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The Best Restaurants in St Barts

As owner and CEO of Exceptional Villas, I am often asked where is my favourite place in the world to go on vacation? With so many beautiful places in the world, I am unable to limit my answer to just one vacation spot. My answer to this question is always the same; Italy, The Maldives, Barbados and St Barts.

As a lover of all things gourmet, I personally think it is hard to beat St Barts which is why I decided to put pen to paper and write about all the best places to eat in St Barts.

The food in St Barts is varied and always exquisite and I hope you enjoy my list of excellent St Barts restaurants.

            1. Bagatelle
            2. Bartolomeo and the Guanahani
            3. Black Ginger Thai Restaurant
            4. Bonito
            5. Eddy’s
            6. Fish Corner
            7. Kinugawa
            8. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
            9. L’Espirit
            10. L’Isola
            11. Le Ti St Barth
            12. La Petite Plage
            13. La Plage/Pearl Beach
            14. Le Repaire
            15. Le Toiny Restaurant
            16. Le Toiny Beach Club
            17. Nao Beach
            18. Nikki Beach
            19. Ociela
            20. Rivyera Beach Restaurant
            21. Santa Fe
            22. Shell Beach
            23. Tamarin

1. Bagatelle

Located directly overlooking the Harbour in St Barts, Bagatelle is very chic with influences of the sophisticated south of France brassiere. It is a great spot to people-watch while enjoying Wahoo sashimi with yuzu and citrus confit or roasted Mahi Mahi filet with a hummus & basil cream sauce. If you like to party, then go at the weekend and ask for a table inside. The atmosphere is electric, and it is not long before everyone is dancing on the tables to the sounds of one of the best DJ’s on the island.

If you order an extravagant bottle of wine or champagne, this is what might happen!

Top Tip: Our Concierge Team would be happy to to reserve you a harbourside table. The views are fabulous. But if you like to party, the place to be is inside in the middle of the fun.

La Bagatelle in St Barts
Photo from La Bagatelle

2. Bartolomeo and The Guanahani

This wonderful St Barth restaurant is located on the grounds of the 5-star Guanahani Hotel. Bartolomeo is their fine dining restaurant. The cuisine is a wonderful blend of the local Caribbean and Mediterranean influences.Also located at the Guanahani Hotel is the Indigo on the Beach.  It is one of my favourite lunch spots on the island. This is laid back, feet-in-the-sand luxury whilst enjoying delicious bites such as Tempura of Prawns, Crab guacamole, crispy bread, fried calamari and Jumbo shrimp, mango & coconut mayonnaise.

Top Tip: Reserve a table close to the sea. The views are stunning.

A tatsy dish at Bartolomeo

3. Black Ginger Thai Restaurant

Black Ginger is one of the newest restaurants in St Barts and is already a firm favourite. It is the only Thai Restaurant in St Barth, and it is a great one! The head chef and sous chef both hail from Bangkok where they worked at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This is one of the city’s best and oldest 5-star hotels. They were both trained by Vichit Mukura who is considered to be the world’s best Thai Chef.The food is exquisite and beautifully prepared with the freshest ingredients and spices. Some of the highlights include Black Pepper Mahi-Mahi, Sweet and Sour Scallops and shrimp with lemon, ginger and coconut.  The décor is chic with an open sky roof and huge dome-shaped lights. Furthermore, the restaurant is beautifully lit and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Top Tip: If you feel like ‘eating in’ in the comfort of your luxury St Barts villa, Eddy’s To Go is a great takeaway option.

Alexandra Baradi at Black Ginger with the Proprietor
Alex at Black Ginger Thai Restaurant with the proprietor


Bonito is not only one of the best restaurants in St Barths it is also one of my firm favourites and one I will visit every time I am in St Barts.  It is located in an elevated position overlooking Gustavia Harbor, and consequently, the views of Gustavia are sublime. But the food is even more sublime. Bonito is overseen by well known executive chef Laurent Cantineaux, and the food is a wonderful fusion of French and South American. Some of my favourite dishes include the Sautéed Chilean Sea Bass, Grilled Tuna Tataki with Sesame and the Spiny Lobster Risotto.

