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Luxury Houses to Rent in Cape Town

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Cape Town is a wonderful combination of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines, making it one of the most unique cities in the world. With Table Mountain as a backdrop, there is not much more you could wish for in a South African vacation.

The Western Cape of South Africa is one of the most important tourist regions in the country. Offering the most beautiful views and incredible attractions, it is no wonder people flock to this seaside city.

You don't have to be a world-famous maritime explorer to get a rush of blood to your head (or heart!) when you first sight South Africa. From the comfort of one of the spectacular homes for rent in South Africa or indeed any of the luxurious villas in Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope takes on a whole new meaning.

The vastness of South Africa is matched only by its diversity. Roughly six times larger than the UK, this is a country that has two long stretches of coastline. The Western Cape province sweeps across the most southern point of the country with the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean drawing together at the most southerly point. In between these dramatic coastlines are wild plains and dramatic mountains. An awful lot to see and do.

Nature At Its Best

The physical geography of South Africa is like something created by a visionary architect. The highveld, or high, flat grasslands or the bushveld which are tree dotted plains, give way to the mountains. South, east and west of the plateaus is the mountainous region called the Great Escarpment. The eastern range is called Dragon's Mountain or Drakensberg with rugged peaks that stretch over 11,000 feet above sea level. To the North of the country is the Kalahari Desert and to the east the sub-tropical beaches that fringe the Indian Ocean.

To put it into more manageable terms, you could establish a base camp at one of the stunningly modern houses to rent in Cape Town, explore the wonder that is Table Mountain or enjoy the glamour and bustle of Clifton and Bantry Bay beaches where it's part of the fun to see and be seen.

Jumping in your car and heading due East along the Western Cape, you can sample the visual splendour of the Garden Route, do a bit of whale watching. Perhaps stop at Knysna to explore this magnificent region and enjoy the multitude of outdoor activities, golf, hiking and many other natural wonders.

Floral Magnificence

In case you haven't heard, South Africa is considered one of the Six Floral Kingdoms on planet Earth. You don't get this designation without some real botanical credentials. Well for starters, 30% of the plant species in SA are unique to this location. As well, Table Mountain National Park, the striking flat-topped mountain that offers a dramatic backdrop to Cape Town, has more plant species than New Zealand. Now that's pretty impressive. Perhaps you don't know a fynbos from a proteas and think flowers are just something you buy at a florists but be assured that when round a bend on the Garden Route and see a vast plain of colourful Cape Daisies in full bloom you'll definitely want to know more.

If you like your gardens a little more contained, then you can take the short trip from one of the spectacular vacation rentals in Cape Town South Africa and visit The Kirstenbosch Gardens. This garden covers an area of over 1,300 acres and is a heavenly destination for anyone who wants to see nature at very close range. Within easy distance of Cape Town, you can walk, hike and explore this beautiful area. The Boomslang Tree Canopy Walkway is one of the attractions within the Gardens. It is a timber and steel network of bridges that weave throughout the canopy of trees. The aerial views of the gardens and Table Mountain are stunning. Don't forget your camera!

A to Z of Fauna

And the flowers don't get to be the star of the show. From Aardvarks to Zebras, not forgetting the Southern Right whales and Cape Penguins - safaris both on and off the water are one of the biggest attractions in South Africa. Within easy access of Cape Town, you can join a safari or private tour to see some Big 5 game animals in their natural habitat. Lions, elephants and buffalo not forgetting all of the other African species’ roam freely within the safety of the game reserves dotted throughout South Africa.

To view other mammals, in a more liquid location, the temperate oceanic conditions off the Cape provide a maternity ward to the Southern Right whales. These mild and massive beasts migrate here each year to give birth and nurse their calves before making the pilgrimage southwards to the Antarctic waters to breed. These giants of the ocean can live up to 100 years and are both curious and playful with humans. Our concierge team will be delighted to arrange for a safari from any of the Cape Town villas for rent so you and your group.

Every Meal and Celebration

It's on the map. From a food, wine and beer point of view, South Africa has literally arrived at the top table. It certainly helps that this is a country that's home to some of the richest farmland and seashores in the world. A kaleidoscope of fish, meats, fruit and vegetables form the basis of some of the exceptional dining that's available throughout South Africa. Dishes that reference its location at the gateway to the East, combine with the influences of Northern Europe and Asiatic spices. Once you've located your base in one of the best holiday houses to rent in Cape Town with staff, you can enjoy having a first-class bespoke vacation experience. Your meals, you way on a timetable that suits your group.

