Diverse, delightful, delicious, with an abundance of the freshest ingredients, Turks and Caicos restaurants weave magical dishes to please every taste. The gorgeous group of islands that makes up Turks and Caicos is sublimely located in the temperate and lush Caribbean Sea.

Here, Exceptional Villas has the most exclusive Turks and Caicos villas that are laced throughout this tropical and captivating land. An abundance of seafood and fresh local ingredients allow restaurants across the archipelago to create delightful dishes.

It is unusual to find a menu that doesn’t have mouth-watering shellfish prepared in delicious yet simple ways or woven into a state of the art dish that is as beautiful to look at as it is to taste.  A wide range of meat dishes and lush vegetables sourced from the islands, guarantee freshness and, in many cases, organic offerings.

Best Restaurants in Turks and Caicos

  1. Kitchen 218 at the Beach House
  2. Provence
  3. Seven
  4. Ristorante Via Veneto
  5. Chinson’s Grill Shack
  6. Coco Bistro
  7. Fish Fry
  8. Sandbar Bar and Restaurant
  9. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville
  10. Guanahani Restaurant and Bar
  11. Blu
  12. Triple JS Grill
  13. Dolphin Grill
  14. Conclusion

The islands have made a rather dramatic decision to keep all fast-food chain restaurants at bay.

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some delicious fried chicken or luscious cheeseburgers but, let’s just say, these dishes are less pedestrian than their mass-produced cousins found a little further north! The dining experience is only one of the reasons it is listed as one of the 17 Caribbean Destinations with Direct Flights from New York.

A relaxed dining experience for you to enjoy. Turks Restaurants has some super sizzling dishes to offer! A crisp salad or some freshly cooked seafood, the choice is your.

So, let’s sail around this delightful island and call in at some of the lovely, quirky Turks restaurants that promise a dining experience, par excellence, to you lucky visitors. It is simply one of the many incredible things to do in Turks and Caicos.


The largest of the Turks and Caicos islands and easily accessed from Parrot Cay.

1. Kitchen 218 at the Beach House

This modern and chic restaurant has expanded the boutique flair of its accommodations and created a beautiful offering in Kitchen 218.  It will always feature on any ‘Best restaurants in Turks and Caicos’ guide if you are looking for a casual yet stylish experience.

The delightful dishes, produced by the excellent team at Kitchen 218, are a happy blend of Caribbean cuisine overlaid with some sophisticated French and Asian twists.  The Lionfish Ceviche is memorable, as is the rich and flavoursome Beach House Paella.

Location:  The Bight, Providenciales

Serves:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (except Thursday evening) – Moderately priced

Cuisine:  Caribbean infused with French and Asian tones

Vibe:  Casual-Chic

Reservation essential – +1 649 946 5377

Kitchen 218 only one of the incredible restaurants Turks and Caicos has to offer. This vibrant golden dish is oozing with hot tasty sauce and fresh seafood.

2. Provence

While staying in your private villa, why not venture out for some tantalizingly tasty treats.  This restaurant has an open kitchen, so you can watch as your delicious spicy Turks and Caicos cuisine is prepared with loving care by the wonderful kitchen team.  There are excellent Date Night menus for Friday and Saturday nights where, for a set price, a three-course meal of the most delicious fare is available with a house red or white.

Location:  Grace Bay Road, Providenciales

Serves:  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (except Monday evening) – Moderately Priced.

Cuisine:  French / Caribbean

Vibe:  Casual-Chic

Reservation essential – +1 649 339 2233

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3. Seven

If you’ve packed a pair of heels and a glam dress, Seven is where you will want to wear them.  This beautiful venue is one of the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos, with its crisp white table cloths, grand piano and ambient lighting. It sets the stage for a rather romantic and stylish evening.  The menu is spectacular – Caicos Rum Butter Lobster will melt in your mouth after the refreshing flavours of a Tomato and Strawberry gazpacho.

Location:  Seven Stars Resort, Grace Bay, Providenciales

Serves: Dinner – Moderately/High Priced.

Cuisine:  Modern Contemporary- Caribbean Fusion

Vibe:  Stylish, Open terrace and Inside Dining Option

Reservation essential – +1 649 339 3777

4. Ristorante Via Veneto

When you step over the threshold into this lovely modern restaurant, you are stepping into a little corner of Italy.  With over 90% of the food ingredients brought in from small producers in Italy, you are getting the authentic taste of the Mediterranean.  The olive oils, the pasta, the flavours – it’s Italy at its very best.

