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Our Deluxe Guide To Chartering A Private Jet

Using commercial airlines is often an unfortunate necessity in most of our lives, filled with multiple annoyances and grievances. From the loud bustle of the airport to the cramped conditions of the aircraft, a commercial flight is often not the glamorous start to a vacation that we dream of.

In stark contrast, soaring through the skies on a luxury private plane surrounded by the most extravagant amenities and facilities imaginable is our idea of heaven. And here at Exceptional Villas, we are determined to provide you with the ultimate experience above the clouds.


But a poor choice of charter service could head your dream vacation into stormy skies. To avoid this turbulence, we have created this handy guide to help you select the best private jet charter. 

The perks of private jet charter flights

One of the perks of booking your private jet through Exceptional Villas is that we are partnered with Paramount Business Jets. It is important to remember that every private jet will vary and have different amenities, but here is our choice of the seven most luxurious features to be found on flights around the world:

  • The very best service: Forget First Class service, the attentive crew onboard a private aircraft is the best of the best. A dedicated team will attend to your every whim and need as you soar through the skies. There is no wait either; as the sole passengers on the flight, you will be the first priority meaning all requests are met on demand. 
  • Exclusive entertainment: Nestle into deluxe seating to watch the must-see in-flight entertainment in your own personal cinema. Expect the greatest blockbusters, binge-worthy TV boxsets, and unlimited wi-fi, all displayed on a gloriously widescreen television. 
  • True fine dining: We want to emphasize that any food your heart desires can be made available on a private jet charter. On request, our concierge can ensure you will be greeted with the welcoming aroma of food from your favorite restaurant upon arrival. Alternatively, on a larger craft, a personalized high-quality menu can be tailored to guest preferences and cooked by the most extravagant chefs.
  • Unlimited destinations: The world is truly your oyster with private jet travel. Uncover the hidden gems and hard-to-reach destinations unavailable to commercial flights, like the decadent Necker island or the stunning Norman’s Cay. In America alone, commercial airlines can access about 1,500 airports, while private planes can land at an estimated 5,000 airports. 
  • Streamlined flying: The process of traveling to the airport and boarding can be incredibly time-consuming and draining for the luxury traveler. However, on a private jet, nearly everything takes less time, from airport security to the loading and unloading of the plane. The overall private charter experience will take an estimated 3h 54m, while a commercial flight can take upwards of 7h 2m.
  • Full-sized bedrooms and bathrooms: Fed up of trying to fall asleep in the tight confines of a commercial flight seat? Do you find the commercial airline ‘bathrooms’ less than ideal? Some charter flights have both full-size, luxuriously decorated bedrooms and bathrooms making them the true definition of a home away from home. 
  • Pets on jets: Private jets do not have to conform to the rules of commercial flights, which means your furry friends are more than welcome onboard. Your pet will be treated like an extended member of the family by the crew, who will ensure they have a pleasant and stress-free trip.


The different types of private aircraft 

It is important to consider your needs and requirements when selecting a craft for air travel. You should ask yourself:

  • Do you have a budget in mind? 
  • What is the size of your traveling party?
  • How long is the flight time?
  • What is the distance to your destination?
  • Is the height of the cabin important to you?

When trying to choose the ideal aircraft type for your charter flight, you will be faced with countless technical jargon. Do you know the difference between a heavy jet and a business jet? Have you ever heard of Gulfstream or Turboprop?

If the answer is no, do not fret. The convenient table below will outline the most essential information about the common types of air carriers, including charter cost, range, speed, and cabin height.

