Top 5 Villas for Family Vacations in the BVI

Many of our client ask us to recommend family villas in the British Virgin Islands.  So here we go…

Top Family Villas in the British Virgin Islands

1. Bella Beach Villa

This is without doubt one of the nicest villas in the Caribbean.

Located just a few steps from the beach, it is the ideal location for a family Caribbean vacation. Everything about Bella Beach Villa represents luxury and comfort. Once you walk in the front door, I loved how the hall way is over a pond and you can see the tropical fish swimming.

As you walk in the bedrooms are separated into different pods, meaning large families can still have their own privacy. Each bedroom has its own design but they all share the one similarity – luxury!

The large pool is perfect for families to relax and have fun in together. The delightful beach is only a few steps from the villa. Here you can enjoy the water-sports that Oil Nut Bay has to offer, the tennis court is just a short walk away and the wonderful kid’s club is great entertainment for the little ones.

Overall this really is a beautiful location for families to enjoy their vacation and Oil Nut Bay Resort has more than enough to entertain the whole family.

Bella Beach Villa at Oil Nut Bay Resort in The British Virgin Islands
Bella Beach Villa in Oil Nut Bay Resort

2. Baraka Point

Baraka Point is a wonderful property. What I really like about this villa was the staff are extremely friendly and are very eager to make your trip as fun as possible.

There is a games room on the lower deck of the villa. This is absolutely perfect to chill out in and watch a movie or play games. Like other villas the rooms are in separate pods and again this means the family are not all on top of each other. While some family members can relax by the pool, others can enjoy a spa treatment or help feed the on-site tortoises.

The staff will organize a trip to the beach with a packed lunch or take you snorkelling in the beautiful ocean. Baraka Point really gives a feeling that you are at home, you can really relax here and enjoy beautifully prepared dinners every evening together as a family.

A cluster of tortoises shelter from the sun under a massive rock
The Tortoises at Baraka Point set the pace

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3. Sol y Sombra

Having recently visited Sol y Sombra, I found it to be an ideal Villa for a family vacation. Located right next to the famous ‘Baths’, you will have direct access to Little Trunk Bay Beach. From here you can swim or snorkel directly to the ‘Baths’. There is a beautiful swimming pool at this villa, large enough for a family to relax in after a fun day of exploring.

Separate to the main house is the Tennis Pavilion, here you have a Master bedroom and also 2 single beds in the day room.

This is ideal for parents with young children who can be slightly further away from the rest of the group. I would highly recommend this villa for a family vacation as you will be able to enjoy everything that the Caribbean has to offer.

View over Little Trunk Bay from Sol y Sombra
The View Across Little Trunk Bay from Sol y Sombra

4. Aja Villa

Villa Aja has 5 bedrooms and offers amazing ocean views and is a short walk to Trunk Bay Beach. The beach is absolutely glorious but not many people know it is there, so you normally will have the entire beach to yourself.

This really is great for families as you can enjoy this wonderful setting in privacy.

The bedrooms are close together which is ideal for families with young kids. There is a beautiful dining area just outside the kitchen, here you can enjoy a lovely family dinner with the best views in the Caribbean.

Our British Virgin Islands expert takes looking cool to new levels
Sean takes looking cool to a new level.

5. St Bernard’s Hill House

Here you will feel like you are on top of the world. St. Bernard’s Hill House offers absolutely exquisite panoramic views. It is one of our most popular Tortola Villas.  Surrounded by many Islands, it takes your breath away every time walk out onto the patio area. The gardens here are kept immaculately well, the pool the best place to relax while taking in the view with a cocktail.

Smuggler’s Cove Beach is approximately a 10 minute drive away. This is a fantastic beach that is rarely busy.

The villas have their own yacht and day trips can be organised to sail to all the wonderful islands that are in view from the property.

There are different pods on the property with very luxurious bedrooms. I would definitely recommend this property for an older family vacation, maybe celebrating a birthday or special anniversary.

View across the marina at St Bernard's Hill in Tortola
St Bernard’s Hill in Tortola

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