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Would you like to be more environmentally friendly while on vacation?

I think everyone would agree that, yes is the answer! Environmentally friendly travel (Eco Travel) has become something that travelers are seeking when trying to decide between properties.

If you could choose between a villa that offers all the luxury as standard but also incorporated eco-friendly components such as using natural and local materials in the build, having solar panels or protecting the environment in some way then we feel a lot of people would prefer to stay in an Eco-friendly villa.

So, what exactly does being eco-friendly mean and how does it relate to travel and tourism?

Being eco-friendly means being more environmentally conscious and living in a way that is more earth friendly. Eco Travel is taking the impact on the environment into consideration when deciding where to travel, how to get there and what to do while on vacation.

Travelling using trains, planes and automobiles might not sound like the best way to assist the environment but that’s where you’re wrong. By going on vacation, it has been proven to help people’s wellbeing and is a time for relaxation.

But the real question is how do we travel without ruining our environment further?

It’s simple really, each of us can do little things while on vacation that can have a big impact on our environment. To really understand how you can have the greater impact on eco travel while on vacation, check out our blog on 27 Eco Travel Tips.

Why a villa is more eco friendly than a hotel

So, let’s consider a few things as to why renting a villa is more environmentally friendly.

  1. When staying at a villa you have more control over many aspects of your vacation such as the temperature of the AC & heat, recycling, water conservation, the re-use of towels and linens.
  2. Many villa rentals are build using locally sourced and natural materials
  3. More and more vacation rentals are using solar panels to generate electricity
  4. When you stay in a villa, you can choose to buy local organic produce and cook yourself in your fully equipped kitchen or hire a chef to cook for you
  5. There are some unique farm to table luxury resort such as Kittitian Hill in St Kitts.

The team at Exceptional villas are 100% committed to raising awareness of the importance of being eco-friendly. This awareness is two-fold and starts with encouraging owners of properties to incorporate sustainability goals into both the building and management of their properties.

The second part of the journey is to encourage clients to reward these owners by booking their properties.

With that in mind, we are delighted to present a spotlight on some of our favorite eco-friendly homes that private luxury travel can also be sustainable.

11 Eco Friendly Homes

  1. When it comes to eco travel, look no further than Kittitian Hill located in Belle Mont Farm in St Kitts.

    The property has a unique farm-to-table concept where you can literally eat your snacks off the fruit trees as you walk around this property. A lot of the produce enjoyed by guests is grown on property and all of the fish is locally sourced.

    The property goes above and beyond to protect the land and wildlife and conserve the natural resources. The property strives to be a “Green Hotel” with minimal impact on the local environment.

  2. Many wonderful properties in Costa Rica are sustainable with some such as Villa Morabeza, Alang Alang, and Sunset House, featuring Eco Smart systems that for example has the AC shuts down if door or windows are left opened more than 2 minutes. LED light bulbs are used in all of these homes and a waste treatment plant, so all grey water is reused for gardens.

    What’s more these Eco-friendly villas also have a VERO water system so there is no need to buy water bottles. These machines provide still and sparkling pure 100% drinkable water. These villas also have Mist Away System that protects from mosquitoes & other pests. This botanical, all-natural insecticide allows guests to enjoy the comforts of the outdoors without the worry of bugs.

    Casa Alang Alang and Sunset House have solar panels as well. These eco villas also have natural organic refillable bathroom amenities.

  3. Bella Vita villa is entirely run on solar panels with energy stored in tesla batteries in the basement. The appliances have all been chosen with this energy saving philosophy in mind. For example, A/Cs turn themselves into optimum power saving temperature when they sense that no one is in the room.

  4. Native Eco Villa as the name suggests has its design with complete energy efficiency in mind. Even the air-conditioning is energy air efficient. This four-bedroom villa is an actual cave converted into a beautiful Greek Vacation Rental set on two floors. The owners have even used eco-friendly bed linens. Native Eco Villa has incredible views of the caldera as it has its location on a clifftop in Imerovigli.

  5. Happy Trees in Barbados is set in a stunning location within the Sandy Lane Estate, the villa is eco-friendly because of its 100% recycled roof, led lighting and rainwater collection tanks.

  6. Keela Wee is a stunning six-bedroom beachfront villa that is run entirely off solar panels. Likewise, its sister seven-bedroom property Whispering Waters is 100% powered by Solar Energy.

    These two villas have their location side by side on exquisite Discover Bay and have access to two private beaches. With 13 bedrooms in total, they are a wonderful option for a Corporate Retreat, multi-generational break or Wedding.

    Everything in both villas works off the solar power, including the floodlit tennis courts and air-conditioned gyms.

  7. Tree House Villa, located in Punta Sayulita in Mexico is a stunning three-bedroom treehouse surrounded by tropical jungle on all sides. It doesn’t get more romantic or more eco-friendly than this. All the materials in the design and construction of the villa have been used to cause the most minimal impact on the surrounding nature. The owners have made a consideration for every detail, including the use of hewn tree logs for the support pillars and beams of the rooms. The balcony rails follow the organic forms of the tree branches beside it. This house is completely sympathetic to nature and its environment. We love it.

  8. The four chalets in Zermatt, Gemini, Castor, Pollux and Ibron which are collectively known as Les Perles Chalets have incorporated the used of Geothermal Energy for all their heating and water. The electricity supply to the chalets is through the mains, but there is no carbon-based fuel required for the heating or hot water. Also, a large part of the construction of the chalets such as the wood and stone are from local materials.

    Switzerland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, and the beautiful town of Zermatt gets all its electricity supply from a local hydroelectric power station. Zermatt is also one of the only car-free towns left in the world. The only way to get around is either by foot, bike or electric taxi.

  9. Necker island owned by one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson and he takes sustainability seriously. The Branson family are completely committed to restoring the indigenous species to the island. These include iguanas and flamingos. There is a desalination plant on the island which ensures water conservation, and everything is recycled. Of course, the island is also car-free.

  10. Pearns Bay in Antigua is a stunning luxury home and best of all the entire house including the AC is run from solar panels.

  11. The Penthouse at the Seafire Residences feature solar panels. In addition to their solar array, the residence also uses a geothermal air-conditioning system.


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