Aircraft typeHourly rateRange (hrs) Speed (KTAS)Cabin height (ft)Passenger capacity
Ultra-light jet$2,200 – $2,4002.45 – 3.15330 – 3714.2 – 4.92 – 4
Light jet$2,600 – $31002.45 – 5.30308 – 4924.1 – 56 – 7
Super-light jet$3,000 – $3,5004.00 – 5.30383 – 4654.1 – 57 – 8
Midsize jet$3,200 – $4.3002.30 – 8.00374 – 4704.8 – 5.98 – 9
Super-midsize jet$4.300 – $6,0005.30 – 8.00375 – 5305.7 – 6.38 – 10
Large jet$5,600 – $80003.00 – 13.00485 – 5135.9 – 6.210 – 16
Ultra long-range jets$8,000 – $11,00010.00 – 17.00368 – 5166 – 6.412 – 16
VIP airliners$16,000 – $23,0002.00 – 16.00469- 4856.5 – 7.316 -50


Still confused about what is the correct choice? Whether you are taking an internal flight from New York to Miami or are desiring a more international travel experience, talk to our concierge now, who will happily provide you with advice about the ideal private jet rental to meet and exceed your needs. 

Understanding the cost

When we searched for a round-trip from Van Nuys (Los Angeles, USA) to Jambi Sultan Tahaha (Indonesia), we were estimated a total cost of $197,720 for a super-midsize jet. But how exactly is this figure calculated?



As it turns out, there are a few hidden costs that affect jet charter prices. Here is a breakdown of a private jet rental:

  • Billable flight time: This is the total amount of time spent in the air
  • Repositioning fees: A charge for the time spent traveling to facilitate a charter
  • Daily minimum flight time: Most jets will have a minimum flight time to be profitable, you will be charged for this regardless if you fly for less time
  • Cost of fuel: This will vary depending on distance traveled, type of aircraft, and the current price of fuel
  • Crew fees: This will cover crew wages, hotel costs, and meals 
  • Federal Excise Tax: A 7.5% tax that is applied for all internal USA flights 
  • Landing, handling and incidental fees: These fees will differ depending on the airport and are charged to deal with your aircraft

There are many ways to pay for a luxury jet experience, here are our choice of lesser known alternatives to paying outright: 

Jet membership: A jet card is arguably one of the most exclusive memberships available in the world; this acts much like a traditional prepaid debit card where you can load money to receive flight time at a fixed hourly rate. 

Fractional ownership: Imagine not just renting a private jet but owning one. This may seem like mere fantasy, but through fractional ownership, multiple owners will purchase, maintain, and use the craft.

Empty leg flights: Private jet fares can be found greatly reduced alleviating some financial burden. When a plane is repositioning and is scheduled not to have any passengers, these flights are often offered between 50%-75% off the average price.


The importance of safety

If this is your first time experiencing the grandeur and luxury of an air charter, we are sure that you may have a few understandable concerns about flight safety.

When boarding any private aviation, health and safety should be paramount. That is why we suggest to always check either the ARGUS or WYVERN safety rating systems before take off.


WYVERN supplies Wingman certification to those aircraft operators who meet their strict criteria, which includes: 

  • Minimal piloting hours
  • An in-depth initial audit that includes a two-day safety inspection
  • Regular audits to check compliance
  • Provide constant updates about any operational changes

On the other hand, ARGUS is a charter broker that collects data and categorizes providers within four categories. These can be viewed in the handy table below.

Rating Meaning
Does Not Qualify (DNQ)Poor safety history or failure to complete on-site audit
ARGUS GoldExceeds ARGUS standards with no outstanding safety issues and no record of poor safety history
ARGUS Gold PlusMeet all the above standards and passed an on-site safety audit
ARGUS PlatinumMeet all Gold Plus requirements but also must have an emergency response plan and functioning safety management system

Dismiss any pre-flight jitters now by contacting our concierge, who will find you the safest possible vessel leaving you to simply relax and enjoy the remarkable journey.

Our top choices for private jet charter companies

There are countless incredible private jet companies around the world, but here is our pick of the top ten:

  1. Paramound Business Jets
  2. Wheels Up
  3. Air Charter Service
  4. VistaJet
  5. Air Partner
  6. PrivateFly
  7. NetJets
  8. Jet Linx
  9. XO
  10. Flexjet



Now that you know the ins and outs of chartering a private jet, it is time to book that luxurious round trip to your dream destination. 

Remember that the sky truly is the limit on a charter flight. Contact our attentive team now, who will deliver you the best experience 10,000 feet above the ground. 

From all of us here at Exceptional Villas, we hope you have the most luxurious of flights and can not wait to see you upon arrival.



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