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Where is the BVI Located

Paradise has a name. It’s the British Virgin Islands. With a reputation for exclusivity, this is a group of islands that has retained its natural beauty and charm. The BVI is a destination that has captivated the imagination of pirates, writers, and all discerning travelers searching for an idyllic holiday experience. So, where is the BVI located? Well, in the neighborhoods of bliss and stunning, right in the heart of the Caribbean.


The British Virgin Islands lie between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Its exact geographical coordinates are 18°30′N 64°30′W. So, where is BVI located in terms of its nearest neighbors? Well, it’s perfectly nestled between the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, lying to the West and the Leeward Islands of St Martin and Anguilla to the East.

Tortola Beach


Here are some useful facts about the British Virgin Islands.


Where is BVI located has a direct impact on its weather. The Tropical Climate, favorably tempered by Trade Winds, means a consistent temperature of around 30 degrees all year round. BVI has a rainy season, with the wettest months being September and October. The most rain falls in the hilly areas, with less along the coastal regions.


There are about 36 islands in the BVI. Sixteen of these are inhabited, and the remaining 20 are uninhabited. Altogether there are 50 miles of coastline to explore. The main islands like Tortola and Virgin Gorda that make up this British Overseas Territory offer pristine white sandy beaches and beautiful blue waters. Every island in BVI has a reef structure around it, and the island of Anegada has a horseshoe reef, which is the third largest continuous reef in the East Caribbean.

Uninhabited islands like Ginger Island and Norman Island, the inspiration for the story of Treasure Island, are just some of the perfect destinations for tourists who want a blissful day swimming and picnicking on a deserted beach.

Surf, Sail, Snorkel, Swim

As a traveler, you will be delighted to find all the S’s in BVI. The beautiful water and wind conditions create the ideal conditions for any activity in or on the water. Sailing is particularly popular. You will be delighted to walk around some of the marinas and harbors of Tortola or Virgin Gorda to admire the fabulous yachts that weigh anchor. If you get an opportunity to sail around the islands or take a catamaran tour, it’s one of the most memorable things to do in BVI.

Colorful fish and incredible reef formations abound. But, also, let’s not forget the views. The islands look even more spectacular from the deck of a boat as you weave through the maritime corridors between these lush and green landmasses.

BVI Catamaran

If you are keen on catching a wave or two, then the beaches of Tortola offer some exceptional surf. Apple Bay, or the delightfully titled, Smuggler’s Cove, have great wave conditions. Just another wonderful island activity for beginners or experts. Check out BVI Island Surf and Sail on Tortola. This one-stop shop can kit you with everything from fishing permits, SUPs, snorkels, surfboards, diving equipment, and boat rental.

Quirky Facts

There are no rivers or lakes in the British Virgin Islands other than a few streams that pop up here and there during a rainy spell. Other than lemurs on Necker Island, there are no large land mammals. If you take a hike to one of the hilly points on Tortola or Virgin Gorda, you might spot a small iguana or a cute tree frog, but that’s about it for land mammals. However, a wide variety of birds nest across the islands. If you are a bit of an amateur ornithologist, you might hear a Nightjar or Cuckoo. You can spot Doves and Flamingoes, too, as well as pheasants and guineafowl.

The beautiful British Virgin Islands were formed by volcanic activity many centuries ago. This legacy is evident in the hilly terrain around the islands. Mount Sage on Tortola is the highest point in this territory, about two thousand feet above sea level.


In addition to the islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost van Dyke and Anegada, there are several privately owned islands within the BVI. Picture-perfect coral islands, most under 1000 acres in size, are the prized possession of entrepreneurs and individuals who enjoy a certain level of privacy.

The most famous of these privately owned paradises is Necker Island. This 74-acre island is a playground for guests of all ages. Lucky guests will find all manner of watersports, beautiful beaches, spa services, and decadent dining, all coordinated by a dedicated on-island team. For one of the most incredible wedding venues on the planet, with a strong commitment to sustainability, Necker Island has it all.

