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Deckenia Villa, Seychelles
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Seychelles Villas

Villas in the Seychelles

All that our knowledgeable villa experts have to say is, WOW!

That's the universal response when anyone arrives in the tropical paradise that is Seychelles. This island nation, made up of 115 islands, has a glorious location in the Indian Ocean. Having visited the destination many times, we are able to offer you in-depth local knowledge.

We are delighted to present a selection of some of the islands best Seychelles Villas in our portfolio. We are proud to have over 30 years experience renting villas around the world, so you have definitely come to the right place.

Unlike many other destinations worldwide, a luxury villa in The Seychelles provides clients with the opportunity to totally unwind in an atmosphere of calm comfort surrounded by exquisite beauty and some of the world's best beaches. Our villa specialists know every property and will speak with you over the phone to find you the perfect match.

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Guide to Seychelles

Gwladys is our Seychelles Expert, and she will be delighted to speak with you and recommend the best luxury Villas in the Seychelles, depending on your wishes and dreams.  Gwladys loves to travel and has lived in St Barts for many years, and is equally knowledgeable on our Turks and Caicos Villas and St Barts Villas.

Once you book your villa with Gwladys, our award-winning concierge team take over and are happy to recommend all the beautiful things to do on the islands as well as pre-book any excursions, Yachts, restaurants, inter-island transportation or whatever your heart desires

With a population of under 100,000 and numerous partially or uninhabited islands, there are many secluded beaches where you can find a sublimely relaxing place to stretch out and let your gaze embrace the endless blue.

It is said that you have summer all year long in Seychelles. Well, when you're only a few degrees south of the equator, you can be sure of divine year-round weather conditions. The temperature stays roughly within the 24 to 30-degree range. You have 12 perfect hours of daylight each day to explore the islands. Any rain appears in short bursts but quickly clears to return the islands to their naturally sunny state.

Postcards from Paradise

Fregate Private Island Beach

Get used to views across white sandy beaches fringed by tropical forests. Views that stretch out over the turquoise and balmy waters of the Indian Ocean. Views towards horizons that are only interrupted by a few white sails or the outline of pretty islands that tantalisingly invite a visit.

Views underneath the water reveal coral reefs teeming with a kaleidoscope of marine life. Inland, your senses will be assailed by forests revealing flowering plants that offer nesting to exotic birds and butterflies. From any of the exquisitely appointed properties, be prepared to have all of your senses seduced by the endless natural beauty that surrounds you.

Love is in the Air

For decades, the islands have been one of the most beloved honeymoon destinations in the world. It's easy to see why. Any lucky couple who are ensconced in one of the many luxury villas in the Seychelles, with a terrace opening onto a perfect beach, understand the true meaning of romance.

But don't imagine it's all two-by-two couples at every turn, billing and cooing. This archipelago is now one of the foremost destinations for families who are interested in a vacation experience that is as unspoilt, and it is safe. One of those magical and rare destinations that offers Seychelles villa rentals with real ecological credentials. The love that's floating in the clear and clean atmosphere of the Seychelles is impossible to resist.

Islands in the Sun

Seychelles Islands

Archipelagos make for wonderful vacation destinations. Why? You might ask. Well, the first plus is you get more beach for your buck. There's a 360 deg possibility of sandy perfection when you are staying on a green and luscious bump in the ocean. You will find Seychelles water villas proliferate around the many inner islands that make up the core of this nation. Stunning views, beach access, infinity pools that merge with the ocean – it really must be seen to be believed.

Another wonderful plus for island vacations is the limitless adventures and activities that await the curious traveller. You may find it very difficult to lever yourself from your sun lounger or therapy bed, but if you do muster the necessary energy, a wide world of island exploration awaits. Sail across the water corridors that move between the islands.

Get some diving or snorkelling in as you look at the expansive coral reef and its colourful inhabitants. If big game fishing is your thing, you can build that into a day of on-water activity. With numerous islands with few or no inhabitants, you can ask your skipper to find a quiet place for a long lazy picnic.

Ecological Credentials

Travelling around the world certainly does increase our carbon footprints. It's hard to get into beautifully remote parts of the planet without getting on a plane or into a high-powered yacht. One of the very best things we can do when we choose any of the villas for rent Seychelles has to offer is to find those with really great ecological credentials.

In this way, you can lie back knowing that your luxury villa in Seychelles has been built using sustainable local materials, is powered by locally produced clean energy. If you are staying, for example, in the uber-exclusive Fregate Island, you can enjoy gourmet meals produced with food that is almost exclusively grown on the island and cooked in kitchens powered by its own generator.

Sustainability doesn't have to mean restrictions or limits. The Fregate Island Seychelles vacation rentals are at the very highest end of luxury and sophistication. The fabulous finishes haven't been compromised in the quest for environmental sound design solutions.

Whether you are enjoying Fregate Island as a couple or with your children, the team of exceptional staff who live on the island conduct ecological tours through the forest and coastal areas, introducing guests to the flora and fauna of the Seychelles. Most memorable are the giant tortoises and their juvenile counterparts who amble around the island, charming all the guests who interact with them.

Awaken your Sense

Another extraordinary island, Zil Pasyon, offers the sublime Six Senses resort.

