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Getting To The Cayman Islands

The Airports

There are two international airports in the Cayman Islands which are both operated By the Cayman Island Airports Authority (CIAA). The larger of the two is located on Grand Cayman and is names Owen Roberts International Airport (ORIA). The second airport is on Cayman Brac and is names Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (CKIA).

Most international flights arrive at Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport.

Main International Airlines to Grand Cayman

  • Air Canada
  • Air Jamaica
  • American Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Delta
  • United Airlines
  • US Airways
  • Cayman Airways

A host of charters also provide non-stop flights from US cities.

Direct flights to Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman from the following locations:

Miami, FL1h 20mAmerican Airlines & Cayman Airways
Charlotte, NC2h 54mUS Airways
Atlanta, GA2h 47mDelta
Chicago4h 55mCayman Airways
Detroit, MI4h 3mDelta
Houston, TX2h 47mContinental Airlines
Minneapolis, MN4h 13mDelta
New York4h 8mContinental Airlines & Cayman Airways
Philadelphia, PA3h 52mUS Airways
Tampa, FL2h 40mCayman Airways
Washington, DC3h 56mCayman Airways
Toronto, Canada3h 56mWestJet & Air Canada
Nassau, Bahamas3h 35mBritish Airways
London, UK (via Nassau)11hBritish Airways
Havana, Cuba2hCayman Airways
Kingston, Jamaica1hCayman Airways
Montego Bay, Jamaica45mCayman Airways
La Ceiba, Honduras55mAerolineas Sosa & Cayman Airways
Little Cayman35mCayman Airways
Dallas4hCayman Airways
Boston5hJet Blue
New York4h 8mJet Blue
Newark4h 10mUnited Airlines

Inter-island Airlines

Inter-island daily service from Grand Cayman to the sister islands is provides by Cayman Airways and its affiliate Cayman Airways Express. Charter flights can be booked with Island Air

There is no ferry service between islands.

Owen Roberts International Airport

The facilities at Owen Roberts International Airport include the following


There a full service restaurant called The Hungry Horse which is open between the hours of 6.00 am and 6.00 pm each day. It is located on the second level of the airport and has indoor and outdoor seating. The menu is varied with both snack and full meal choices.

In addition there is a snack bar called the Runaway Bar located airside. It is open from 5 a.m. daily until the last flight departs. It serves light snacks, salads, sandwiches, fruit and also has a full bar.

ATM Facilities

There are several ATM's in the airport

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available throughout the airport

Duty Free Shopping

There is a good selection of duty-free shopping at Owen Roberts Airport. You will be able to purchase a variety of luxury items as well as jewellery, alcohol and tobacco.

General Shopping

There are two shops in the departures /check in area where you can buy various items like souvenirs, magazines and confectionary. In addition, there is a shop airside with similar items.

VIP FAst Track Service At Owen Roberts International

The fast track service is excellent in the airport and is available for both incoming and departing passengers. Our pre arrival concierge department will be delighted to assist you and make all the necessary arrangements.

The Arrival fast track includes the following:

  • Meet and greet at the doors of the plane
  • Private transportation from the plane to a Luxury Arrivals Lounge.
  • Lounge includes snacks, refreshments, comfortable seating and wifi
  • Assistance and organisation of immigration, baggage collection and customs
  • Transportation to any location in George Town or private escort to your pre arranged car or car rental.

The Departure Fast Track includes the following:

  • Private escort to a luxury Departure lounge
  • Lounge includes snacks, refreshments, comfortable seating and wifi
  • Assistance with check-in, security and passport control
  • Private transfer to the plane on departure.

The cost of the service is approximately US40.00 each way.