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Things To Do In Ibiza

The white isle of Ibiza is famous not just as a party destination but as one of the prettiest islands in the Mediterranean.  With so many things to do in Ibiza the question on your lips will not just be ‘When can I go?” but “How long can I stay?”.

So join me on a whistle-stop tour around this gloriously sunny island while I dazzle you with the limitless activities and the very best things to do in Ibiza.

Ibiza – The Facts

This compact island – 28 miles long, 16 miles wide – is located in the Balearic Sea off the eastern coast of mainland Spain.  It has two main neighbouring islands, Majorca and Menorca (literally meaning ‘major’ and ‘minor’) and with Ibiza they make up the largest of the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza’s Mediterranean climate is hot and dry and ensures an all year round mild climate.  The Summer highs can reach into the 80s but the Winter lows rarely dip below the 60s.  The rainfall in winter keeps the island a green and lush destination, with flowers, fruits trees, olives and almond groves proliferating across the hilly terrain.

Catalan and Spanish are the languages spoken on the island but due to its popularity as an international and sophisticated destination, you will find English, German, French and Italian widely spoken too.

Beach Life

Islands are just brilliant and none more so than Ibiza.  Its welcoming coastline offers myriad beaches for all tastes in this charming destination.

With over 50 beaches, inlets and bays, one of the very best things to do in Ibiza Spain is to grab your swimsuit and head out for some adventure in or on the water.

At Exceptional Villas we have a number of stunning luxury villas to rent in Ibiza that sit on some of these beaches.

The luxury and refinement of our properties will provide the backdrop to your memorable vacation on this spectacular island.

Here is a short introduction to some of the Ibiza beaches and coves that I think merit a mention:

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella on the southwest.  This resort town hugs the gorgeous beach that looks out across a bay that is dotted with white yachts in high season.

With lots of water sports activities and pretty restaurants, this is a great destination for families and young couples.


Benniras sitting on the northern shores of the island offers a very alternative vibe.  Tribal drumming and bonfires offer a backdrop to Sunday afternoon relaxation.

It’s the zen place to be at sunset as you engage with your higher being.


Within a 15 minute walk of Ibiza town, this popular beach is ideal for the party people who don’t want the hassle of having a car on holiday.

It can be the perfect place to wind down after a night of dancing!

Las Salinas

Las Salinas is the place to be if you are young, beautiful and hip.  The clubby crowd congregate here to start and end the party.  The beach bars crank out the hottest tunes and raise the tempo for the night ahead.  The famous Jockey Club offers early morning breakfast for those party die-hards who want to wind down.

Es Portitxol

For the more action packed among you, the hour long hike through pine groves and along snaking cliff paths with bring you to this very hidden gem.  Enjoy swimming in crystal waters.  Take plenty of water and a picnic so you can spend the day in relative isolation before your re-join island life.

Punta Galera

Literally meaning ‘flat rocks’ will find you at a sand-less beach.  The rich red and ochre tones of the rocks that curve around the sea burst into a fiery glow at sunset.  Swimming off the rocks is wonderful and you won’t have the grief of trying to get sand out of your shoes.

San Miguel

This is one of the most toddler friendly beaches on the island.  The waters are wonderfully shallow near the shore making it a safe place for your sweet bundles to splash about.  With beach bars providing freshly barbecued food and refreshing beverages, you can easily spend a few lazy days on San Miguel.

Cala Llonga

Another family friendly beach destination.  Comfortable beach beds with shading umbrellas will make it easy for you to dip in and out of the sun and grab a refreshing swim.  Add a cocktail or two to your post-afternoon agenda for maximum relaxation.


On Tuesdays throughout the summer, open-air movie nights are held at Amante right by the ocean with the most romantic background music of gentle lapping waves.

With such a beautiful and atmospheric setting, its hard to know whether to watch the movie or the moonlit ocean and star filled sky. The night includes cava and unlimited popcorn!

Cala Xarraca

The purity of water all around the island is exceptional.  Snorkelling is a popular activity as the visibility is terrific.  After you’ve indulged in some relaxing snorkelling, go for an exploratory stroll to the right of the main beach and you will find mud baths begging for you to do a bit of self-spa!

