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Luis Aviles Ortiz

Guest Service Specialist
Luis Aviles Ortiz

Luis has joined Exceptional Villas as a Guest Service Specialist.

He is enthusiastic about travel and has been very fortunate to have lived and visited many countries – from Mexico, the USA and Brazil in the Americas to Europe, North Africa, India, Russia and Eastern Europe, just to mention a few.

But the list of experiences around the world isn't over yet. Luis still has many more destinations to visit, with Japan and Australia topping that personal list.

With a background in Sales and Marketing, Luis has worked with a wealth of clients and experts in the hospitality and customer service industries for many years now. This experience brings a lot to the table when planning the perfect trip for Exceptional Villas’ clients.

A Guest Service Specialist at Exceptional Villas is responsible for all aspects of putting together the “experience” of a lifetime, anticipating and catering to guests’ needs from start to finish.