Bonito is without a doubt one of the St Barts hotspots, and it is not unusual to spot celebrity guests, such as Pippa Middleton who is now married to James Matthews, son of the owner of the famous Eden Rock Hotel.

You are also likely to see a clatter of supermodels and film stars. The last time I had dinner in Bonito, I was lucky enough to be sitting beside Vanessa Redgrave who just happens to be one of my favourite actresses in the world.  The décor is like a chic beach house, and there is even a fabulous boutique if you feel like a bit of retail therapy after dinner.

Top Tip: Bonito often has Great DJ every night. Check with our Concierge Team for the best night to book.

A beautiful dish at Bonito St Barts

5. Eddy’s

Whilst Eddy’s doesn’t have a harbourside location in Gustavia; it still manages to be one of the most romantic restaurants on the island. The courtyard garden restaurant is strewn with thousands of fairy lights creating a totally magical feel.The food is very affordable and has a French Creole and Asian influence. Favourite dishes of mine include the sautéed wahoo, plantains and the chocolate cake!

Top tip: Get there after 9 p.m.   This is when the locals arrive and the atmosphere becomes electric!

The doorway to Eddy's, one of the coolest St Barths Restaurants, conceals among it's tropical foliage a hidden wonderland of hearty gastro-yum!
Eddy’s Restaurant in Gustavia
Gustavia, St Barthélemy 
Telephone: +590 590 275 417

6. Fish Corner

Fish Corner prides itself on using the finest local ingredients, especially fresh fish and seafood sourced daily. During the day, patrons can enjoy delicious and flavorful dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. As night fall, the restaurant undergoes a transformation into a chic bistro, creating a romantic ambiance for a memorable dining experience.

Top tip: Don’t miss the seafood extravaganza every Friday and Saturday night, where you can indulge in an array of delectable seafood dishes. It’s an event that seafood lovers won’t want to pass up!

Lobster at Fish Corner

7. Kinugawa

This restaurant offers a unique fusion of Japanese gastronomy and the elegance of French living in a beautifully designed space adorned with light wood décor. The ambiance reflects the glamour of the Riviera while maintaining a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere.

Top Tip: Before your meal, be sure to visit the bar and try one of their signature cocktails. It’s a perfect way to start your dining experience!

Kinugawa in St Barts

8. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

The restaurant located in Gustavia, with its two distinct concepts, sounds like a must-visit.

L’Atelier offers a tasting menu featuring signature dishes by Robuchon. Guests have the choice to sit around an open kitchen, immersing themselves in the culinary experience, or in the dining room for a more traditional setting.

Le Rooftop provides a more casual dining experience with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers breathtaking views and has a small cocktail bar with ten seats for those looking to enjoy drinks with a view.

Top Tip: Booking is essential to secure your spot at this restaurant, given its popularity and unique dining experiences.

9. L’Espirit

L’Esprit is another one of my personal favourite restaurants.  It is owned and run by Jean-Claude Dufour and his wife. Jean-Claude who ran the kitchen at the Eden Rock is also one of the most talented chefs on the island. The restaurant is set in an open-air tropical garden with twinkly lights that give it a lovely romantic yet casual, laid-back feel.  L’esprit is located just before Saline beach on the left which is also one of our top 5 beaches in St Barts. Some of the most delicious items on the menu are the duck spring rolls, roast scallops, lobster ravioli and the braised veal.

Top Tip: Make sure to enjoy the amazing wine list.

Selection of wine at L'Esprit St Barts

10. L’Isola

L’Isola is considered to be one of the best if not the best restaurant in St Barts.  It is fine Italian dining with an island twist located on the hillside in Gustavia. Whilst it doesn’t have a sea or harbour location, that is soon forgotten with the warm welcome, fabulous food and amazing atmosphere. The head chef is from Rome and almost all the staff hail from one part of Italy or another. Our waiter was from Naples. If you are a pasta lover, the home-made pasta is delicious. Other specialities are the thick veal chops topped with sage and roman style grilled artichokes.

Top Tip: Make some time to have a cocktail at the bar.  The atmosphere is lovely.

