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Where is the BVI Located

Paradise has a name. It’s the British Virgin Islands. With a reputation for exclusivity, this is a group of islands that has retained its natural beauty and charm. The BVI is a destination that has captivated the imagination of pirates, writers, and all discerning travelers searching for an idyllic holiday experience. So, where is the… Read more

What Happens if Flight Is Cancelled

My flight was cancelled, what do I do? This is the question that, sadly, we only ask ourselves when we are standing knee-deep in luggage in the Departure concourse of an airport. If you’ve been on the wrong end of a flight cancellation, you will instantly know that feeling of utter despair when you see… Read more

Direct Flights from London to Caribbean

With daily flights from London to the Caribbean, you can reach the stunning white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters within 9 hours from London to many exotic islands. The main airlines flying non-stop from London to the Caribbean are British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, and most of the flights depart from either London Gatwick or… Read more