The influences of Turks and Caicos on the menu can be found in the Fresh Lobster Bruschetta.  On Saturday night, the brick oven is fired up and the sleekest thin-crust Roman pizzas are prepared right before your eyes.  With a good bodied red wine or a chilled beer, it is food heaven.

Location:  Port of Call Resort, Grace Bay, Providenciales

Serves: Dinner (Friday to Wednesday) – Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  Authentic Italian

Vibe: Casual Stylish

Reservation essential – +1 649 941 2372

The captivating Via Veneto Restaurant that serves delicious Turks and Caicos food. The tables sit comfortably under the glistening lights above.

5. Chinson’s Grill Shack

If you decided to visit Turk’s restaurants you simply must embrace the whole Caribbean food experience.  To be honest, most of the dishes are borrowed from other of its Caribbean neighbours.

For example, the jerk from Jamaica, BBQ from Hispaniola and the conch fritters from The Bahamas.  Yet, for all this borrowed cuisine, the locals have captured the very best of these various styles of cuisine and you will be glad you took the plunge.

In most cases, the best versions of these dishes are found at street stalls or shacks.  The very best Turks and Caicos food shack is Chinson’s Grill Shack.  Nothing fancy here but the food is yummy.  Goat Curry, Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas …. it’s all waiting for you.  Go early in your holiday as I bet you’ll want to go again before you leave!

Location:  Leeward Highway, Providenciales

Serves: Open 7 Days – Low to Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  Authentic Caribbean

Vibe: Casual, picnic benches

No reservations required – +1 649 941 3533

6. Coco Bistro

This is the dining experience in Grace Bay that everyone talks about.

It’s no surprise as it is rated one of the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos. To begin with, the setting is divine.  Under waving palm trees, you can count the stars as you enjoy some of the finest food to be found across Turks and Caicos.

The chef and owner know a lot about allowing the best ingredients to speak for themselves.  Seafood is deliciously fresh and not over-worked.  The meat dishes have the lightest of touches to preserve flavour and texture.

The banana fritters, a staple on most Caribbean menus, are light and crisp offering here.  But it is the Belgian chocolate fondue (for two) that gets a special mention.  Do try to leave room for this playful dessert.

The resident matron in the restaurant is Coco the cat who likes to take a casual stroll through the restaurant most evenings.  She is extremely well-behaved and won’t impose herself on your evening…. But like all royalty, she really does like to be admired.  The Grand Dame of Coco Bistro!

Location:  Grace Bay, Providenciales

Serves: Dinner (except Monday) – Moderately / High Priced

Cuisine:  Fine Dining / Contemporary / Caribbean

Vibe: Elegant / Chic

Reservations Recommended – +1 649 946 5369

One of the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos! Sit under the tall palm trees and let the Caribbean breeze skim across your skin as you dine in this tropical haven.

7. Fish Fry

Although not technically a restaurant, this is a dining experience not to be missed when you are on Turks and Caicos. Essentially, it’s the best street party you’ve ever attended.  With numerous food vendors selling hot and spicy Caribbean dishes or the utterly memorable Lobster Mac and Cheese (yum!), you and your family can drift around this busy market.

In addition to food, there are stalls selling handmade jewellery and scarves.  The backdrop to all this activity is the vibrant sounds of the Ripshaw musicians who set the tempo for a truly laid-back Caribbean experience. Visitors fly and sail in from all of the other Turks and Caicos Islands for this weekly event.  As the evening winds down at 9.30pm, younger guests can join in.  Kids love the atmosphere.

Location:  Bight Park, Providenciales

Time:  5.30 to 9.30pm / Thursday ONLY

Vibe:  Party, Lively, Entertainment

Grand Turks Restaurants

The administrative capital of Turks and Caicos that wears its Colonial past on its sleeve.

8. Sandbar Bar and Restaurant

The friendliest restaurant in Grand Turk.  The deck overlooking the beach is glorious.  It will look even better after one of their famous rum punches.  Their chunky burger with all the trimmings is a lovely change from the oceans of seafood available all over Turks and Caicos.  A very relaxing place to enjoy a long lunch with kids or settle in for an early dinner.

Location:  Duke Street, Cockburn Town, Grand Turk

Serves: Lunch, Dinner, Bar (with After Hours) – Low to Moderately Priced.

Cuisine:  American / Caribbean

Vibe: Casual, Fun, Friendly – Beach and Sea View.

