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In one specific way, all of the Fijian islands have something in common.  Beaches.  Beautiful, unspoiled, breath-taking beaches.  The word paradise appears time and time again in all Fiji tourist blogs and even this description feels inadequate to sum up the natural beauty of the islands.  A beauty that you can easily embrace from the comfort of any of the luxury Fiji villas.

Fiji, an archipelago made up of 333 islands, is located in the sublime South Pacific.  Its largest nearest neighbours are New Zealand and Australia.  Sitting on the 18 parallel, ensures an all-year round balmy temperature in the 25-30C / 77-86F ballpark.  The islands vary in size and composition.  Lush tropical forested hilly terrain gives way to low lying atolls.

Guide to Fiji

Why Fiji is so unique?

The Republic of Fiji is one of those stunning destinations that has established itself as a luxury family friendly destination. Fiji vacation rentals across many of its islands are exquisitely beautiful properties that form the ideal platform for a family who like to be on the beach, close to nature and able to engage with the local culture in a truly authentic and meaningful way.  Smaller children enjoy being spoiled by the local matrons while older children and teenagers can indulge in so many fun activities like kayaking, hiking and snorkelling.  The warm welcome feels so completely inclusive for everyone.

Room to Breathe

One of the most noticeable aspects of life in Fiji is how underdeveloped it is.  For instance, you can get out and enjoy walks and hikes without too much traffic to shatter the peace and harmony of your beautiful surroundings. There's a good inter-island infrastructure that will allow you to travel between islands by ferry or plane.  And you'll find roadways that weave inland through villages that remain true to their heritage.  Communities where traditions are respected and valued are at the heart of any memorable Fiji vacation.

As Fiji was somewhat late to the global tourist table, it has been able to protect much of its traditional culture.  Whatever preconceived ideas you might have had about staying at any of our private Fiji villas, you will be astonished to find the true spirit of a south Pacific island vacation waiting for you.  Coconut palms lining long stretches of white sandy beaches. Uninhabited atolls or smaller islands.  Large tracts of tropical rain forests filled with exotic birds.  Reef formations that dazzle with an array of colourful marine life.

What to see?

Islands and more islands.  333 islands make up this incredible nation.  Some of the smaller ones dip under the Pacific at high-tide like mirages that come and go.  The islands are spread over an area of about 1m square miles.  Only 110 islands are populated so when you stay at any of the Fiji villas on water, you can be sure there's an island or petite islet somewhere nearby that you can go explore where you'll only find your footsteps on the white sand.  Packing up a picnic, jumping on a boat and visiting the quieter islands or unspoiled coves of your own island base, is one of the most memorable aspects of any vacation in this corner of the world.

Flora and Fauna

Getting away from the coastline, into the tropical interior of some of the islands is a revelation.  With over 50% of the islands covered in tropical rainforests, there's a lush and captivating world to be explored.  If you are a keen bird watcher or just a gifted amateur, you'll be delighted to have an opportunity to catch a glimpse of one of the 27 species of birds that can only be found on these islands.  Parrots, boobys, honeyeaters and fantails make a colourful display as you walk some of the unspoiled trails through the vibrant green interiors.

At the seashore one of the main attractions are the turtles.  With five species enjoying the watery playground around the islands, it's pretty certain you'll get to see one of these quaint creatures.  From November to March three of the sea turtle species lay their eggs on the Fijian beaches.  It's one of nature's amazing events and you can get a local expert guide to allow you to safely observe this phenomenon. A once in a lifetime experience not to be missed.

Coral Reef

Offshore, soft coral reefs proliferate.  One of the largest in the world is the Great Astrolabe Reef that forms a protective lagoon around the islands of Kadavu, Ono and Buliya.  As Fiji enjoys a global position far removed from densely populated centres, the coral reef hasn't suffered any of the devastation found in other reef systems.  The water temperatures around the reef are a temperate 32C, with underwater visibility up to 30m, making snorkelling and scuba diving one of the most enjoyable activities when visiting the islands.

Over a thousand fish species live and breed along this reef.  It's an underwater rainbow of fish against the living coral.  When you book one of the private villas in Fiji be sure to pre-book a guided dive trip that will allow you to explore this underwater kingdom.

From Frogs to Falls

A walk through the rainforests is a cacophony of bird song and the unique call of the tree frogs.  Banded iguanas in rich jewel tones are another of the Fijian must-see creatures.  A local guide with all the knowledge of what to look for will ensure your hike is both educational and thrilling.

Waterfalls are a big feature of life on Fiji.  Springing from lush mountainous terrain, the many falls around Fiji look like they just stepped out of a shampoo commercial.  Bouma National Heritage Park has a hike that takes in some of the best waterfalls in Fiji.  10 minutes into your hike you'll come to the Lower Bouma Falls.  If you're not primed to make the 3 hour round trip that includes sweeping views across the Pacific to some of the other islands, you can simple unpick your footsteps at this point.  Taking a refreshing swim in some of the plunge pools beneath the falls, is that Instagram image just waiting to be captured.