Aguas Blancas

If you want to get that perfect all over tan, then Aguas Blancas one of Ibiza’s official naturist spots is the place to go to shed all your inhibitions.  A very pretty place to spend a day and you will find all ages and genders enjoying the pleasant liberation of swimming and sunbathing au natural.

Cala Salada

Cala Salada - Just a 15 minute drive from busy San Antonio, this highly recommended surprisingly unspoiled beach is not well known to tourists. Easy to see why it’s popular for residents of the island with its wonderfully clear, shallow waters and soft white sand.

Depending on the water depth you can also jump in from the cliffs. If this beach gets too busy during the summer months, take a short stroll to neighbouring Cala Saladita – another gorgeous beach.

When you get peckish after sunbathing, cliff diving and beach hopping head to the Cala Salada beach restaurant, a firm favourite among locals especially for their seafood paella.

Party vs Relaxation – the two faces of this Island

It would be remiss of me not to mention the party scene in Ibiza.  It is always one of the many Ibiza activities that’s written about in travel magazines.  First of all, yes partying is a big part of the island but it’s important to understand that it is centred in very specific areas.  If you move beyond Ibiza Town, San Antonio, San Rafael, you will find charming resort villages and towns that are a world away from the club scene.

For me, the magical element of the island is that the party and family relaxation scene co-habit so well on the island.  Daytime in Ibiza Town is made so interesting by the eclectic groups of A-lister, international DJs and their adoring fans who mingle in the cool bars and cafes.  It’s a people watching paradise.

Yet you can head further up along the coastline to gorgeous beaches undisturbed by the uber-beautiful people and simply unwind beneath a palm umbrella.  It’s the clever way the administration of Ibiza has developed this island that ensures it is an island for everyone.

The clubs that everyone talks about Pacha and Amnesia are based in San Antonio.   Ushuaïa Ibiza Hotel is a large open air venue on Playa d’en Bossa and of course, Privilege, the largest nightclub in the world is based in San Raphael in the centre of the island and can hold up to 10,000 revellers.

Daytime across the island is made up of leisurely hours spent at the beach, hiking and horseback riding, tennis, sailing around the sleepy coves, yoga, spa treatments.  At Exceptional Villas our Concierge staff build the perfect amount of action and relaxation for your group.  From the moment you connect with us, we use our decades of experience and our intimate knowledge of Ibiza to create the bespoke and unique holiday experience you’ve always wanted.

Food and all the Yummy Stuff

With such an international flavour to the visitors arriving onto the islands white shores each year, the Ibiza restaurants and cafes offer a diverse and delicious range of glorious foods to suit all tastes.

The ubiquitous tapas that originated on mainland Spain, proliferate in most coastal towns and in some fabulous fincas scatters around the island.

There’s really nothing lovelier than sharing a selection of seafood, meats and vegetable dishes prepared in traditional Spanish ways but with a new twist or two.  Washed down with a lovely fresh chilled Rose or a full bodied Rioja, it is the food of kings (well, to be honest, it’s the food of the workers!) and is one of the most memorable Ibiza things to do.

Being an island, there is a profusion of delicious seafood dishes to enjoy in the local restaurants.  Fresh sardines are grilled in the open air in pretty much every beach café across Ibiza.  There is nothing so delicious to eat, with fresh crusty bread and a chilled drink.  The quality of meat and vegetables harvested on the island ensure the best flavours are showcased by some of the island’s brilliant chefs.

Dining out under the stars whether in a high-end, white table-clothed beach restaurant like the Blue Marlin on Cala Jondal Bay or barefoot at a beach shack, the same rules apply:  fresh, delicious, uncomplicated foods that celebrate the best ingredients.

How to Get to Ibiza

Now that you have had a small taster of what Ibiza can offer, it’s time to figure out how you get to this beautiful jewel in the Mediterranean.

Well, you will find that pretty much every major European city has a direct flight route to Ibiza.  If you are connecting from further afield, you can connect through the major hubs of London, Frankfurt, Rome, Paris or Amsterdam.  For ease of connection, a flight from Madrid or Barcelona will take less than an hour.

The island is incredibly accessible being so close to mainland Europe and sitting in the northern Mediterranean.  So what are you waiting for, go pack that bag, get on that plane or yacht and go figure out what to do in Ibiza that will transform how you vacation for ever more.