Dining table at L'Isola in St Barts
L’Isola in St. Barts

11. Le Ti St Barth

If you are in the mood for a party, then Le Ti is the place to be. On arrival, it feels like you are entering a very nice clubby-type restaurant.  But the first appearances are quite deceptive. The food is good. My favourite thing to eat is the Angus Prime Rib. But the Tuna Tataki and the Mahi Mahi Filet with a Beure Blanc sauce are also good. First is the cabaret show which is quite sexy and wild, then there is a fashion show, and around 11pm is when the real fun begins.

Alex at Le Ti St Barths Restaurant - one of the best restaurants in St Barts
Alex with the proprietor of Le Ti St Barths

My first time, I was pulled into the dress-up room and came out looking like Britney Spears!  Everyone dances on the tables and the atmosphere can be pretty wild.

Top Tip: Expect the unexpected and go with the flow!

Alex at the end of the night in Le Ti St Barths
A great night at Le Ti St Barths

12. La Petite Plage

La Petite Plage, the essential tropenzian address, has now opened its doors in the picturesque port of Gustavia, St Barths. This beachfront restaurant allows diners to enjoy their meals with their feet in the sand, creating a truly tropical dining experience. The décor is characterized by an authentic natural ambiance, featuring a refined combination of wood and wicker elements, setting the stage for a cozy yet chic setting.

Top Tip: Make sure to try the highly recommended spicy lobster linguine!

wnjoy a delcious mean at La Petit Plage in St. Barts

13. La Plage/Pearl Beach

Peral Beach was formerly known as La Plage and is probably my all-time favourite on-island.  It is located directly on St Jean Beach and is part of Peral Beach Hotel  (formerly The Tom Beach Hotel.)  I love it for both lunch and dinner and have even been for breakfast!  Each is quite a different experience. This is where you will eat with your feet in the sand, have views to die for of the beautiful sea and St Jean Beach and eat a medley of beautifully prepared and healthy fusion food. Some of my personal favourite dishes are the Yellowfin Tuna Tataki with Thai Sauce and the locally caught wahoo with Tandoori.

There is a tiny boutique in the restaurant full of treasures including the fabulously trendy Free In St Barth brand which by the way you can get online now. But as a woman who loves fashion, the best bit for me is the fashion show.  Beautiful models floating past your table wearing gorgeous clothes whilst drinking ice cold rosé wine and eating delicious Cervices is my idea of heaven! At night, the restaurant vibe changes quite a bit. There are regular themed nights with DJ’s, fire shows, live artistic pole dancing and entertainment.

Top Tip: The weekend brunch is fabulous, and the Sunday night deluxe barbecue is also great.

14. Le Repaire

Le Repaire is a fabulous spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner and to watch the world go by. Facing the port, it offers great views of the yachts docked in the harbour. It has an excellent & varied menu at great prices. We had shrimp tempura with tomato chutney which was excellent.  The service is good, and Le Repaire also offers excellent value.  Moreover, it is also a good choice for cocktails.

Top Tip: The snapper, grouper, blue shrimp & ceviche were standouts!


15. Le Toiny Restaurant

The completely new Le Toiny Hotel has a wonderful culinary treat in store for gourmet lovers.  We can go so far to say it is one of the best restaurants on St Barts! Certainly this is a great acclaim when there are so many fabulous restaurants from which to choose. The food has inspirations from France and Europe, and head chef Jarad McCarroll oversees the kitchen.  The décor of the restaurant is chic with the use of white and neutral colours and with a view that overlooks the pool and the Bay at Anse d Toiny.

The food is truly delicious, and the service was excellent. We had the fish tartare and the lobster ravioli. Both were amazing. If you are staying around Gustavia or St-Jean, it is well worth the effort of driving the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to get to Le Toiny.

Top Tip: Red snapper, Ravioli and Mahi-Mahi are all spectacular.

Amazing food at Le Toiny

16. Le Toiny Beach Club

A hidden gem in St Barts, Le Toiny Beach Club, is a firm favourite of mine.  The restaurant has an extremely quiet spot at the end of Toiny Beach and the only way to access it is by a four-wheeled drive down a very steep hill or by walking along the beach. It is the polar opposite to the fun and party atmosphere you might find in Nikki Beach.