The fragrant gardenia with its waxy white flowers is found all over the islands.  Orchids, blooming in their natural habitats, are another attraction.  The amazing Garden of the Sleeping Giant in Nadi is one of those exquisitely maintained botanical marvels where indigenous trees and flowers perfume the air.  The mangroves that create a tangled barrier that helps reduce the effects of coastal erosion are a feature along some of the coastal areas.  They have become nature's homegrown barrier to storm and sea damage and a vital part of Fiji's future.

Time and Tide

Join an eco tour on the islands to learn how modern Fiji is trying to devise schemes and systems to protect its islands from the threat of rising sea levels.  It truly is like trying to hold back the tide.  A lot of what we know and love about Fiji today could be very much changed in 10 years.  In many ways, this is a world that could quietly slip beneath the waves if global warming isn't tackled in a meaningful way.  Fiji has a Biodiversity Strategy plan in place that understands what key steps are needed to be taken to protect all of the natural wonders that make Fiji such a unique and captivating destination.

From Castaway to Survivor

And now for something a little different.  If you've ever tucked up with some popcorn on a cold night to enjoy the US show Survivor and marvel at the beauty of the castaway island locations, well, you've been looking at Fiji.  Virtually every episode of the US version of the show Survivor has been filmed across this archipelago.  The Eden-like quality of the islands, where pristine beaches and jungles are untouched by the modern world, create the idyllic backdrop for a show that's styled on the Robinson Crusoe tale.

As well, Castaway, the famous Tom Hanks's movie was filmed in Fiji for the very same reasons.  Once you wake up in any of the villas in Fiji on the water, you can walk along some of the most stunning beaches in the world and appreciate that castaway feeling, albeit with a luxurious experience waiting back in your villa.

The Sacred Islands

Fiji had no written language prior to the arrival of the first Europeans.  The folk stories and history of this nation were passed on orally, in dance and song from generation to generation.  The history tells of the mighty Fijian warrior Tui na Revurevu who arrived with his people by canoe and first populated the islands.  The remnants of a fortress built by him can be found on one of the largest of the Fijian islands - Vanua Levu.  The Sacred Caves and Sacred Pool are some of the interesting cultural sites to be visited to learn about the ancient history of Fiji.

Where to stay?

If you're looking for the ultimate villas in Fiji with private pools or villas with direct access to a stretch of perfect beach, simply contact Exceptional Villas who will be delighted to introduce you to the very perfect luxury property for you vacation.  Divine properties on the private island of Kokomo are a great example of the quality and style of the villas we represent around Fiji.  Our Sales and Concierge Teams can unlock the dreamiest of holidays for you and your family in one of the sublime Fiji Islands vacation rentals.  We're just a call away.

How to get to Fiji

There are direct flights from New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Japan.  Nadi International Airport is the main hub on Viti Levu, Fiji's main island.  Nadi Airport is one of the main connection points for other island nations in the South Pacific as well as domestic connections to other of the Fijian islands. Twin Otter Seaplanes and helicopters manage the shorter hops to the nearby island groups.


There are very few global destinations that deliver luxury and beauty in a unique and beautiful setting.  But Fiji not just delivers on all of these but exceeds any expectations you might have.

The swathe of Instagram images, the traveller photos, the vlogs, the travel guides all fail in capturing the quintessential essence of vacations in any of the villas in Fiji.  Gorgeous properties, designed to capture all of the natural grandeur of life by the ocean, range from stately to sublime.  High-end furnishings with pared back sophisticated interiors meld seamlessly with the exteriors.  Natural grass roofs on some of the Fiji water villas marry each property with the history of the islands and embeds them into the environment in a stylish yet sensitive way.

The Pacific Ocean, steps from your private terrace, provides a world of exploration.  Shoes become the least used item of clothing when you vacation in any of these Fiji vacation home rentals.

If you stay at one of the private islands like Kokomo, you can avail of the divine spa services that will find you floating away on a cloud of relaxation as you enjoy a massage or facial on the beach.  Tap into holistic treatments like yoga, meditation and fresh healthy dishes created by your private chef.  Go explore the islands and visit tradition villages and learn about their culture and how you can leave a positive and lasting legacy by understanding how your vacation in Fiji can help the local communities.

The word 'Bula' is constantly heard as you move around Fiji.  It's both a hello and goodbye.  It’s welcome, it's the embodiment of hospitality and so much more.  Embrace all of this as you vacation on the stunning islands of the South Pacific.  Pack it into your heart and bring it home with you as the best souvenir of this vacation.

Fiji is a world apart from all you've experienced in a vacation.  Take the magic carpet ride to these glorious islands and leave with so much more of value than you arrived with.  Bula!