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St Barths Attractions


View of the harbour at Gustavia.  Great big yachts loom palely from the water.  The harbour is flanked by a profusion of clean white buildings roofed with with clay-red tiles

Gustavia is one of the prettiest harbour towns in the Caribbean.  Its steep bay walls tumble to a rectangular waterfront with attractive red-roofed buildings overlooking the harbour from three sides.  There is a lovely board walk around much of the waterfront.   Here you will find lots of small boats and tenders moored at the restaurants and bars which gives it a lovely atmosphere.   In the winter season, Gustavia is one of the most fashionable places in the world with many luxury yachts moored shoulder to shoulder.

On shore the streets are steep and narrow and full of character.  There is often a lively buzz around many of the bars and restaurants particularly along the boardwalk.   The streets are lined with serious fashion names such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes as well as some beautiful boutiques and designers that are unique to St Barths.

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Saint Jean

Saint Jean is second in size to the Capital of Gustavia and is also the only other sizable town in St Barths.  St Jean sits on the Island’s North Shore on Baie de St-Jean just over the hill from Gustavia.  The small airport of St Barths lies at one end of St Jean and it is always fascinating to watch the tiny planes coming into land over a steep hill and down onto the second shortest runway in the world.  As well as the beautiful Eden Rock Hotel, there are several other nice restaurants and bars along St Jean Beach.  Behind the beach, just a couple of minutes walk the Eden Rock, is the small town where there are two rows of very chic shops and some restaurants and bars.

The main restaurant at the Eden Rock is also worth a mention.  Aptly named “On The Rocks”, it has a beautiful atmosphere under the stars matched with fabulous internationally inspired cuisine by the world famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.

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Corossol set on a protected bay on the north of Gustavia is one of the distinctly local areas of St Barths.  It is home to many St Barths families and has slightly more local character.

East End

The East end is the least developed area of St Barths.   Beyond St Jean the settlements of Lorient, Grand Cul-de-Sac and Petit Cul-de-Sac along the North coast are home to several luxurious Villas.  The south of the Island however is largely untouched.   Here a few of the remaining traditional St Barthian houses, often a series of small square buildings with tin roofs, can still be seen.

Deep Sea Fishing

The Atlantic waters to the east of St Barths offer good fishing.  Fish you might find include Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin and Kingfish.  Day and half day trips can be arranged through water sports companies such as Ocean Must Marina and Nautica FWI.

Boat Trips

St Barths offers a good variety of offshore day trips by luxury crewed motor yacht, sailing yachts as well as Catamarans.  This is a great way to go to some of the remoter beaches such as the Anse de Colombier in the northwest.    But you could also head to other islands such as St Martin or Anguilla or stay close by and visit Ile Fourchue which as a lovely protected beach.   Sunset cruises can also be arranged.


St Barths is wonderful for hiking and it is a great way to explore St Barths.   There are hiking paths all over the island and you can literally go for half an hour or four hours.   Particularly lovely hikes are to Colombier and around Toiny where the scenery is wilder and spectacular.    Hiking leaflets are available.

Horse Riding

Galop des Iles is based at Ranch des Flamand’s, high above the coast between Anse de Cayes and Flamands in North-western St Barths.  The stables offer rides through the rocky terrain in this area and along Flamands beach.

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

There are great opportunities for both Scuba Diving and Snorkelling in St Barths due to the many underwater reefs in several of the bays.  Many of the diving sites have interesting structures including some large caves and there are two wrecks.

The best area however is in the North West of St Barths in Colombier and around Pain de Sucre which is an islet just off Gustavia Harbour and around Coco Islet.

There are several scuba diving companies that offer equipment and trips.  There is also a marine reserve with sections in the west off Gustavia and in the east towards the Atlantic.  Padi Certification is available.


In house spa treatments can be arranged in all our villas however if you prefer to go out to a spa both the Guanahani and Hotel St Barths Isle de France have nice spas.


The best beaches to partake in water sports in St Barths include St Jean and Grand Cul de Sac.  There is also good windsurfing with steady moderate trade winds of 10-20 knots.


Court times can be arranged, for a fee (around €15-20) at the Flamboyant courts in Grand Cul de Sac. There are also some courts in Colombier. Several tournaments are organized every year, including a major event in August which welcomes the participation of visitors for friendly competition


There are three independent fitness clubs on the island. Yoga classes and individual instruction are available in beautiful outdoor sites. Personal trainers are available and will go to your villa upon request.


Although most of the hotels and the villa owners will not accept pets, you will find legal information about bringing pets at here. If you make a request, and the owner or hotel agrees to accept your pet, then a security deposit is usually required.

According to the Division of Tourism in St. Barth, in order to bring a dog onto the island of St. Barth, the following is required: a microchip or tattoo on the dog and an accompanying rabies certificate

St Barths Adventure

A one of a kind experience, St Barth Adventure rents quad scooters and organises guided tours of the island throughout the year.  Accessible to everyone, a quad makes it easy to get around St Barths in total safety.


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