That is to say, this restaurant is where you can put your feet in the sand and enjoy delicious food in a zen and beautiful atmosphere.  The menu changes regularly so if you are a regular visitor, you will never get bored.  Expect to eat refreshing salads, grilled fish and delicious ceviche.

Top Tip: Enjoy the amazing cocktails.


17. Nao Beach

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Bay of Saint-Jean, Nao Beach beckons as a tribute to the serenity of island living, with its turquoise vistas and celestial shores. This newly established beach club and restaurant offers a perfect fusion of talent and culinary sensibilities, for the benefit of a mixed, fresh and contemporary menu.

Top Tip: Spend the day at the Beach Club and enjoy lunch at the restaurant and drinks at the bar!

Photo by Hugo Allard

18. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach is the place to see and be seen in St Barts. Having tried many of the Nikki Beach restaurants around the world, for me the one in St Barts is by far and the best. Much of it is to do with the location. This world-famous beach club is located on one of the most pristine and beautiful stretches of beach in the world. It is right beside The Eden Rock Hotel and has its own almost private little cove. The water is crystal clear and beautiful turquoise.
There is music, dancing and entertainment. Nikki Beach is also renowned for its themed lunches and dinners – they are always a fun day out. Most importantly, the food at Nikki Beach is also off-the-charts-delicious!

Top Tip: Sunday lunch is the best time to people watch and if you are on the island in October, make sure to get a seat for the opening party!

Nikki beach restaurant in St Barts sits directly on the beach and has a pleasingly relaxed atmosphere
Nikki Beach St Barts
Plage de St. Jean, FW1 97133, St Barthélemy
Telephone:+590 590 27-6464

19. Ociela

Ociela is located in the centre of Gustavia and has a slightly elevated position. Consequently, the outdoor terrace ensures wonderful views. If you love Mediterranean cuisine, Ociela is the place to go! For instance, the menu is a perfect blend of inspirations from Lebanon, Morocco, France and Italy. In addition, Ociela is particularly great if you are vegetarian or vegan as it probably has more options on the menu than any other restaurants in St Barts. The food is healthy and delicious.

We shared one of the Mezze plates as a starter and Mahi Mahi with Ratatouille and Quinoa for the main course. They were both excellent. After dinner, you can spend some time in the Hookah Lounge before going downstairs to their night club called CASA where you can dance until dawn!

The atmosphere is lovely and very relaxed.  When we went there, the service was excellent.  Ask for Hayate.  She is from Morocco and is delightful.

Top Tip: After dinner, pop down to Casa Club!

ALex and the friendly waiting staff at Ociela restaurant in St Barts
Gustavia, St Barthelemy – Closed on Wednesdays
Telephone: +590 590 276 377

20. Rivyera Beach Restaurant

Rivyera restaurant, located at the Christopher in St Barths, provides a casual and chic atmosphere where diners can savor incredible cuisine from the French Riviera with their toes in the sand. This culinary haven is curated by Arnaud Faye, a distinguished two-star Michelin Chef, who seamlessly brings the allure of the French Riviera to the Caribbean.

Perched beside a sea of mesmerizing turquoise water, Rivyera restaurant offers patrons a direct voyage to the South of France. Here you can immerse yourself in the exceptional lifestyle found in the Caribbean, characterized by the soothing warmth of the sun on your skin, the gentle caress of a salty breeze through your hair and the relaxed rhythms of sun-soaked destinations. This enchanting experience is masterfully encapsulated in a delectable and delightful universe crafted by Chef Arnaud Faye.

Top Tip: A hidden gem which should not be missed.