Occupying its own corner of this beautiful island, Six Senses Resort allows lucky visitors to enjoy all the privacy of one of the loveliest Seychelles villas with private pool with access to the exclusive Spa that features five double treatments villas. These spa villas are aptly named Ocean, Cave, Nature, Rock and Floating – instantly expressing the natural environment in which they are so beautifully set.

In much the same way that so many of the holistic spa therapies extract their treatment elixirs from the plants that are grown on Zil Pasyon, so too do the talented chefs use the abundance of local foods to tantalise the palate.


Dining in The Seychelles

If you want to get to know the history of the Seychelles, let me recommend you pull up a chair… at any of the wonderful restaurants across the islands. Seychellois cuisine is a heady mixture of Indian, Creole, French, African, British and Chinese. Well, it has been at the crossroads of international marine trade routes for centuries.

Fish is a big feature, as one would expect. Spice is another. Ginger, lemongrass, coriander, cloves, fenugreek and tamarind, are the poetry of food on these islands. They appear in many forms adding a flavourful twist to even the simplest vegetarian fare. A wonderful and regular delicacy on most menus is fresh fish steamed in banana leaves. Wonderful curries infused with coconut milk transform local fruit and vegetables into delicious dhals, ideal for vegans. Mangoes, coconut and avocados grow in abundance around the islands and make every breakfast buffet both healthy and colourful.

One of the local snacks that becomes an instant favourite for visitors is the Breadfruit chips. These are Seychelles answer to crisps or potato chips. After a strenuous day of relaxation, you'll want to kick off your evening at home with some cocktails or a local SeyBrew beer and a bowl of these chips. And all of this before you or your chef fires up your barbecue to prepare the main event of grilled fresh fish.

Seychelles – An Evolved Destination

Seychelles Private Dining

The island nation of Seychelles is showing itself to be a progressive and conscientious country. It is leading the way among other similar island sovereign nations globally in terms of protecting its natural environment. One of many protection projects involves cultivating coral to help offset the damage that has happened to the world's reefs over the past decades. As well, it has amped up its sustainability programmes, offering Government incentives for foreign investment that will help upgrade existing hotels and resorts.

Society in the islands is progressive and has enacted into law legislation that protects the rights of LGBT citizens and visitors – among the first and few of the African nations to do so. Many of the high-end resorts employ locals and have school training programmes to help develop career paths for children growing up on the islands.

With tourism the number one industry across the Seychelles, there is a general conscientious and welcoming approach by the local citizens to its visitors. Instances of petty crime towards tourists are very low, resulting in the Seychelles being one of those global luxury destinations that attract families and retired couples who want a safe travel experience. Seychelles is among the top tier of the richest sovereign nations on its continent. A position it is very unlikely to lose. The moderate and laid-back attitude of the Seychellois people is a key feature of its continued and sustained success as a desirable destination.

Seychelles through the Seasons

First of all, it's 'summer' all year in Seychelles. That means you have balmy weather conditions to enjoy all of the natural beauty of these islands. For a more specific breakdown of what happens throughout the year, here's a very quick overview:

The prime months to vacation in the Seychelles are from May through to October. Technically, it's called winter, but the temperatures are really ideal in the mid to late 20s. April and May are considered the greenest of the months, with September and October being a little drier.

November to March is the height of the summer season, bringing higher temperatures and wetter conditions. You have the hawksbill turtle hatching during the January to February period – something that attracts visitors. Rain arrives in very short, heavy bursts but clears quickly. With the movement of trade winds and the geography of the islands, it's not surprising to find that one part of an island will be experiencing a cloud burst while the other side is enjoying the sunshine.

If you are a very keen diver, the months of October and November are considered the ideal months to visit the Seychelles. But do remember, diving is something that can be enjoyed all year round.

With you all the Way

At Exceptional Villas we've been introducing our wonderful clients to some of the very best holiday destinations on the globe. Everything from unique villas in extraordinary locations to more conventional opulent resort accommodations, we have the inside line in what's best and where to find it.

Give our accomplished sales and concierge staff a call today and allow them an opportunity to surprise and tempt you with some exceptional suggestions for a vacation of a lifetime in the Seychelles. We are proud to be recognized as the number one villa rental company on Trust Pilot.

Your home from home awaits, as does a bespoke holiday experience. You and your fellow travellers will be nurtured and cared for through every stage of your vacation, from pre-booking right to the moment you step onto your flight or yacht home.

Seychelles Villas with Private Pools

Seychelles Villas with Private Pools

Within our portfolio, we are delighted to represent many properties with private pools. Take, for example, Fregate Private Island.   Fregate Island in Seychelles is one of the world's most exclusive and beautiful private islands.   It is also home to seven entirely secluded beaches, one of which is often voted the best beach in the world by many travel experts.

It is possible to rent the island's 16 villas in their entirety or book just one of them.  Whichever you choose, your footprints will likely be the only ones in the sand.  The other facilities include a Yacht Club and Sheltered Harbour, a Fully serviced spa, watersports and an abundance of eco exploration island activities.

Luxury Villas in the Seychelles

Again I say, wow! These islands are pure, clean, gorgeous and full of flavour. They operate at a gentle pace that allows every visitor to unwind and discover this paradise in his own particular way. So, what are you waiting for? Maybe it's time to experience this sublime destination in the heart of the Indian Ocean: Seychelles.