Necker Island BVI Branson

Another private island paradise is Moskito Island. Owned by Richard Branson, this is a 125-acre island with state-of-the-art accommodations and facilities. There are several newly built estates on the island with names like Oasis and The Village. These are self-contained, spacious properties that deliver a bespoke vacation to groups. Transfer time by boat from Tortola is about 30 minutes, and once you step onto the island, you will be utterly spoiled.


The British Virgin Island villas certainly offer a variety of unique destinations. A combination of top family family villas in the BVI, privately owned islands with self-contained uber-stylish resorts, and family-orientated experiences ensure enough for all visitors to this magical corner of the Caribbean.

Which island to choose depends on what you hope to achieve from your BVI vacation. Tortola is home to the airport and Road Town, the capital of this Overseas Territory. In addition, Tortola, the largest inhabited island, offers many activities and a busier nightlife than some other islands. Consequently, Tortola is one of the better islands for a younger crowd keen on socializing.

Virgin Gorda is a quieter option. At 8 square miles, it’s large enough to offer visitors beaches, coves, and Gorda Peak but small enough to explore in greater detail. The main community of Spanish Town has shopping and is home to Yacht Harbor Marina. The Baths in Virgin Gorda are one of those unique geological formations that create incredible backdrops for swimming, snorkeling, and photography. Gigantic boulders, a legacy of ancient volcanic activity, are beloved by holidaymakers of all ages.

The privilege and exclusivity of staying on a private island are one of the best reasons to choose Necker or Moskito. Should you wish to host a memorable wedding or celebratory event, these islands come fully loaded with a team of professionals who will ensure you have a bespoke, high-end experience.

Smaller BVI islands like Scrub and Guana would be perfect for the ultimate romantic honeymoon. After the commotion of a big wedding back home, the limitless horizons from your stretch of white beach will deliver that quiet time to enjoy your first weeks of married life.

coconut tree beach BVI

Families love the livelier beaches of Tortola and Virgin Gorda. A well-located villa, with access to fun activities with other kids, will be just what your children crave. Sea It Clear, a glass-bottomed boat out of North Sound, Virgin Gorda, is a great cruise for all ages. Exploring some of the nearer islands from a dry seat, watching all the underwater activity like turtles and fish, is part of the unforgettable experience.


The main point of entry by plane is Tortola. Where is Tortola BVI located? Well, this is the largest island of the BVI and is just east of the island of St John in the US Virgin Islands. The airport is Beef Island Airport (EIS) otherwise known as Terrance B Lettsome International Airport. There are regular services from San Juan in nearby Puerto Rico and Antigua, another British Overseas Territory.

Tradewind Aviation provides three scheduled flights to Virgin Gorda. Flights will depart from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tradewind guests can relax and enjoy refreshments and complimentary WiFi in our private lounge while waiting for their departure. VIP experience is also available for purchase, providing a convenient and efficient travel experience.

From the USA you can now enjoy a direct route from Miami to Tortola with American Airlines.

You will find numerous options from the USA into Charlotte Amalie on neighboring St Thomas. Connecting to Tortola on smaller planes or by helicopter is one of the easiest ways to reach your desired destination. In addition, there’s an extensive list of high-speed private water taxis that can transfer you to your beautiful villa.

Part of the charm of BVI is the jaw-dropping views as you take the final leg of your journey by sea or air. Nothing quite prepares first-time visitors for the sublime vistas. The absence of major air traffic into this island group is another reason BVI has retained its allure and sense of exclusivity.

BVI Sunset scenic


By now, you will be starting to comprehend the special nature of the British Virgin Islands. Small they may be, but they lack nothing in luxurious and laidback elegance. To tap into this magical archipelago, have a conversation with Exceptional Villas dedicated concierge team. Offering a complimentary service, our team can unlock the secrets of these islands. From booking pretty lunches at cool beach-side restaurants to arranging for a skippered vessel to take you to the most secluded secret beaches, there’s a whole world to explore.

From pirates to picnics, from hikes to hammocks, this is the idyllic Caribbean vacation everyone longs for. Whether you are a couple enjoying a romantic getaway or a family group looking to bond over a shared love of the water, you will discover this playground designed to deliver all you need.

Give us a call today, and we can start the process of introducing you to a vacation destination that will delight and surprise you. British Virgin Islands or BVI, paradise, and pleasure await.

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