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Corina Van Deventer

Multimedia Artist
Corina Va Deventer - Multimedia Artist - Exceptional Villas

Corina is the Creative Multimedia Artist for Exceptional Villas. Corina's qualifications are embedded within the area of multimedia. Her qualifications include an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Visual FX, Motion Design and Animation. She also travelled to America for an additional scholarship in Media literacy and Media communications in Connecticut’s Sacred Hearts University. She has a passion for travelling and she always brings her camera with her! Her admiration for photography and video production is channelled here in Exceptional Villas through our various social media platforms.

Corina writes about our luxury villas, as well as editing and designing content for our viewers to enjoy, as they select their perfect luxury villa.

"I have always loved the way an image or simple video can capture the essence of a person or a particular place. Here at Exceptional Villas, capturing the luxury and elegance each of our villas embrace is my overall goal. Capturing the essence of your dream and making it a reality is our passion."

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