Best Honeymoon Destinations 

Ah, honeymoons.  That magical journey where you get to test-drive life as Forever Partners.  Regardless of your age, gender or nationality – what attracts newly weds to some of the best honeymoon destinations around the world distills down to the same key ingredients.  Romance features quite high on every list – even for the more cerebral of couples.  I have yet to meet a newly married couple who aren’t wooed by the perfection of an idyllic sunset across a wide expanse of beach.

Luxury is another key requirement – soft sheets, comfy sofas, sun-loungers that invite a leisurely afternoon snooze beneath a shading umbrella.  Privacy – well, who doesn’t want to just dial it all back after the bustle of a big family wedding?

Well, based on all of this you’ve come to the right place. Exceptional Villas has, for decades, been the expert conduit that connects happy couples with private, luxurious, exclusive villas located in some of the most romantic places in the world.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Grab your mental passport and let’s take a voyage of wonder through some of the more glorious best places to honeymoon around the globe.

Some of the best honeymoon destinations are located all around the world, from the Maldives to Italy to the glistening Caribbean

To simplify our trip, I have divided up my key choices according to some useful criteria.

Best Places to Honeymoon – Caribbean

There isn’t a Top Honeymoon Destinations list that doesn’t contain some of the loveliest islands of the Caribbean.  With such gorgeous destinations as Barbados, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, St Lucia, The Virgin Islands, Antigua, Cayman, Grenada …. The list goes on and on.  I’ve cherry-picked some of the Exceptional Villas and destinations that I believe offer something a little special.

St Lucia

The wow-factor that you explore the luxurious St lucia beach bungalows in Sugar Beach Resort in St Lucia and it is hard to beat.  Within the shelter of the famed Pitons, this serene and beautifully appointed property opens out on a stretch of palm tree lined beach that truly deserves the name Sugar Beach.  The finest of white sands feel silky beneath your feet as you walk the short distance to the calm Caribbean waters.  Sitting on your private shaded terrace, you can enjoy the views of the turquoise waters.

In addition to your accommodations, you can book this property as part of the all-inclusive, best honeymoon resorts package.  The Sugar Beach Resort has a divine spa, gym, fabulous restaurants and stylish bars. With wonderful discreet butler service to oversee your every need. Enjoy these Caribbean honeymoon Villas in St Lucia – the ultimate romantic getaway.

St Lucia offers some of the best honeymoon destinations for you and your partner to indulge in

The Bahamas

South Andros island; The Bahamas is our next stop in this romantic whirlwind tour of the best Caribbean destinations for honeymooners.  The five star resort, aptly named Tiamo (I Love You!), has luxurious One bedroom pool villas that offer the ultimate in privacy and seclusion yet within each reach of the main resort.

With your own pool, private terrace and spacious accommodations, you can enjoy each day in solitude in your bahamas villa.  Venture out to the stretch of pristine Caribbean beach that curves  through the tantalizing coconut palms, overlooking the azure Sea.

There are endless things to do in the Bahamas, with a plethora of romantic settings yet to be discovered by you.


The glamorous destination that is Antigua steps up to another level when you check in at the Jumby Bay Resort.  An island of 300 acres with five star luxurious properties dotted along some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, it’s easy to see why this unique setting attracts the discerning guest who is looking for a perfectly contained vacation experience  The divine Jumby Bay Pool Suite is, perhaps, the most ideally suited property for the happy honeymoon couple and could easily be described as one of the very best honeymoon resorts of the Caribbean.

You have the pleasure of your own private pool, a decadent outdoor tub in a private courtyard and access to all the amenities of the island.  Complimentary bikes will allow you to explore this remarkable haven, take in some tennis, swimming, water sports.  You can round off each day with cocktails overlooking the ocean before sampling some of the fabulous foods grown and prepared for your delectation.

Antigua offers many of the top honeymoon destinations, overlooking the azure sea and sugar-fine white sandy beaches


What’s not to love about Barbados?  It has wooed visitors for decades with its mix of gorgeous beaches and pretty towns.  An island steeped in the rich history of the Caribbean that combines all of that wonderful heritage with a very modern and progressive nation.  Leamington Cottage barbados, with its private pool and enclosed terrace commands a view over a beautiful stretch of Caribbean.  With a reef a very short swim off-shore, you can snorkel out and explore the mystery and magic of what moves below the turquoise sea.

Speightstown is a short walk away as is the beautiful Cobblers Cove Hotel.  With a fully-kitted kitchen and spacious living accommodations, you can easily base yourself in this delightful property and shut out the world.  The property has a colonial feel – all white and muted interior but with a very 21st century finish.  It’s luxurious but with all the home-comforts you might need.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) offer many honeymoon destinations but none as unique as the incredible designed Cliff Penthouse.  Seeing is believing when you step into this high-end property that is literally embedded into a rocky cliff-face.  With your own pool and wide terrace, you have a bird’s eye view across the interesting promontories that curve around Oil Nut Bay on Virgin Gorda.  Part of the exclusive, Oil Nut Bay Resort, you can enjoy the wonderful facilities like yoga, the beach club, restaurant, bar – dipping in and out of Resort life as suits your personal schedule.

Private Islands in the Caribbean

For the ultimate bespoke wedding and divine honeymoon combined, why not consider a private island.  My two top picks are:  Little Whale Cay – A sublime island in the heart of The Bahamas.  Comfortably sleeping 12 guests in three separate villas dotted around this 93 acre paradise, this is the destination for a small and intimate wedding / honeymoon.

