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Located in the southern tip of India and north of the Equator, Sri Lanka is one of the most undiscovered tropical countries in the world. Sri Lanka is scenically and breathtakingly beautiful.  The terrain changes between mountainous jungle, wild and virtually undiscovered beaches and verdant green tea estates.

Sri Lanka has many attributes. Few places in the world have so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The culture which spans over 3000 years is discoverable in bygone sites filled with mystery and ancient temples full of intricate and beautiful artisan craftmanship. Sri Lanka's British Colonial era provides another exciting history and culture to explore with plenty of beautiful tea plantations and many fascinating architectural treasures.

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Guide to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a nature lovers paradise. Expect to encounter herds of elephants, leopards, water buffaloes, schools of dolphins, enormous whales, and all manner of tropical birds within safe confounds of their relaxed national parks. For its small size, this destination has an incredible variety of habitats. The diversity includes 92 mammals, 242 butterflies, 435 birds and 107 different types of fish. With fourteen National Parks dotted all over the country, it doesn't matter which of the Villas in Sri Lanka you are staying in; there is an opportunity to visit one of them.

And then there are the exquisite beaches. Dazzling white sands with few footprints rim turquoise seas. One of the hallmarks of many Sri Lanka beaches is their remoteness and virtually undiscovered feel. Expect to be enthralled by wild natural bays and equally beautiful pristine stretches of white sands fringed with swaying palms and crystal clear and calm turquoise waters.

For verdant green scenery, Bogwantalawa Valley, which is better known as The Golden Valley of Tea is an extremely heart-stopping area. For visitors who might enjoy an authentic spiritual experience, we highly recommend a day trip to the area.  In the very centre of the country is the cultural capital of Kandy.  It is bursting with famous relics and temples including the world-famous Temple of the Tooth which is said to have one of the Buddhas real teeth.

Delicious food rich in spices and bursting with flavour is another cornerstone of Sri Lankan life. Celebrating over long meals is very much part of their culture. Sri Lankan people spend hours producing extraordinarily delicious meals, and food is very much a part of everyday life.

Guests fortunate enough to be staying in some of our luxury villas Sri Lanka will enjoy the fruits of some of the country's best hand-picked chefs. Some specialties include delicious curries, hoppers which are bowl-shaped pancakes with savoury fillings, Wattalappam a signature dessert made from coconut milk and eggs and Kottu Rotti.

Last but not least are the  people who have a gentleness and warmth that ensure that first-time visitors will become lifetime visitors to this unique and beautiful country. Each of the Sri Lanka Villas we represent come with a team of local staff who represent the epitome of this warmth and friendliness.

In terms of its geography, Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean with a population of 21.6 million.  It is 432 Kilometers or 268 miles long and 224 kilometers or 139 miles wide.  While it is small, getting around the island is slow as there are very few motorways which are also one of the charms of the island. The business capital is called Colombo.  All our guests fly in and out of Bandaranaike International Airport.  We are pleased to provide our clients with a full list of airlines that fly into Sri Lanka in our guide. During the period of British Colonialism, the primary language was English, so consequently many people here speak excellent English.  Today, this destination has two main languages.  Sinhala and Tamil.

Our selection of villas in Sri Lanka includes small two-bedroom hideaways up to large villas for up to 18 people. Each of our villas has been hand-picked to combine all the benefits of modern-day luxury with Southern Asian architecture and décor. One of the attractive features of a typical villa is the use of open-sided pavilions, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Many of our rentals come with media rooms, yoga pavilions, outdoor swimming pools, meditation shalas, gazebos and all the facilities and amenities you might find in a luxury five-star boutique hotel.

At Exceptional Villas, our knowledgeable villa experts are on hand to guide and help you to choose the best location and the best villa. Our experts spend time with each of their clients to understand precisely what they are seeking. They will ask questions such as what's important to you and to describe your dream vacation.

Only then will they begin the process of recommending our luxury villas for rent in Sri Lanka. The team will provide you with a shortlist of villas within your criteria and budget and are happy to provide the best price guaranteed.


Sri Lanka is home to some of the world’s best beaches, many of which are virtually undiscovered. There are not many countries left in the world where beaches are unspoilt and natural. The reasons are many but primarily due to the civil war, which ended in 2009. Thanks to some very visionary people, who built beachfront villas in Sri Lanka, our guests can now enjoy some of these virtually private beaches for themselves.