No reservations required – +1 649 946 1111

9. Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

It’s not going to win any awards for haute cuisine but if you are young (whether in mind or body) and want a day swimming in two huge pools intersected by a bar, with loaded nachos and burgers available off the food menu, then you will be in heaven.  It’s a busy, lively and fun place to pass a day.  The free Wi-Fi adds to the whole experience.  Don’t forget your sunblock!

Location:  Grand Turk Cruise Centre, Grand Turk

Serves: Lunch, Dinner, Bar (with After Hours) – Low to Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  American / Caribbean

Vibe: Party Central, Casual, Fun, Friendly, Swim

No reservations required – +1 649 946 1880

Margaritaville - A fun way to enjoy a refreshing drink and some simplistic Turks and Caicos food.

10. Guanahani Restaurant and Bar

The unimpeded view over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean makes this one of the most special Turks restaurant that you can visit.  The delicious plates of food produced by the able chef are supplemented by daily specials that are well worth checking out.  Mouth-watering Coconut Shrimp or rich steaks are staples.  There are delicious brunches at the weekend and a glorious English High Tea.  The setting right on the beach is divine.

Location:  Bohio Dive Resort, Cockburn Town, Grand Turk

Serves: Brunch, Lunch, English High Tea, Dinner, Bar (with After Hours) – Low to Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  Caribbean / American

Vibe: Casual, Friendly – Beach and Sea view

No reservations required

South Caicos

The destination for those who want space and nature.  Bliss.

11. Blu

The restaurant reviews for Turks and Caicos highly rate this delightful restaurant located within the East Bay Resort.  The freshest of seafood prepared to perfection is how best to describe this haven.  Conch Salad followed by the lightly grilled fish.

The chef is clever and understands how the best ingredients can speak for themselves.  The food is wonderful and inventive with all variations of seafood the main event.  There are non-fish options too for anyone looking for something different.

Location:  1 Fourth Street, East Bay Resort, South Caicos

Serves: Dinner –  Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  Seafood

Vibe: Elegant / Casual-Chic

Reservations recommended – +1 844 260 8328

Lightly Grilled Fish - Succulent dishes with the finest Turks and Caicos food. The bronzed fish is cooked lightly and seasoned to perfection

12. Triple Js Grill

The ultimate Turks and Caicos dining event if you want an authentic experience.  The BBQ ribs and hot sauce are simply the best you will find in the whole of Turks and Caicos.  This is a family-run BBQ and Jerk shack.  You will feel like you’ve dropped into someone’s backyard for some amazing home-cooked treats.  This is such a popular drop-in spot on South Caicos.  Don’t miss out.

Location:  Hill Grove Street, South Caicos

Serves: Dinner (Friday and Saturday only) – Low Priced

Cuisine:  BBQ / Caribbean

Vibe: Very Casual, Fun, Friendly

No reservations required – +1 649 343 7844

13. Dolphin Grill

The views at sunset are glorious.  Sitting back with a delightful cocktail, it’s a very relaxing start to your evening.  The seafood is wonderful.  Lobster, grouper, shrimp, conch – everything is freshly prepared.  This restaurant gets very busy on Sunday evening as it’s one of the few restaurants on South Caicos that is open.  If you are a day-tripper to South Caicos, drop in for lunch.  Did I mention the amazing view?

Location:  Tucker Hill Road, South Caicos

Serves: Lunch, Dinner – Moderately Priced

Cuisine:  Seafood / Caribbean

Vibe: Dining with a View, Casual-chic, Friendly

Reservations:  +1 649 946 3810

Creative Cocktails for a refreshing break. Sip on some of these tropical treats in only the best restaurants in Turks and Caicos


The restaurant scene in Turks and Caicos have grown out of rich and diverse history. Its nearest neighbour The Bahamas has given it the Conch that gets frittered to perfection.  Hispaniola is the origin of the smoky BBQ flavours you will find on those juicy ribs.  Jamaica has gifted the Jerk to the islands.

You might be wondering what exactly traditional Turks and Caicos food are. Well, it’s all of the above!  The wonderful and friendly people of Turks and Caicos are as diverse and colourful as the food you will enjoy. Does it really matter where the food influences come from?  I don’t think so.  What matters is freshness and taste.  The restaurants in Turks and Caicos only have to cast their nets a short distance to harvest the abundance of sea and land. The distance between the sea and the plate is as short as you would wish to find anywhere.  Without too much pomp or ceremony, you can sit in restaurants with some of the best views in the world and feed your body and soul with the brilliance of Turks and Caicos.

If you want to learn more about this tropical haven then why not take a look at our Turks and Caicos travel guide.


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