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Overview Of Antigua

Antigua is a relatively flat island which is approximately 20 miles long and 10 miles wide.  It is located in the northeast of the Caribbean just south of St Barths, St Martin, and Anguilla.

Antigua is best known for having some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the Caribbean. And the most famous of these is probably Half Moon Bay which has beautiful pink hued sands and stunning turquoise sea.   The scenery is beautiful the views from Shirley Heights to the islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe will literally take your breath away.

Visit Antigua for it's beautiful sandy beaches

The island has a wonderful laid back atmosphere although there are plenty of glamorous restaurants, boutiques and casinos.

It is also one of the best known yachting and sailing islands culminating in the very popular Antigua Sailing week which takes place in late April to early May each year.  It has an incredible atmosphere and the island literally comes alive.

Another time to see Antigua in full swing is during the Antigua carnival which takes place at the end of July and start of August each year and where you will see plenty of authentic calypso and reggae music, steel bands and dancing.

Antigua has many fine beaches

For the adventurous, a trip through the lush rainforests and mango groves of Fig Tree Drive is worth doing.

Antigua is also well known for being one of the most historical of the Caribbean Island.  The 18th century Great Fort George is a very important part of Antigua’s history from its days as a British Colony as well as Nelson’s Dockyard which is a wonderfully restored British naval base.

Map of Antigua

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Useful Information

Capital City: St Johns

Language: English

Currency : US Dollar and East Caribbean Dollar

Voltage : 120V-220V

Visa : Antigua has a US$28.00 (EC$70.00) airport departure tax, a room tax of 8.5% and service charge of 10% (in lieu of tipping). For up-to-date resort information, visit www.fco.gov.uk

Temperature Guide

These figures show Antigua monthly average maximum temperatures and monthly average rainfall.

MonthTemp °CTemp °FRainfall(mm)Rainfall(in)


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