21. Santa Fe

Sante Fe is located on one of the highest points of St Barts in an area called Lurin (on the way to Gouverneur Beach) which is why the views are absolutely incredible.  On a clear day, you can see as far as St Kitts, St Eustatius and Saba.  Sante Fe is one of the more traditional style restaurants in St Barts.
It has a sense of history and is not as trendy as some of the newer St Barts Restaurants, but it is still one of my personal favourites.  I especially love going for lunch to enjoy the view.  But lunch or dinner, the food is always wonderful, and the atmosphere is always romantic. The food is a blend of traditional French and Creole cuisines. Expect to enjoy the freshest of Dover sole, spicy ocean hot pot and grilled spiny lobster straight out of the tank in the restaurant.

Top Tip: If you are going at night, take a taxi home.  The road is dark, steep and narrow!

The dining are at Santa Fe is a curved balcony that has a frankly epic view of the vast blue horizon over a fringe of thick green forest. The floor is paved with smooth terracotta tiles and the restaurant is shaded by a ceiling with rich, dark open joists. It's lovely.
The Beautiful View from Santa Fe Restaurant
Morne Lurin, St Barthélemy
Telephone:+590 590 27-6104

22. Shell Beach

Shellona Beach (formerly Do Brazil) is set on the fabulous shell beach. This beach restaurant is a great choice for everyone.  It is very cool and trendy but also great for families as the children can play right on the beach. It opens directly onto Shell Beach in a slightly elevated position.  It’s also possible to relax in the bar area right on the sand.

The food is a blend of Greek Mediterranean and French. We had the lamb kebabs which were delicious. But the Piece de resistance was the dessert!  It is called Torrijas and is a mix between a French brioche and Crème Brulee. You absolutely cannot leave St Barts without it, and you need to leave room for it at the end of lunch. I would almost go back to St Bart’s just for the dessert!  I am not joking!!

There is live entertainment on some evenings and a daily fashion show every lunchtime. There is a boutique on-site with gorgeous island-style clothing.

Top Tip: Plan for an evening with live entertainment!

Shellona Beach restaurant overlooking shell beach on an incredibly sunny day in St Barts
Shellona Beach
Gustavia, St Barthelemy
telephone:+590 590 290 666

23. Tamarin

Tamarin is one of the most romantic of St Barts Restaurants. It is set in a beautiful tropical garden full of lily ponds and sweet-smelling flowers. The restaurant is located on the right side of the road on the way to Saline Beach. A beautiful tamarind tree is located at the entrance and is reputed to be over 200 years old.

The menu is very varied with everything from Pan-fried foie gras to pan-seared tuna with a satay sauce and sautéed mahi-mahi, vegetables, veggie pepper and chickpea butter.

Top Tip: The gardens are beautifully lit and very romantic at night time.

Alexandra Baradi in the garden at Tamarin restaurant
This wonderful old tree was one of the only parts of Tamarin restaurant that survived hurricane Irma.  The rest of the gardens and restaurant have been recreated.


The fact that Air France flies in each day from Paris to the neighbouring island of St Martin laden with delicious French goodies, as well as sensational French wines and champagnes, is a great help. French flair is very evident in much of the cuisine, but some of the top restaurants in St Barths are Italian, Thai and Japanese.  Many of the St Barts best restaurants cleverly combine influences from all over the world.
The abundance of locally caught seafood is evident and a wonderful addition to local menus.

Over the years, I have visited the island many times and, each time, I revisit my favourite St Barts restaurants. I also make sure to visit all of the new restaurants in St Barts.

To do a blog on the best places to eat in St Barts is no easy task, however, as there are more than 80 restaurants on the island.  An incredible number considering the island is tiny and just 8 square miles! St Barts is my favourite of the Caribbean Islands to visit for a memorable trip!

St Barts has some of the best restaurants in the world. I have heard people comment over the years about how expensive it can be. There are a few fine dining restaurants with some eye-watering prices, but generally, most of the restaurants are well priced and offer really good value. Dining here is one of the best things to do in St Barts. The fusion of influences from all over the world, make it a very interesting place to enjoy some amazing gourmet experience.

If you want to find out more about St Barts read my Ultimate Guide to St Barts.

We love to hear from our readers so please do let us know what you think the best places to eat in St Barts are, and we will be delighted to check them out next time we visit the island.

Our team of Villa Specialists would be delighted to assist in finding you the perfect villa for your next trip. You can email us on [email protected] or contact us here. 

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