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Trip Insurance

Exceptional Villas recommend that you purchase travel insurance with April International

After spending time researching your destination and creating your perfect vacation with the help of your Exceptional Villa Specialist, it is important that you are covered from unexpected surprises or events beyond your control, so that you can fully relax and enjoy your luxurious vacation with the knowledge that you have the coverage you need.

Buying travel insurance is easy and affordable with STAYprotection powered by APRIL Travel Protection, designed with the guests of Exceptional Villas in mind. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance.

This quality insurance covers trip cancellation and/or interruption feeds, the cost of delays, lost or delayed baggage, emergency medical/dental and much more. When issues arise while traveling, you simple contact STAYprotection by APRIL Travel Protection via phone, email skype or text, 24/7. They will coordinate the solution for you, pay for it on the spot and prevent you from having to go through a claims reimbursement process for covered events. You can call  it Instant Claims Adjudication, but they believe “Stress Less Benefits” has a nicer ring to it.

With STAYprotection you STAYassisted and STAYsecure, so your get-away can stay the way you intended- Exceptional!

Please speak to one of our Exceptional Villas specialists if you have any questions or queries. Contact us to add this affordable coverage to your vacation so that you can sit back and relax in confidence.

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