Many of our best beachfront villashave their location in areas such as Galle and Tangalle in the south-west of the country. These are the perfect areas to unwind and relax and enjoy some peaceful time exploring the beautiful bays and green scenery.

Some of the best beachfront villas include;

Claughton House

CLAUGHTON HOUSE is one of the most iconic and best beachfront villas. It has its location directly overlooking the exquisite Bay at Kudawella on the south coast of the island. Directly in front of the Villa, there is a beginner surf break, and a short tuk-tuk drive away brings you to the Bay of Hirketya which offers excellent surfing for intermediate and advance surfers. The beach at Claughton House is a vast bay with soft white and firm sands. The beach is a nature lovers paradise and is home to the worlds second-largest blowhole. Guest love to take sunrise walks and romantic sunset strolls.

One of the fascinating aspects of staying in Claughton House is the fact that it is an authentic Colonial plantation house. Visitors love feeling like they are experiencing a piece of history.  One of the most unique and beautiful experiences of a stay in this luxury five-bedroom proeprty is the Buddhist Blessing which each guest receives during their visit. Local monks come once a week and perform a blessing underneath the vast Banyan Tree in the gardens. It is one of the most unique, authentic and magical experiences.

Meda Gedara

MEDA GEDARA is another iconic luxury beachfront villa in Sri Lanka. There is a good reason for this.  It has a fantastic location directly on Polgahamulla Beach. The beach is naturally wild and virtually untouched with big crashing waves, thousands of colourful tropical birds and mature swaying palm trees.

The Villa is exquisite, and with its seven bedrooms sleeping up to 18 people, it is an excellent choice for an extended family vacation or corporate or health retreat. The gardens are heart-stopping with its profusion of sweet-smelling and colourful tropical flowers and shrubs. The Villa has an impressive free-form swimming pool, a waterslide, splash pool and a mediation and yoga shala.

Our guests often describe Meda Gedara as a complete paradise and heaven on earth. The Villa has a warmth and calm energy which ensures that guest completely relax and in doing so have a vacation of a lifetime.

Cloisters Villa

CLOISTERS VILLAS has its location directly on Mihiripenna Beach, which is another virtually private beach.  Despite its peace, beauty and remoteness, the Villa is walking distance to some beautiful restaurants and local bars serving the freshest of cuisine. Cloisters Villa is also great for guests wishing to explore some of the country’s best and most exciting cultural attractions.

The four-bedroom Cloisters Villa is close to Galle which is home to the UNESCO Heritage Galle Fort. The fort built in the 17th Century and for more than 200 years was Sri Lanka's most important port. Galle, a culture seekers delight is a town of colour, texture and sensations. The streets are bursting with the scent of spices, pretty winding streets and decaying Dutch Colonial Buildings.

One of the most beautiful features of The Cloisters Villa is the sense of peace and calm that envelopes you as soon as you enter.  The décor is unique, resulting from the beautiful pieces of furniture and art the owner has collected from around the world on her travels.

Sielen Diva Villa

SIELEN DIVA VILLA is another one of the best beachfront properties. It is an impressive seven-bedroom property sleeping up to 14 people. This beautiful Villa has a superb location beside the village of Talpe and is also a couple of minutes from the lovely town of Galle.

Overlooking the Mihirpena Beach, Sielen Diva is in front of a picturesque rock outcrop resulting in a unique beachfront perspective. Sielen Diva has a beautiful contemporary design which uses spacious floor to ceiling glass walls to take full advantage of the extraordinary view.

Sielen Diva Villa is a beautiful choice for a small destination wedding. Its beachfront location is hard to beat and a perfect place to create memories of a lifetime. The chef and villa staff can organize delicious banquets befitting one of the most important days of our life.  Likewise, Sielen Diva is a beautiful destination for a corporate retreat.


Once you have made your final decision on the perfect Villa for you and your family or friends, our five stars rated concierge team take over. They are destination experts and will organize all the details required to ensure your vacation is as smooth and relaxed as possible. This process begins with recommending and arranging the best ground transportation options from Bandaranaike International Airport to your Villa. VIP fast-tracking through the airport is another service they highly recommend. The team will also ensure that your property is pre-stocked with all your favourite goodies, drinks and treats.

Last but not least, they are highly skilled and knowledgeable on all the beautiful things to do and see in Sri Lanka. As you get closer to your Vacation, we highly recommend you take a read of our in-depth Sri Lanka guide. The guide goes into great detail on this beautiful colourful, historical and dynamic country.