If you like kicking back and keeping it fresh, you will want to explore the casual informality of street food. It is at its best in the cool food markets found around V&A Waterfront in Cape Town or at any of the interesting markets in the regional towns along the Garden Route. The traditional braai (barbecue to you and me), is a feature of life in South Africa. You can sample hot and tasty dishes like the Boerewors or coiled beef sausages. For something meat free, you can try Chakalaka, a fresh vegetable medley and a mainstay of most menus. The spicy Bobotie, that incorporates minced meat, dried fruit, and curry, baked with a mixture of egg is the national dish of South Africa.

Fine dining around the Western Cape involves elements of all these incredible dishes that have evolved into a gourmet experience that's unforgettable. To elevate each meal to another level, you can't forget the range of spectacular wines that are produced within the country. South Africa is the eighth biggest wine producing country in the world. The wine regions of Walker Bay, Paarl and Stellenbosch are acknowledged as some of the finest wine producing regions globally.

If you want to dip into the winelands of the region from one of the gorgeous Exceptional Villas Cape Town holiday villas, the area of Constantia a short drive from Central Cape Town is a great place to start. With over 9 wine farms dotted around the foot of the nearby Constantiaberg mountain, you can weave your way around this charming and prestigious suburb of the city. The Cape Dutch architecture of these wineries, opportunities for fine dining and, of course, a day of divine wine tasting will transform a sightseeing trip into a multi-sensory experience.


This country has a whole lot of history to share with its visitors. Going back to prehistoric times, you can visit the Cradle of Humankind and see where remains of early man were discovered. In more recent times, the conflicts and difficulties that shaped this modern nation are explored at some very thought-provoking museums that chart the history of apartheid. You won't want to leave South Africa without visiting Robben Island to understand more about the gargantuan struggle of Nelson Mandela and those who bravely stood with him to bring about necessary change. It's a profound experience and one that's memorable on so many levels.

Beautiful Beaches

Located on the peninsula in South Africa, the city of Cape Town is home to some of the most exceptional beaches. Enjoy long stretches of white sand beaches and some of the best surf in the country. While the water may not be the warmest, as it originates in Antarctica, it doesn’t stop tourists flocking to the beaches to sunbathe, enjoy water sports, or just dip a toe in if they’re brave. Some of our favourite beaches in the area are Clifton Beaches and Camp Bay.

Clifton Beach is located in one of the most affluent areas in Cape Town, where many of our luxury villas in South Africa are. This exceptional beach is arguably one of the best in the country offering four separate slices of heaven, just ten minutes from Cape Town’s city centre. While the water may not be the ideal temperature for swimming, you can enjoy may activities here including, jet skiing diving, boat trips, or just relaxing and soaking up the warm sun.

Getting About

The network of roads, all of which are well sign-posted and maintained, make a road tour of South Africa one of the very best ways to explore this varied landscape. Drives that traverse the dramatic coastlines, journeys out to the very tip of the Cape of Good Hope, routes that weave spectacularly through valleys - all of it is a driver's dream.

To get the very best out of the experience, you might like for Exceptional Villa's award-winning Concierge Team to arrange for a private guide or driver to introduce you to the wonders of the Cape. A guide with expert knowledge in any of the specific areas of wine, flora, fauna, history can unlock so many more of the fascinating facts about this great nation.


If you wonder what a culturally diverse nation is like, you will want to learn more about South Africa. With 11 official languages, this is a nation that is comprised of many different groups including Zulu, Xhosa and Khoikhoi to name but a few. With different origins, religions, and languages there is a heady blend of traditions that interweave in the culture of this country. Music, art, and traditional crafts have enjoyed a resurgence. The younger generations of these cultural groups are also creating art that brings their modern interpretation to the forefront. The Zeitz Museum in Cape Town is one of the internationally celebrated places to see contemporary African art in the world.

Luxury Villas in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of our must-visit destinations. All our luxury homes in South Africa are located close to one of the many beautiful beaches in Cape Town and offer unmatched views. There is a variety of ‘must see’ sites as well as incredible activities, you will never grow bored. If you wish you can spend your days soaking up the sun and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of the city. If you wish for a slower pace and a relaxing environment abounding in beauty, Cape Town is the destination for you.