Looking for the best honeymoon resorts? Why not look into staying on your very own private Island?

For something on a grander scale, why not consider the world-renowned Necker Island.  With accommodations for a party of 30 adults/6 children, it’s the ideal place to have a multi-generational celebration with your perfect honeymoon rolled into one unforgettable experience.

Best Honeymoon Destinations – Mediterranean

Europe is once again polishing her crown as a destination of choice for world travellers.  The magical combination of history and modernity draw visitors to the many countries along the Mediterranean.  For a few suggestions of some of the best places to honeymoon along the Mediterranean, read on ….

Santorini – Greece

Greece has become such a popular destination for travellers with the most discerning being drawn to the dazzling shores of Santorini.  If you want to float among the clouds in a property of the utmost purity then Villa Gaia or Villa Iokasti are for you.  If I say they have a monastic vibe about them, please don’t think it is in any way a reference to it being spartan.  Indeed, no!

These remarkable villas, have a cave-like interior that is clean, smooth, white – interspersed with some little touches of rich blue or restful grey.  A sense of serenity can be found on the terraces of the best places to stay in Santorini overlooking changing blues of the Mediterranean below and the sky above. These are the villas to truly find your centre and unwind.

One of the best places to honeymoon is along the Amalfi coast in Italy, or perched overlooking the sea in Santorini

Amalfi – Italy

The Amalfi coast has been one of the top honeymoon destinations for centuries.  As you ramble through the picturesque lanes of Sorento or catch a boat from the magical Positano across to the impossibly chic Capri, you will be entranced.  The whole of the Amalfi coast is designed for exploration.  The food, magnificent views, the history of Pompeii, is all waiting for you.  The attractive Villa Contessa on Capri wins the prize for panoramic views.  This beautiful property has all the character of a private Italian home.

You will feel like a privileged house guest when you step over the threshold.  The terrace has views across to the famed Faraglioni Rocks.  Within a short distance of Marina Piccolo, the glamour and spirit of Capri are at your finger-tips.  You can enjoy the solitude of an afternoon in your private villa venturing out for sublime dinners on the island when the day-trippers have sailed away.

Venice – Italy

This is a city like no other.  Floating in a lagoon, this centuries old majestic lady provides the romantic lure for all newly weds.  Gondolas meandering through the canals, enjoying local gelato as you walk hand in hand over one of the hundreds of little bridges that interlink the city, it is perfection.

Where better to base yourself than at the fabulous Villa F with its lovely spacious gardens.  A short boat ride from St Mark’s Square and you can join the beautiful people as they enjoy an early evening bellini before having a glorious dinner.  The seclusion and privacy of the luxurious Zaffiro within Villa F will welcome you after a heady evening enjoying the sights and sounds of one of the most famous cities in the world.

Venice, Italy offers some of the very best places to honeymoon along the serene canals, overlooking this floating city

Ibiza – Spain

It might not be your immediate choice for a honeymoon but for some it’s the only choice.  Just imagine you’ve had a very sedate and conservative wedding.  For whatever reason, you’ve had a quiet and sensible ‘big day’.  Perhaps the perfect antidote to all of this solemnity might be the ultimate in party honeymoon.  Where better to party each night away than on the White Isle of Ibiza.  With some of the top DJ’s hitting the decks in the biggest and best clubs in the world, this could be a fabulous honeymoon choice.

One of the best places for honeymoon couples to base themselves in the midst of all this revelry is Casa Flor.  A short five minute drive from the cosmopolitan Ibiza Town, this beautiful villa has lovely streamlined interiors, shaded terrace and a pool.  A beautiful view of the coastline lights up the night-time horizon.  It is bewitching.

Best Places to Honeymoon – Asia

The wonder of Asia attracts honeymooners who want sublime beaches in tropical locations.  Thailand is made up of a series of picture-perfect islands the largest of which is Phuket.  The divine SALA Phuket Resort and Spa’s one bedroomed pool villa suite is the last word in self-contained splendor.  A mesmerizing beach unfolds with the calm and warm blue waters inviting you in.  The spa services are all holistic and five-star.  The cuisine tantalizing.  The spaciousness and privacy of this property make it ideally suited to the couple who want to simple be … in paradise.

The Maldives provides some of the best honeymoon resorts for you and your partner to enjoy Lined in sugar-fine powdery beaches and overlooking azure waters, The Maldives is one of the top honeymoon locations


With over a 1,000 coral islands to choose from, the Maldives is a country like no other.  192 of these islands are inhabited and of these 105 are luxury resorts.  The perfect beaches and crystal waters that surround each of these resorts make for the perfect bare-footed honeymoon experience.  With properties standing on stilts above the gently swaying waters, some of these resorts are the best honeymoon resorts for couples looking for a magical experience.

One of the newest resorts located in the Noonu Atoll on the north western end of the Maldives is the Over Water Villa Cheval Blanc.  This spacious property with 21st century luxurious touches, floats in self-contained splendour in a crystal lagoon.

Does it get more romantic than this?  I don’t think so!


This is the merest glimpse into some of the fabulous luxury vacation rentals that Exceptional Villas represent around the globe.  Planning for you honeymoon or even your wedding abroad requires the passion and care of a company that has for decades been bringing happy couples to their own corner of paradise.  Let us give you some invaluable insights into what we can do to make your ‘happy ever after’ begin the moment you pick up the phone to us.

Whether it’s your first time on the matrimonial merry-go-round or perhaps you are optimistically venturing into a subsequent union, there is a beautiful villa awaiting you where we can design the bespoke honeymoon experience of your dreams.

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