef Beach

Reef is a small, quiet beach. The water can be a bit choppy. There are some rocks in the water and many areas with sea grass. It is a popular spot for wind surfing. A few sea grape trees line the shore which is sandy but littered with lots of dried sea grass.

Beaches in Water Island


Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon Beach is a pretty, white sand beach. The shore is lined with palm trees. Small palm frond umbrella huts offer shade and there is a shed on the beach. The beach is typically surf free and deepens gradually so is perfect for small children. The crystal clear water is inviting and offers fair snorkeling. The beach is usually sparsely populated on weekdays except for a couple hours in the afternoon when a boat charter stops in. It is a favourite for residents on weekends, particularly on Sundays.


Sprat Bay

Coconut trees line the area around Sprat Bay giving it a very tropical, uninhabited feel. Rarely populated, the bay is calm with occasional surf. The beach has soft white sand with some rockier areas toward the end of the bay. No amenities are available on the beach so it is necessary to bring drinks and snacks with you.


Limestone Beach

Limestone Beach is a long shallow beach. Rocky in several areas, it is good for exploring and is usually unpopulated. You can walk out from the beach to a reef for good snorkeling. Dive shoes are recommended for walking around tide pools. Swim with caution.